Street Fighter X Sanrio Arcade Fightstick Pro: The Kotaku Review

How many times can one website review the same fighting game controller with different graphics on it? one, two... two times. There is nothing else to say about the hardware itself.

It's lovely, certainly worth the $US159.99 asking price to a hardcore PlayStation 3 or Xbox 360 fighting game player.

So the only question is do the pink colour and Hello Kitty-Meets-Street Fighter graphics make it a better stick than those other two versions we reviewed?

Yes. Yes they do.


    If it has an Octagonal gate I'll take it. Shame getting that thing in Australia punches the price well over $300.

    A friend got me a Mad Catz fight pad when he was in England and despite it being fantastic it's not a joystick.

      First thing I did with my TE stick was grab a Octagonal plate -

        I wonder if I can take apart my EX2 and put in the Octagonal gate. I don't have a TE but at least I know it's easy to do. Thanks.

      Octogon gate? Its funny, they used to be the norm in australian arcades but i havent used one in about 10 years. Right aroung the time most arcades switched from importing game boards to buying the whole machine. All my home sticks are square these days, i dont think i could ever go back to be honest. Whatever floats your boat i guess.

        probably cos square gates are cheaper. i got a real arcade pro 3 for my pc - its not bad, but its not the same as an old school arcade stick (talking SF2 days)

          Square has always been the Japanese norm, octogons were American up until the latest fighting game era. All this talk of sticks has me feeling nostalgic now, dammit! 9 years old, Street Fighter 2 Hyper Fighting at the local fish n chip shop. Spamming hundred hand slap and thinking i was a god.....Those were the days.

        I don't go to Arcades that much. The Fighting games have about 100 moves I need to learn to play with any hope and I was never that good. I want the Octagonal gate to relive my youth.

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