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Oh, and hello everyone! What did I miss!?


    Welcome back @markserrels

    Morning TAY

    Edit* No way....a TAY get....a first for me

    Last song played game gang

    Talk about your life by Scooter

    Because who doesn't love those German techno masters :D

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      Big Beast by Killer Mike. It is the best.

        I'll have to give it a listen when I am not in my corner cubicle in my quiet office

        Damnable policy against headphones!

        Congrats on the baby to you and your missus again Mr Serrels

        And welcome back, you missed a lot

        @dc left TAY to clear his head *and came back a day later*

        @shane made a joke about leaving TAY for a while *and came back a minute later*

        And @greenius bought some clothes online, and once they were delivered he discovered they fit

        And everyone else!

          I can't believe @greenius bought clothes online and they actually fit. That's not possible.

            I know right! Maybe he used an electronic change room

            What's the bet that footage is now on some seedy corner of the internet

      Eet - Regina Spektor

        I love Regina Spektor, might give her a listen tonight, haven't in a while

          Far is a fantastic album, some of the songs on it are incredible. Laughing With is playing now, such a great song.

      Starlight - Andy Gibb

      *handing over all the man cards*

        *forcefully puts Shane's man cards back in his hands* Dude, music is music

        Life without music would be a mistake

      Gauze - Deftones

        Yes! Koi No Yokan is boner-riffic.

          Hello! Good to see you again, HotDamn!. :D

            Hi Strange! Splendid to see you too. I've been around, just tied up of late; new job, getting married soon. Hope you've been well. :-)

              Ooh, congrats on the marriage thing. Hope you have a fun day. :D
              I am well, thank-you.

      Rebellion (Lies) -- Arcade Fire, actually make that the entire Coachella 2011 set for the fifth time in a two weeks. :P

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        You crazy hermit you


          (worst hermit ever)

            Dude, if my internet is back tonight *It may be, when the underground connections flood it can take days* I will tweet you and we can Torchlight 2 together

            Seriously, the end game is awesome, you can go back to the start and play a new game plus

            Or, just teleport in a place called The Mapworks, and buy maps for dungeons that are scaled to level

            It is crazy!

              YOU'RE CRAZY! :D

                Little bit :D

                Fantastic end game oppotunities though, this game kicks the shit out of Diablo 3

      Hmm, it was a David Guetta track. Possible one of the ones featuring Kimbra? She-Wolf?

      Mnemesis -Mnemic

    Buses man.

    Edit: stupid phone TAY. Bus ride to work normally takes 25mins. It has so far taken 30mins just to get through 1 suburb.

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      While I have not had bus problems yet this morning, I soon have to brave the trip from wherever on earth I'm housesitting, to work.

      This could be...


      My dad went for a walk this morning, and said he saw a bus that had somehow caught its back wheel in a stormdrain and was stuck in the road. He said, and I quote, 'it was freaking awesome!'

    Morning TAY,
    and for @markserrels:


    Talk talk talkey talk talk!


    In other news I put a Kit-Kat in my pocket yesterday and forgot about it till today. It was in the same pocket as my wallet. And my keys... And my work headphones...


      Is that chocolate in your pocket, or are you going senile?

    Welcome back @markserrels, how is babby life treating you?

      Yeah, I don't even know how to describe it eh? Getting up for work is going to be a significant challenge...

        We should have got you a case of energy drinks....

        Or a coffee plantation.....

          Hook it to his veins!

            Maybe apply it like eye drops? Deliver the energy where it is most needed.

        Haha yeah, my brother just received his first babby a couple of weeks ago, luckily he works nightshift so he is accustomed to being up all night.

        Also while you may be sleep deprived, it can't be as bad as last years sleep experiment, right? ;)

          That's right, I forgot about that. What that says to me is:

          He got permission to sleep at work before. He can get it again.
          Right? Right?

    @markserrels Welcome back. Hope you're not too sleep deprived.

    @therestoftay yesterday I posted a link to Croixleur, a Japanese doujin game that Nyu media has brought to the west. If you haven't upvoted it on steam's greenlight, do me a favour and do so now.

      I did that yesterday when you posted it in Teamspeak.

        It's still not in the top 100 so I thought I would ask Taybies

      Already done. I think it's pretty crazy that they have to go through greenlight in the first place, since there's already several Nyu Media games on Steam proper.

        Yeah, I'm not sure why that is.

