Sony Is Claiming Victory In 2012, But Where Are The Microsoft And Nintendo Numbers?

It's usually quite consistent. The NPD Group will release sales figures for the year that was — console sales, unit sales, game sales — and the press release battle will begin in earnest. Maybe Sony will strike first, perhaps Microsoft, but sooner or later both with bring the spin, each claiming victory over a certain area of the local games industry. Maybe they'll focus on raw unit sales — maybe market share, perhaps revenue? You'll be dazzled with numbers to the point where you have no idea who won what.

We've had the Sony press release, and its claiming "total platform performance", but Microsoft and Nintendo have both been a little quiet.

Sony claimed it was number one in Australia, with the PS3 achieving 25.3% of unit sales and 31.3% value share.

Michael Ephraim took the chance to talk up the PlayStation brand. He used words like "power", "exceptional", "aggressive" and "strength". We pictured him beating his chest vigorously whilst stating the following...

"PlayStation 3 continues to power in Australia. Our sales leadership strength continues despite factors such as economic downturn, aggressive industry pricing and new competitor consoles being launched. PlayStation 3 sales continue to perform because it remains a great value, high definition entertainment solution for all Australian families that offers exceptional games, movies, TV and music experiences."

We contacted NPD to find out precisely what Microsoft and Nintendo's numbers were like in comparison, but the NPD declined to provide them at this point, claiming they will be officially released later. According to one NPD representative, Microsoft is possibly planning to send out a press release at some point beating its chest about something or other, but at this point we can't be sure.

Which is stange. Usually both releases come out within an hour of each other, with a dramatically different story to tell. Did Sony actually dominate to the point where Microsoft is reluctant to send out a release of its own?

Its doubtful. Despite Sony's claims of "total platform dominance", numbers like 25.3% and even 31.3% suggest it was probably closer than Sony would have you believe. Most likely Microsoft still has some other stats up its sleeve to brag about. We await the press release with bated breath.


    I thought NPD was USA only? Why is that being mentioned in with Sony claiming Australia victory?

    Especially since Microsoft will clearly win the USA.

    Last edited 13/02/13 1:08 pm

    25.3% is number one? What are the contenders here? 25.2% for the 360 and 25.1% for the Wii, and 24.6% for the Wii U? Or are we counting handhelds in there as well?

      PS3, 360, Wii, Wii U, PSP, PSV, PS2, 3DS I *think*

      They may have dropped the PS2 from it.

      Last edited 13/02/13 1:14 pm

      They'd better be including other consoles - to "win" with 25% or 31% for 3-brand consoles would be a statistical impossibility.

    Why did Sony release their numbers in percentages? Are the actual unit movements so terrible that they don't want to provide a solid number? Also where are the Vita figures? Too embarrissingly low to release? (I love the Vita). Where are the PSN+ figures to indicate a repeat source of income? Where is the amount spent on PSN from Sony Australia? Where is ANY data that is actually meaningful?

    It would be great to document the marketing meetings where each company tries to spin the shit into a favourable outcome for themselves.

      Microsoft: The 360 has been number one in all Xbox hardware sales for the 7th year running! *champagne*

      200,000 units is meaningless. Is that good or bad?

      25% of all console sales is meaningful.

      That's the logic I'd assume is at work.

    Heh heh, DK is running PR for Sony. *snigger*

    If it's Australian numbers we're discussing, then they'd be so damn close to each other it's barely worth discussing.

    Given how many consoles Sony and Microsoft give away in such a small market, sales numbers are a laughable discussion in Asutralia.

    Sony especially has given away well over 100K PS3 consoles in Australia with their various Bravia promotions. In a country where the the PS2 sold around 2 million lifetime, giving away 100K plus consoles is pretty huge.

    Not to veer off Sony too much, but what I'm looking for is WiiU console and software numbers.

    The news from the UK wasn't good (came in lower than the Vita in software), so I'm hoping we go the other direction and see a huge attach rate or console sale level.

    Something to keep it positive and likely to succeed without a new Zelda.

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