Super Smash Bros Is Amazing, Even If It Doesn't Make All Fighting Game Fans Happy

Here's ReallyFreakinClever with an earnest video about the merits of Nintendo's Super Smash Bros. You may not agree with all of it; I didn't. But I think he's on-point when he lauds the accessibility of the franchise, particularly when compared to the fighting game genre as a whole (though that's improving nowadays).

Then again, I do wish that the conversation about Smash Bros. as/not as a fighting game would die, because the game doesn't need that validation, nevermind the fact that imbalanced games can be perfectly fun still.

As I said: it's a grand game regardless of whether you deem it a fighting game/a good fighting game. Still, here we are. It's kind of impossible not to talk about it in that context.

Now the real question is: when the heck does the next Smash Bros. drop?

Really Freakin' Clever - Super Smash Bros. [ReallyFreakinClever]


    Isn't it a bit sexist for Nintendo to have Samus with her suit on? They're clearly trying to hide the fact that she's a woman! I mean, she doesn't even talk! This is clearly a indirect exclusion of women in videogames. Ugh! It's insulting!

      The sexist thing is that if you hit samus with pikachus thundershock and pause it she appears NAKED!! Because obviously all women in this game need to be seen as sex objects, typical patriarchal interpretation.

    I hope we get some news soon, Most likely it will be shown at e3 though.

      Smash Bros 3D will be my game of the show. I cannot WAIT!!!!!!!!

    I prefer Playstation All Stars: Battle Royale. Very accessible for people not versed in fighting games and also very fun too. It's like a more 'mature' version of SSB.

      The irony being, its more basic than Smash. You cant even die from falling off the screen, eaten by fish, ect. If anything its a Fisher Price 'My First Smash Bros'

        Well, you don't die but you do disappear and have to respawn, which takes up valuable time. There are also hazards that make you lose AP, which means it takes longer to generate a super. I'm also a fan of the transforming stages. I would put it down as a game that is easy to get into but difficult to master.

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          None of which explains what makes it "more mature".

            All Stars: Battle Royale is pretty much a copy of the ideas in SSB. Heck there was even a mode called All Stars in SSB. But yeah, as has been said, Zambayoshi, you still haven't explained what makes ASBR more mature than SSB...

              Just my opinion but seems to be marketed at an older audience, whereas SSB is more of an 'all ages' game. I didn't mean that the game mechanics required a more mature person to play it.

                The only way I'd say it's marketed at older audiences is because they threw a few M rated characters in it.

                  Yeah I don't think the existence of people with guns immediately makes it more mature - the tone and gameplay seem designed for a very similar market, although realistically the age group owning a Wii is probably a few years lower on average.

    Smash Bros is great design...accessable while also being quite deep if you take the time to learn it.

    While there are doubtless some imbalances in it, there are imbalances in just about every fighting game. If you have enough skill you can still beat higher tiered characters with lower tiered ones.

    Many a drunken night ended in SSM on the N64, Go Captain Falcon

    So I've literally spent the last two days reading nothing but this.... abominations articles, how did she get a job at Kotaku? Where do I sign up? Where can I get a job out of making everything a sex issue or writing 2 paragraphs on an old party game?

    No... Really... I'd love to know

      Watch out. Stephen Totilo might ask you to stop reading the site if you continue being mean.

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