Someone's Made A J.J. Abrams Star Wars Trailer. It Is Perfect.

It'll be years until we see what Star Trek director JJ Abrams can do with Star Wars, but in the meantime, artist Gavin Chin has made this fake trailer, cutting the original films into a clip that's so full of Abrams' style - and lens flare - that you'd think it was the real thing.

Star Wars Trailer by JJ Abrams [GcPr0ductions, via Laughing Squid]


    That actually looks kinda cool XD

    Needs more lens flare!

    As cool as this looks.. I still can't get over how Star Trek was butchered in the recent movie..

      If by butchered you mean made fun, interesting, not boring, accessible to everyonee and not just basement dwellers... sure!

        "Dumbed down" would have sufficed.

          I hereby refer you to Startrek Nemesis.

          He must be Picards clone... HES BALD!

        couldnt agree more!

        I've tried to watch previous star trek and its just so freaking BORING. JJ Abrams did it SOOO much justice.

    I still can't get over how Star Trek was butchered in "Enterprise", "Voyager", "Insurrection", "Nemesis"... See where I'm going with this?

      Amen brother. Amen. DS9 was the last great series :\

        DS9 was full of smart stories, political intrigue and great action - many of it's writers went on to do some amazing things. Voyager had Neelix. The rest I've blocked out.

          In Voyagers defense it had the legendary Robert Picard andTim Russ... that was about it for me

            Actually you're right. Picardo was boss in that. And I do a have a few fond memories, so I'll retract Voyager.

              Voyager was borderline. For every great episode there were five turds.

            I still think Voyager had some of my favourite Star Trek episodes. "Year in Hell", "Someone to Watch Over Me", "Scorpion".

            Still nothing comes close to DS9.

              Indeed. Though I do LIKE TNG and do indeed like SOME of Voyager. Voyager to me stopped being potentially great when it became 'The Seven of Nine and Janeway Show' around season five, where every second plot had Jeri Ryans tits in them thrust out, face first. They're spectacular but the character was just so bland... DS9 suffered a tiny bit later on with Kira and her annoying plots at times, Nana Visitor just isn't a particularly good actress, when compared to Terri Farrel, Avery Brooks, Armin Shimerman, Siddig El Fadil, Rene Auberjonois, Cirroc Loften... the list just goes on. DS9 just simply had the *best*, most talented cast of any Trek series out there.

                I'm sure I agree with you, but you lost me at Jeri Ryan's tits......

                  Rofl you made me laugh! They are spectacular, and were amazing to stare at... especially in that catsuit... it's just a pity the character became so two dimensional and annoying so quickly :\

                  Voyager committed the one of the worst sins of modern trek too... they turned The Borg, the 'unbeatable trek enemy' into just another 'enemy of the week'...

                  I believe "Jeri Ryan's tits" were each characters in their own right ;)


                  yep - first example on TV tropes for live action tv

                  Brilliant @ tvtropes! I love it! Perfectly explains the borg too! I found it funny, that they were easier to handle in ENTERPRISE than they were in Voyager ;) lol

        I don't care what anyone says I loved enterprise, especially the four season. From what I've heard they had planned for season five I'm really disappointed it got cancelled

    "Someone’s Made A J.J. Abrams Star Wars Trailer. It Is Perfect." It's not. And it is idiotic if you think so. It's just a montage of previous star was movies with some music thrown over it. How does this represent A J.J. Abrams work? It doesn't at all. It is simply a montage.

    Star Trek '09 seemed very "star trekky" to me, the most obvious flaw was just the rapid quick-cutting camerawork. It was really excessive and prevented sequences from "speaking" for themselves so to put it, especially the action.

    Not enough flares. Needed more for all the lightsaber scenes.

      I scrolled down the comments to see if anyone else had this exact same thought.

    I still think the new movies should have no direct connection to the old ones

      I think it would be interesting to see a series set a few "generations" AFTER Next Gen. But that's just me.

      They don't now. It's an alternate timeline *shrug*...

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