So That's How Magikarp Became The Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air... I Mean Sinnoh

Magikarp may be useless, but that doesn't mean the poor Pokémon-fish can't be funny. Look no further than the great Magikarp web comics below, which chronicle Magikarp's misadventures — this one in particular riffs off of The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air.

Pretty great, right? The creator — mysterious "Chris S." — has a whole Tumblr full of gems like these. All starring Magikarp. See, for instance:

You can follow his Tumblr here.


    they're running an event in japan in march/may where you can download a level 99 shiny magikarp. ...

      Level it up 1 and you get a Shiny level 100 Gyarados.

    Apparently criticism isn't allowed. Screw community feedback. Lets just repost more tumblr crap!

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