Sony Registered Domains For Something Called ‘PlayStation Cloud’

Sony Registered Domains For Something Called ‘PlayStation Cloud’

On Friday, Sony registered domains for URLs based on something called “PlayStation Cloud”, as discovered by Kotaku sleuth Superannuation today.

The domains include and playstation-org, among others.

The domains were registered by someone from Gaikai, the cloud gaming service that Sony bought last year. Gaikai allows people to play games via cloud-based Internet streaming.

This news adds some credence to rumours that the next PlayStation will stream games.

Sony is expected to reveal the next PlayStation during an event in New York City tomorrow. We’ll be there, and we’ll update you as it happens.


  • Streaming games… Probably won’t work too well in Australia. They’ll overprice it, it will underperform (likely with the system being hosted in the US or Singapore) and it will quite probably blow.

    I tried remote play on my PS Vita, even on the same network that was noticably crap.

    • Will be interesting to see what they do re: infrustructure.
      I would say they would have a large hub in the US, EU and Asia.
      Depending on what it would take, another hub in Aus wouldnt be a bad business decision.
      Although the price of internet in Aus would basically be a deal breaker anyways. Well for anyone that doesnt have unlimited internet. Unless they did a deal with all the Aus ISP’s to stream content for free, similar to what iiNet does with XBox Live.

      • Even with a hub in Asia, typically thanks to routing, online games with US, EU and Asia hubs typically get better connections to the US hubs.

        Depending on the performance there would have to be an AU hub or it would never work in Australia otherwise.

    • If it’s a streaming service there is no way it can be outside Australia. Basically if the servers aren’t in your city, it doesn’t work optimally. So if you live outside Sydney (Newy and Gong included), Melbourne and Brisbane you’re fucked. So if the servers aren’t in Australia, we simply will not get it. It will be delayed, for us for sure, there is no way on Earth Sony could covertly build the required infrastructure. As for price, $15 a month, I expect this to be a subscription thing, that will include PS+/World access.

  • Hm…. ending of Assassin’s Creed 3… after finishing all the after credit missions. Suppose cloud is a pretty common tech word, but still I wonder. Its not like the dev’s wouldnt be aware of the release schedule and the next game would be out in time for a PS4.

    Curiouser and curiouser said the rabbit.

  • Bring on streaming games! This should’ve been introduced a few years ago. The tech has been around, it is quite mature and perfect timing with the NBN rolling out in Australia.

  • I really hope all this hype about ‘The Future of Playstation’ is not just about cloud based gaming for the PS3. There’ll be riots in the streets otherwise.

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