Sony Is 'Waiting For The Right Time' To Show The Last Guardian

The Last Guardian should be out by now. It's not. It could have been shown off at the PS4 unveiling. It wasn't. Fans looking forward to the game have every right to wonder what the hell is going on, then and to them, Sony Worldwide studios boss Shuhei Yoshida would like to say he's sorry.

In an interview with Kotaku at the PS4 reveal in New York, Yoshida said "I apologise to people who are waiting for the game. Ueda-san posted that he's still working on it, that he's creative-directing it and that the team in the Japan studios are working hard. We are waiting for the right time to re-introduce The Last Guardian."

Asked about whether the game might now be for the PlayStation 4, and not the PlayStation 3 as originally intended, Yoshida would only say "We're going to talk about it when we can."

Given there's so much more to find out about the PS4, you could hope that time would be E3. If, that is, you've got any hope left in the tank for this game.


    I've got plenty of hope left. Kinda happy they haven't just rushed a release already.

    I prefer these approaches, delay a project, doing it right and release something you're happy with instead of being forced by your publishers to release it on deadline.

    Personally i've lost interest in the game. It did have amazing graphics. but now the graphics will be no better than KZ4 or other PS4 games. I can't see this as a PS3 game anymore, and i'm wondering if we should feel duped about it. Either way, it's likely not my type of game and is no longer particularly impressive graphically.

      Graphics is all you care about? I'd play this game if they released it tomorrow on PS2.

        The graphics were very impressive, and a major draw card for the game, yes. No point in pretending otherwise.

          The graphics, while a significant aspect in the appeal of this game, were not the only draw card. I'm more interested in things like the story, the immersiveness, and the AI.

            Back peddle much...

    Not overly concerned. If it comes great, if not, so be it. They seem to still be on the project so I suspect it will come.

    But I do prefer it to be delayed and working as best it can than being a rushed, broken down wreck.

    I love how people are hyped over this game for which there's been like one video where a small boy is being chased by a Luck Dragon! For all anyone knows this is probably a corridor shooter where you use the animal for cover, this game should received some kind of award for most inordinate amount of hype.

      Uh, if you have played the previous Team ICO games you'd know why there is a hype. It's more than just the gameplay, it's the feel of the game that really drive home their success.

    Maybe they're just gonna delay releasing it so they can release it on all platforms...
    Then they'll give PS3/4 a console exclusive demo or two...

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