Sony And Nintendo, Best Friends Forever

Two decades ago, Sony and Nintendo were prepared to partner on a CD-ROM drive for the SNES. Things went sour. The deal fell apart. And Sony went their own way, eventually launching the PlayStation and paving their own path to success.

Today, the two companies almost seem like best friends. BFFs! And as a dedicated best friend, Sony has decided to do everything that Nintendo does.

Take last night, for example. Sony shared the news that you'll be able to remotely play PlayStation 4 games on your Vita. "Say you're in the middle of an epic battle on PS4, but your kids have just taken over the living room," said Gaikai's Dave Perry as he took the stage to talk about the system's remote play feature. "What do you do?"

The answer? Turn off your TV and play it on the second screen in your hands. Aw! Just like the Wii U! Imitation is the most sincere form of flattery, after all, and Sony does want to flatter their buddy Nintendo. Perry didn't add anything about Sony's respect for the Nintendo Wii U — which has a tablet controller that lets you play games on the second screen in your hands — but the message was implied. It was a love letter to Nintendo.

Of course, last night was simply the latest symbol of Sony's undying love for the Mario makers. Remember the PlayStation Move? Sony wanted to honour Nintendo's Wii so much that they released their own version of the Wii controller with a ball on the end. In Japanese culture, balls represent love.

Nevermind that Nintendo accused Sony of stealing their ideas. They're friends! Right? Friends! Would you steal from your best friend?

And what of last fall? Knowing that Nintendo had no plans to release a mascot fighter or kart racer, Sony decided to release their own mascot fighter and kart racer, helping fill the void with PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale, their Smash Bros, and LittleBigPlanet Karting, their Mario Kart. Imagine how pleased Nintendo must have been when they realised they wouldn't even have to release their own games last year. They could all go on vacation.

Sony loves Nintendo so much, they even draw up ideas that nobody will ever see, like the Vita's "Near" application, a loving tribute to the 3DS's Street Pass function. Sony rarely talks about this function, and most Vita owners have no clue that it exists, which brings a tear to my eye. Sony's love for Nintendo knows no bounds.

It's rare to see this kind of camaraderie in the cutthroat industry of video games, so to Sony and Nintendo I say kudos. May you stay best friends forever.


    cant see this being a bad thing... anything is better than M$ getting more market share...

      He is clearly a big Sony geek or NintendoNerd... Ummm since when was it cool to hate on MS other than their annoying OS's like ME or Vista, we should save that effort Apple and their iSpastictunes

        It's become exceptionally cool since Windows 8.

    I can smell the sarcasm from here. Or is that Jason's cologne? I'm not sure.

    Yes, because no video game developer or, let's face it, ANY business in history has ever adapted their competition's ideas into their own product. That would just be silly and unproductive.

      Maybe, but doing that after you call them childish, toys and gimmicks and how you're above all that, to turn around and do what they do...

    Ummmmm, the PSP could Remote Play some PS3 games. That was 2006, 6 whole years before WiiU
    As for the Move it was only an amount of time before both Sony an MS tried to emulate their fleeting success with motion control. Success which evaporated, even Nintendo itself abandoned it.

      Indeed, I remember doing this via my wifi at home.

        I still use remote play regularly - but for PlayTV anywhere in my house streamed to my Vita.

      I have always said remote play is a nice feature but its NOT the main feature of the Wii U. Its how both TV and gamepad screen could be used in a game. Just look at Watch Dog. The Demo shows how limited standard controls are for the game. To 'hack' in the game you need to press a button to bring up a menu which appears on screen then choose your option. Thats clunky and unintuitive. I would imagine the Wii U version those options will be available immediately on the gamepad screen with a touch interactive map which would make the game a much better fit for the Wii U.

      Also the psp vita has less buttons then the ps4 controller so your controls will be weaker too if you wanted to use a psp vita as a ps4 controller. The Wii U has the same full control on TV and gamepad.

      Let me reiterate, the psp vita to ps4 is a great remote play option and something as far as we know that microsoft cannot do with their consoles (We know the Wii U can do it). But its still no match for Wii U gamepads Dual Screen functionality (using both TV and gamepad screen simultaneously). Also the price difference is almost double so you HAVE to expect more for the ps4 and vita combo compared to the Wii U.

      Last edited 22/02/13 10:22 pm

        I was thinking about the lack of L2/R2 on the Vita in terms of remote play, and figured that this is where they could make use of the rear touch pad. It wouldn't be as comfortable as triggers, but you could have left half of rear touch pad equal L2, and similarly for the right half equaling R2.

          What about clickable Analog sticks? I was under the impression it doesnt have any. That means 2 button controls are going to have to mapped to the Vitas touchscreen. In other words you need to change the way your game is played which is not ideal.

        The main answer for L 2/3 R 2/3 can be executed with contextual buttons on screen and the rear touch.

