So The Wii U's Touchscreen Can Do Amazing Zelda Sketches

As you've seen in our regular Miiverse Moments feature, Nintendo's online community is a place where people don't just chat, but doodle. Like their lives depended on it.

I've seen some good sketches over the weeks turning up on various game pages, but nothing like this epic Zelda image, which spans four panels and has shading so good it looks like it was scanned straight off a piece of paper.

Andrew Kelly [Twitter]


    is it just me, or is there some pretty bad aliasing going on in the sketch portion of the screen, where the rest of it looks nicely (except maybe the rounded corners behind the name ChrisXe) anti-aliased?

    if you are referring to the sketch itself, the touchpad doesn't lend itself well to fine detailing, it is possible just extremely time consuming (and lord forbid you lean too heavily on the home button and lose all your work). Also the size of the pixels on the sketch screen in the miiverse UI is kinda large resulting in what appears to be very jagged edges when you look closely even though it is likely as smooth as you can get a curve

    It's a lot better than anything you can do on dsi or 3ds. That is a boss fierce deity link pictures plus i doubt any of you could draw him.

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