Stargate SG-1: Unleashed Is An Interactive Adventure

From the people who brought you Stargate Golf Teal'c's Revenge, here's a teaser trailer for Stargate SG-1: Unleashed.

Calling itself an "Interactive Adventure", the game was first revealed (sort of) last November by a pair of tweets from former Stargate: SG-1 actors Amanda Tapping and Michael Shanks (via SGGamingInfo):

Stargate SG-1: Unleashed is due soon on the iTunes App Store and Google Play.



    I jizzed in my pants...

    I DON'T CARE IF IT'S BAD. I just wanna hear all their character voices again :D

    Conflicted. Watching the trailer, I had a crisis in my pants. But then I read it's for mobile...

      I'm naively clinging to the idea that someone saw The Walking Dead and thought "if they can do that, why can't we make a high quality iPhone adventure game with SG-1".

    Whoa! There are stargate games that actually got released?

    SG-1 is back in the house. Who cares if it's good - I will make someone I know buy it so that I can play it.

    still waiting for the alliance to get leaked.

      Me too but I think we have a better chance of getting HL3 before getting an SG-1: TA leak

        i dont know... at least SG1:TA actually exists :P

    DON'T fuck with me seriously I've been waiting so fucking long for a Star gate game. Please oh god please finish!

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