        Wo is to say that the Vita won't be used in a similar manner?
        Hell, at least PS4 will run actual next gen games. And before we get into a next gen argument on specifics, it's obvious that Nextbox and PS4 will have plenty of games that won't be able to be ported to Wii U as it's simply not powerful enough and essentially a catch console on last gen functionality with a few 'innovations' or rather, quirks.

      Yeah, remote play was an already established idea and function that would work with certain games. Also Sony pretty much initiated the motion gaming faze with eye toy (made it popular). Also PlayStation move is so accurate because the light ball on the control act as a tracker. Accuracy is far greater than Wii's, only problem, no games!

      Also, this is all a competition! They need to compete with rival companies and match them! What is Sony going to do? Let Nintendo and Microsoft roll over them?

        Wiimote detects movement using accelerometers and gyroscopes, eyetoy is detecting motion using a camera. If anything kinect copied the eyetoy not the Wiimote.

        It cannot be denied that motion control did start with the eyetoy. However sony failed to see it as a gamechanger and left it out of it consoles as standard control. Nintendo saw its potential and bet its future on it. The rest is history. Sony had the chance to capitalise but didnt. Sony may have started it but Nintendo 'finished' it. Also Nintendo made it a standard, and not confine motion control to an add on. Now all consoles have it as standard (we expect the 720 to have kinect standard).

        One must not forget that practically all analysts did not think to much of the Wii when it was revealled 6 years ago, with many predicting it would sell about the same as the Gamecube, so Nintendo took a mighty risk with Wii and motion controls.

    This article is terrible. It serves no other purpose than the author displaying their Nintendo fanboyism while making snide remarks about Sony. It's the sort of console wars fanboy stuff that the gaming industry could really go without, and it's sad it's coming from a supposed professional games journalist.

      I would be the only one on this whole site, which has been very negative of Nintendo to date.

    I don't have a Vita but I have a question
    Does "Near" allow you to exchange game data with other players that can be used to extend replayability?

      Yes, sort of.

      EDIT: It's nowhere near as easy to understand or user-friendly as Streetpass on the 3DS though.

      Last edited 22/02/13 5:45 pm

      The other notable thing is that if you live in country australia, it might as well be renamed "Not Near Enough"

      To a degree. For example, in Uncharted: Golden Abyss, you can exchange collectables (get them all, get a trophy etc) which can cut down farming - Assassin's Creed Liberation has the same sort of thing. Other games let you unlock songs in freeplay (Super Stardust HD, kinda).

    Sony expands upon a Remote Play feature that has been around since the original PSP, and that's copying Nintendo? Uh.,..

    Also it wasn't that the Nintendo / Sony CD-ROM deal 'fell apart', it was that Nintendo went behind Sony's back and signed a separate deal with Phillips then suddenly killed their original deal with Sony, who had put significant R&D efforts into the add-on.

      Incorrect, someone needs to go back and do some research.

        Which part? That's exactly how I've heard the story go. Although I do recall there being some disagreement about the royalty share on CD software, that led Nintendo to make the other deal, without informing Sony about their change in direction.

          The part on why nintendo/sony parted ways. The part where nintendo still paid for all the R&D(until they left) for the CD add on which became the playstation.
          The removal of certain parts of history because some people want to be pro which ever console maker they love.
          it doesnt take much searching to find info about it.

          Last edited 22/02/13 8:03 pm

    "The answer? Turn off your TV and play it on the second screen in your hands. Aw! Just like the Wii U! "

    Or an evolution of Remote Play that was introduced by Sony for the PSP.

    "Sony wanted to honour Nintendo’s Wii so much that they released their own version of the Wii controller with a ball on the end. In Japanese culture, balls represent love."

    Yes, Sony broke into the motion gaming field. In the same way that everyone broke into the wireless controller field, or dual analogue stick field, or the FPS field. What's your point? Sony is the only company to develop in fields in which they weren't the original innovators? Please.

    Your joke (about balls representing love) indicates that you don't take yourself seriously, Which is probably a good thing.

    "They could all go on vacation."

    This is just silly, and you know it. You know that Sony releasing a game does not mean that Nintendo employees can go on holiday. To think that would be absurd. So you're making a joke about Sony copying Nintendo's games. Why? Is Mario Kart the only Kart racing game out there? Is it the only mascot kart racing game out there? No. So why pick on Sony? By the look of it you have a chip on your shoulder.

    If you want to make an article harranging Sony for copying Nintendo, why don't you put it in context by comparing other game industry players copying from their competitors? If you were to do so, accurately, you would see that everyone pretty much copies from everyone. It's the nature of the industry.

      Pretty sure with Sonic and Sega ALL Stars Racing 1 and 2 (SEGA), Diddy Kong Racing(RARE), Crash Team Racing(SONY), LBT Racing (SONY) and more that Nintendo aren't really the only ones out there with Karting games..
      Hell there was even a Mortal Kombat Karting mini-game in Deception. =/

      Pointing the finger at Sony for copying is like saying that anything of a similar genre is plagiarism.
      It's stupid


    Oh look a flame war starter kit. Come on guys please don't take the bait.

    If your doing something and your competitor is doing something that is very successful you should probably look into what they are doing.

