Square Enix Just Turned Hideo Kojima Into A Raiden Toy

Besides making video games, Square Enix also has a line of collectible "Play Arts" figurines. Upcoming Metal Gear Rising is getting a Play Arts version of protagonist Raiden in his black armour.

And to mark the game's release, Square Enix sent Metal Gear creator Hideo Kojima a custom version. With his face on it.

After getting this one-of-a-kind present, Kojima promptly stuck his customised mug on other Metal Gear Solid to create a "Hideo Snake".

スクエニさんのフィギュアチームから物凄いプレゼントが届いた!, 世界にひとつのプレイアーツ改「秀雷電」, 秀雷電というより、黒秀夫w, ヒデオ・スネークw [@Kojima_Hideo]


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