Sounds Like Young Han Solo And Boba Fett Will Get Their Own Star Wars Movies

Boba Fett? BOBA Fett? Where? Yesterday, Disney's CEO confirmed that in addition to the upcoming Star Wars trilogy, there will be all kinds of single-character spin-off films.

Today, Entertainment Weekly is reporting that one of those films will feature young Han Solo, and another will star Boba Fett. According to EW, the Han story will occur between Revenge of the Sith and the A New Hope, and the Fett film will take place either between New Hope and Empire or Empire and Return of the Jedi. (Since, you know, it'd be tough to do it after Return of the Jedi.)

This sound good? Or like a disaster? I've always had a suspicion that the thing that made Boba Fett cool was the fact that he was this infamous badass in a mask with a jetpack, and that he was mysterious. The more I learn about him, the less cool he seems. That said, you know, Star Wars bounty hunter movie. Could be good.

'Star Wars' spin-offs: A young Han Solo movie, and a Boba Fett film — EXCLUSIVE [Entertainment Weekly]


    Boba Fett: Win. They ruined him with Attack of the Clones being whiny little Jango Fett jr anyhow, they need to redeem him.

    Han Solo: Completely unnecessary.

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      Han Solo, from the time he deserts the Imperial Navy (rescuing Chewie in the process) to the Battle of Nar Shaddar, to getting the Falcon off of Lando is all great.

        this. they've got a full film (if not a trilogy) just from the han solo series of novels from the expanded universe just waiting for them.

        that said, you can tell those novels were written about harrison ford's solo. can't see anyone else pulling off the tradmark solo grin!

        In theory that's fantastic, but you're gonna look at him going 'That's NOT Harrison ford...', plus, they've already said none of what's been written is canon as they're writing all new stories for the sequels and side stories. So don't count on any of that, aside the basics of Han once being a storm trooper, rescuiing chewie and winning the falcon, being any part of it.

          He used to be a storm trooper? Was this mentioned in the movies?

          I recall the AC Crispin books and the much, much older Han Solo novels, but as you said, none of them are canon...

            Not a stormtrooper... he was navy.

            Kyle Katarn was a stormtooper, before moving to NavSpecWeps.

              Han Solo was navy? Was this in the movies? :P

                From what I recall he was a little short for a stormtrooper... oh wait... ;)

                Nah the only thing I remember was it was loosely, very loosely hinted in the movies he was once imperial before leaving. In the EU it was said he had ties to them before rescuiing Chewie.

                  In the EU he was actually an Imperial gunner or soldier or something, I believe. (Han Solo novels by AC Crispin) I just don't recall anything from the movies, is all :)

                  In the new movie we'll find out he was probably a cafeteria worker!

    There no good to me dead, give them some love in film.

    So far about 95% of these Star Wars rumours have been complete rubbish.

    You know what this means: Shia LeBeouf. *kills self with lightsaber*

    This just in, Justin Beiber as a young Han Solo.

      if this happens someone kill lucas for selling to disney

    Am I the only one who gets the feeling we're going to get Star Wars overload?

    These spinoff movies sound like crap.

      The only one that's interested me so far, has been Zack Snyders 'seven samurai' style one.

    Since, you know, it’d be tough to do it after Return of the Jedi

    Boba Fett doesn't die. Just so you know. He's still alive in the novels set 40-50ABY. Check Wookieepedia :)

      The same way Darth Maul survived, despite being cut in half and falling down a humongous reactor vent? Jesus... some of these Star Wars storylines are worse than The Bold And The Beautiful!

      Novels aren't canon, unfortunately.

      The novels are better than the actual films, to be honest. The Star Wars novel authors salvaged the series from the capitalizing grips of George Lucas and returned their integrity.

    I just want to see Grand Admiral Thrawn in a movie. He is one of the best "villains" around.

    Young Solo? Really? This is gonna be The Adventures of Young Indiana Jones all over again...

      Did people not see Young Indiana Jones? This is like the third time I've read someone saying that. The show won a bunch of Emmy's. Some of the episodes were Temple of Doom good, particularly the one with the Red Baron in it.

        I have to disagree, the TV show retained little of what made the movies so good. The movies were primarily about action and adventure, whereas the TV show generally ended up being 40 minutes of wank then 10 minutes of action.
        Especially that jazz episode, to this day that's one of the worst things I've seen on TV.

          Action in TV series is never any good. It's expensive and time consuming to get right, and TV episodes are filmed at a reasonably high pace.

      That's a good thing, though, isn't it? I hear that series was excellent.

        It was okay, in so far as Lois and Clark was 'ok'. Most early 90s TV series don't age well. We've been spoiled with TV since the mid naughties. But hey, that's subjective. I know Young Indy won something like 12 Emmys, but I thought it was hammy, cliched and cheap, but that's just me. Different strokes for different folks, and all that.

    So, before they've even proved themselves to us, Disney are already announcing that they're going to milk and drive this franchise into the ground?

      It's be the film equivalent to Guitar Hero...

      It will only ever be the original trilogy for me, even if some (definitely not all!) of the associated stories are pretty good (re Tim Zahn).

    We need a Greedo bioflick

    I'm hoping the Boba Fett movie is a slapstick comedy featuring two hours of Fett stumbling around and falling into things.

    (Since, you know, it’d be tough to do it after Return of the Jedi.)

    You realise in the EU, Boba Fett crawled out of the Sarlacc right? his body armour kept him from being digested enough that he was able to escape.

      EU is not canon. Disney/Lucas have already said this. Don't expect the new movies to pay the EU the slightest bit of attention.

        Although, Lucas has said that while he did originally kill him, if the fans wanted him to be alive then he would allow it.

          It's not really up to him anymore though. He's sold Lucasfilm and is just a consultant.

        I'm more commenting on the author of this article saying "it'd be tough to do after Jedi"... The point is, no it wouldn't... Canon or no canon, they can bring the Fett back after ROTJ.

    Does anyone think that maybe a television series might be better than a movie or two based on Star Wars characters?

    I sure as hope they've found a way to transport young Harrison Ford to the future so he can play the young Han Solo

      Actually.. based on his performance in Star Trek, I think Chris Pine might be able to pull of the cockiness required to play Han Solo. But I don't think the internet would be able to handle the same guy playing both Kirk and Solo.

    According to the books fett was able to escape the Sarlac, so it could be set after "Return of the Jedi". There were a pile of books which mentioned him after the Return of the Jedi. One book with him as the main character was "Star Wars Boba Fett: A Practical Man" set in the Yuuzhan Vong invasion., an excellent novel by Karen Traviss

    Andrew Garfield for young Han Solo, please.

    Boba Fett is such a pointless uninteresting character.

    He appears in Empire briefly tracking down Solo for Vader, because the telekinetic Sith and the almighty Empire apparently need some third party bounty hunters to help them find someone. Not to mention some informant at Cloud City could of just tipped Vader off instead.

    Then in Jedi he just shows up to get immediately eaten by a sand worm that Lucas ripped straight out of Frank Herbert's 'Dune' (among other things).

    In the prequels his presence and story is merely a filler.

    Young Han Solo movie would fail because it wouldn't be Harrison Ford. It would take the greatest film performance of all time for anyone to accept it.

    Harrison ford does have a son in the entertainment industry who looks very simmilar to Harry when he was younger.

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