    If I had a company that sold electric cars, and they where selling like hotcakes do you really think BMW, Ford, Holden, Mazda, Mercedes, Mitsubishi, Nissan, Subaru & Toyota (There are others these are the ones I could think of quickly) wouldn't start to think that maybe there is money in Electric cars.

    Sony do copy a lot of Nintendo's successful ideas, they still use a modified SNES controller on the PS3. But are you saying Microsoft didn't copy ideas from others? Sega released a Kart racing game where's there lambasting? Street Fighter has had a long rivalry with King of Fighters. Nintendo too got their ideas from others. Innovation isn't a Nintendo only thing.

    I should have just shut my keyboard after the first sentence.

    Out of all the crap that goes on in kotaku articles, people get up in arms about the joking filled with sarcasm article?

    Have you not noticed that Mario is doing the "Sho-ryu-ken" behind the PS4 Controller?

      Have you noticed his foot visible through the square button?

    Well, it looks like Sony is the finishing school for Nintendo products.
    N64 controller - 1 analog stick (ok I suppose), Dualshock 1 - 2 analog sticks (which is now a given on any controller).
    DS - one interactive surface; Vita - 2 interactive surfaces
    Miiverse on one hand; PSN streaming, remote play (literally), and spectating
    Wiimote - low accuracy; PS Move - most accurate motion control device commercially available

    Not intending to start a flame war. Just pointing out the facts.

      Yeah, being first really doesn't matter. Standing on the shoulders of giants and that sort of thing.

        Thing is, we're ALL fully aware that the gaming industry is about standing on the shoulders of giants. Why this journalist has to pretend that that isn't the case is just pathetic. He really does deserve to be called out on this one.

        Go on, journalist, defend yourself. Is Sony the only one to improve on others innovations? or does every company in this highly competitive industry do what they can to garner an edge?

        If you say something absurd, you're going to be called out. You've been called out. You want to remain silent, or stand up for yourself.

    Ah PSP had remote play back when ps3 launched. And i had eye toy on Ps2 so it was only a matter of time before Sony expanded. So go do some research

    I might add; analog sticks in their own right are just a natural evolution of the arcade joystick. All creators/designers/innovators get their ideas from somewhere: inspiration and experience with the past. It's natural selection applied to the technological universe.

    I don't understand why there's such a problem with this article. It's obviously satirical poking fun at the competition between the companies. All this is a tongue in cheek comment about Sony's market direction in comparison to Nintendo.

    Besides, remote play may have first been done by Sony, but it doesn't mean it was popularized. Nintendo decided to make it a real big component with a Wii-U and have flogged the hell out of this point. Sony has responded with their version to keep up with competition.

      I think we're all pretty aware of the concepts of sarcasm and dry-humour. We see the sarcasm, but don't see the irony. The message seems pretty clear to me.

      And in regards to Remote Play, are you arguing that Sony didn't intend for Remote Play to be popular? If so, I think ultimately you're going to lose that argument. It's probably best not to start it.

    fuck off! If Kotaku post anymore shit articles like this i'm moving away. This is like a fucking 12 year going on a fanboy tantrum and posting it on their blog. Go back to real reporting kotaku, BTW i realise that me posting something makes this article more popular but i felt i needed to say it anyway.

      Yeah seriously, I agree. Where do I find real gaming journalism? It's either like this here, Immature, sexist or just plain unprofessional with bad writing...

    Author forgot to throw in stuff like Sony released a console with an optical drive, Nintendo released a console with an optical drive.
    Sony released a console that can output in hd, Nintendo released a console that outputs in hd.
    Just scandalous ...
    Companies are always integrating popular technologies their competitors use, as they are attempting to create the best experience for the user.
    This strikes me as a lazy article where the author just felt like trying to stick the boot into Sony by showing a complete lack of understanding of the industry.
    It's right up there with those who used to claim that the six axis controller was an attempt to rip off the wii idea, completely overlooking that the tech (the way the six axis did it) had been around for years (I still have my Sidewinder Freestyle Pro, it's great for space sims like free space 2)

    Everyone go and read my comments on the PS4 reveal article on Kotaku.

    Jason clearly ripped off all my observations......

    It seems like nobody passed year 12 english. The author was clearly using sarcasm throughout his opinion piece...

    Keyword: OPINION PIECE

    LittleBigPlanet Karting as their answer for Mario Kart? Psh. Please, ModNation Racers was out way before that. Sometimes I wonder how much research goes into these articles, especially since people have already pointed out the stonking great, big flaw of the Remote Play argument.

    What's next? Saying that Sony copied Apple's wearable smart watch idea? Insinuating Sony copied Apple's smartphone designs?

      Yes. The problem with this article isn't that the sarcasm failed, or because we disagree with his opinion, but because what he's stating is so far from being an accurate reflection of the industry. In the least. And as such it's just pointless. And readers deserve better.

      If there was research and his conclusions were the same, fair enough, but there clearly has been nothing but about 3 seconds of thought gone into the article. We can write better ourselves.

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