Stunning Photos Of Taipei, Or Screenshots Of Sword & Sworcery

Does life imitate art, or the other way round? I'm not going to get into a philosophical debate, I'm just going to leave this magnificent photo here, taken early last year in Taipei City. Does it remind you of something?

OK, it's not difficult to guess, given it's mentioned in the headline, but yes, this image would look right at home in Sword & Sworcery from Superbrothers and Capybara Games. If you don't believe me...

See what I mean? Imagine it's the high-definition version!

The image is one of a few on the Flickr stream of user "bbe022001". Full credit to him or her — they've managed to line the shot up perfectly so the full reflection of the bridge and tree is visible in the lake, not to mention the perfect lighting.

Images: bbe022001 / Flickr


    Similar colour scheme.

    If the RL pic was 1920x1080 it would so be my new desktop background

      Thank me later. . .,isz:l&sa=X&ei=GqYMUcKVJoWjkQWx54CYDw&ved=0CCsQ2A4oAg&biw=1235&bih=778&sei=J6YMUbKqKs-RkgXWioDoDg

        I would but...... still no 1920x1080, and the 1631x889 has lost a lot of quality. The 1440 works, so thanks

    B E A - UTIFUL!

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