So… No Final Fantasy Versus XIII, Huh

So… No Final Fantasy Versus XIII, Huh

There was speculation that Final Fantasy Versus XIII would appear at Sony’s PS4 reveal. Shinji Hashimoto, Versus‘ producer, arrived on stage. Surely, this was the moment. But it wasn’t. It wasn’t at all.

Hashimoto, who is also the Final Fantasy brand manager, announced that Square Enix was making a new Final Fantasy. Square Enix, which makes Final Fantasy games, is making a Final Fantasy? Of course it is!

A new Final Fantasy is nice and all, but what about Final Fantasy Versus XIII? You know, the game that was announced as a PS3 exclusive. That game is obviously running out of time.

“I would also like to announce that we are preparing for development of a Final Fantasy title,” Hashimoto said, after Square Enix once again showed its Luminous Studio tech demo. Preparing for development? Bwah?

Online, some don’t exactly seem optimistic about Final Fantasy Versus XIII. Others are keeping the dream alive.

“They never said it would be here… or that it has been canceled… nor did they say it would be at E3,” wrote PostDisaster over on GameFAQs. “However there is Noctis perfume. If anything that should give us hope this game still exists.”

After all these years, it’s hard to keep up hope.

“I’m not THAT upset about it,” wrote Dethgaze66, in a thread titled “Trying to stay positive”. Continuing, Dethgaze66 added, “I have a life outside of waiting for this game. It’s just a bit depressing that this was announced when I was in 6th grade, I’m out of high school now.”

Others are saying they think Versus has been canned. Last year, Kotaku ran a rumour that Final Fantasy Versus XIII had been cancelled and possibly folded into the next numeric Final Fantasy. Square Enix honcho Yoichi Wada publicly denied this. Later, Wada said Versus won’t be shown until Square Enix feels it embodies Final Fantasy.

“PS3 console gen is now essentially coming to an end, and still no sign of this game. I am reserving my judgment for E3,” wrote ZeroGravity347. “If this ‘PS4 FF’ game doesn’t turn out to be Versus, then I am giving up completely. The excuses will keep on coming. Lightning Returns will be released, FF14 will be released, and they will still manage to come up with excuses on why Versus is not getting any information.”

There’s always this E3. And then whatever comes after that.


    • People hoping that it will rekindle the passion and wonder that made Final Fantasy so amazing.

      It’s like asking why buy the new COD after the last few games had been feeling lacking since Modern Warfare

    • Because they can’t have it, it’s the whole mystery forbidden grapefruit thing I think. I think the main character looks neat but from what we’ve seen if gameplay and environments, men. That said though we saw them ages ago.

    • Can’t speak for everyone but I always wanted it because the story and characters seemed way more interesting then the last few horrible games and it was made by the Kingdom Hearts team (and I was always a big KH fan).
      Some of the videos initially made it look like a more mature version of Kingdom Hearts (combat-wise) yet the devs kept saying it was supposed to be more like old-school FF (with an airship and open world). Essentially everything about it seemed pretty cool to me.

    • I personally just want them just to finish it up and get it out there, as it has been stated multiple times that the team won’t even start development on Kingdom Hearts 3 until Versus is out the door.

        • I wouldn’t feel too sorry for us. We’re still stupid enough do keep buying all those average-at-best spin-off games that will “totally tie into KH3’s story so you have to play it, guys!”. 😛

  • Turns out the way to make it feel like a Final Fantasy game is to rebuild it using the luminous engine and release it on PS4 while leaving the PS3 with Final fantasy 13-3

    Fun idea, make kingdom hearts 3 on the luminous engine, never has Mickey Mouse looked so real!

  • Their scramble to completely overhaul FFXIV ended up sucking up all the VXIII devs and ended up basically scuttling that project.

  • I don’t even know what that guy was doing at the presentation yesterday, for all the good he did by being there. I think he just turned up for the free sandwiches but accidentally wandered on stage.

    • Listen Braaains, I will explain in clear detail, what you missed about his presentation yesterday…

      Please do look forward to this explanation at E3!

  • I would much prefer they forget about the FFXIII brand and just get on with a new game. Versus has become this elusive holy grail figure – I’m not sure what it is that makes people think we need another title in this universe.

  • Honestly I think Square is just pissy that a possible remake of a 16 year old game is exciting the fanbase more than Versus, XIII-3 and XIV combined. “Im not remaking VII until you tell me you love me!”

  • Oh for the love of Benji. Just forget about it. Square Enix haven’t got a damn clue. They sent this guy up on stage to say “There will be a FF on PS4” and then leave. No details. No mention of when, what, who, where or why. Just, “Yeah, there’ll be one at some point.” Like… seriously? What was their plan with that? If it actually had been the announcement that FF VS XIII had moved to the PS4 it would have meant something. All it actually means is that they STILL haven’t finished it, they STILL won’t admit that they’re nowhere even near finishing it, and that they STILL haven’t got the slightest idea of what they’re doing.

  • I watched the stream live and turned to my brother and said “I so call it will be versus being moved to a PS4 title” when Hashimoto San got on stage at the last second. It was a statement I have even made on this site before.

    I was very wrong. Maybe it will be the surprise he mentioned at E3.

  • Versus has just looked so interesting since its debut. The subject matter of the title harks back toward the FFVI / FFVII era and is a WELCOME shift away from SE’s more recent types of universes (which contain far too many rainbows and unicorns for my liking).

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