    Girlfriend asked me if I was feeling OK this morning. I responded with "I am error", but she didn't get it.

    Morning, all! Now that the Tennis is over, I will return to knowing/posting absolutely nothing about the Sportsball.

    Also welcome back @markserrels!

      Oh man, sportsball.

      Had a ground pass for the final day. So many drunk Serbians and Scots. So damn loud.


        Don't hate some of dem ladies that play, though. No-sire-ee-bob!

          You're either saying that because they're really attractive or are extremely muscular and could beat the bajeezes out of you.

          It's both.

    Hi everyone. Welcome back Mark!

    About to find out how work feels about me cutting back and commuting once a fortnight from Bathurst. Don't know what to expect.

      @shane, my friend! Hope you're well!

        Feelin' fine.

        No TV and no beer, etc.

        How you going?

        Last edited 29/01/13 9:42 am

      They'll probably think you're a Monster...
      So, you know, nothing out of the ordinary.

    This is honestly how I feel right now:


      Back in the MSN days like 5 years ago, I was at a friend's house and some friends put that pic as their display picture and claimed that the girl we were talking to (who was from our school) looked like that. She was actually rather attractive but totally told the teacher on them and they got detentions. Fun times.

      CONCLUSION: my friends are dicks.

        ATTRACTIVE GIRL! \o/

          I put a banana in her ear*

          *may or may not be a euphemism

    Hi all, Welcome back @markserrels and hope all is well man. If an update has been provided about MiniSerrels somewhere i'd be keen to see how you are going, perhaps you are already writing this??

    Now for my dilemma. I am in possession of a picture frame. This picture frame is called a piix from iinet and it has a unique feature of having its own mobile phone number. Why this is cool is because you send it an MMS and the picture instantly appears on the photo frame.. why I think this could be funny as hell is that I can give the number out to you all and while drunk or whatever, you can send it pictures... that would be good right>??

    Was going to go as far as posting the number of twitter elsewhere but perhaps not wise...

    whats the worst that could happen??? ;)

    So, should I give the number out? Only down side is that I can't change the number so once its out its gone :( I think it would be awesome, but then pron and such could be a bad idea (but funny?)

      All the meat photos!

        Gross scree!

          What? I mean like when we all meat up we could send photos to Fatshady and it can be like he's there

            I knew what you meant.

            Scree. Gets. Jokes! :P

      That does sound like fun! As long as it doesn't cost you anything to receive the pictures. That would end badly... :P

      Maybe just DM or email it to people who will be interested in sending you pictures of their junk random funniness.

      I'd totally give the number out.

    Eldest daughters first day of school today. She's terrified and trying everything she can to get out of it.

      She wasn't bullied, was she?

        I'm guessing seperation anxiety.

          Nah. She never had any problem with that. More stressed about not being able to read and thinking everyone else can. Thinks she's I'd going to be useless. The truth is she is actually way more advanced than most of the other kids.

      Poor kid. When she gets there, she'll probably have a blast, though!

      :') Aw, cute. Haha! I was one of those weird kids psyched about starting school. Hope the day treats her well.

        WHAT A FREAK!

        I don't remember what I was like before or on my first day but I think I was probably excited too :P. Ah the non-hermit social days, I used to talk to and make friends with everyone!

      Give her a gun!?

    Reposting two things from old TAY.

    1: I need Autolog fronds for NFS Most Wanted! Doesn't matter what console you have it on. My account name is 007lamboman.

    2: Hnngh. That Tron Uprising season finale. So good.
    Seriously, if you ever find yourself with nothing to do, download the first ep and watch it. You won't be disappointed. The first ep itself more than makes up for the lackluster story in Tron Legacy. The subsequent episodes only get better and better.

    I'd say it was one of the best shows from last year/this year, but I don't watch enough TV shows to be able to make that judgement :P

      I'll be shocked if Tron: Uprising doesn't get cancelled. As far as I can tell there's no second season ordered, which isn't a good sign.

        Yeah, it doesn't really help that they decided to air it at midnight...
        I think there are two possible situations that might save the show.
        1: Now that Disney owns Star Wars, they may end up with The Clone Wars on one of their channels (depends on what the current deals with it are though). They could air The Clone Wars and Tron Uprising side by side, which would help it get more viewers.
        2: They decide to tie the series into the third film (which they've said they're working on). Could generate enough interest in the show to warrant a second season.

        I think this is all just wishful thinking though :P

      Is there a . in your autolog name? I tried without but let me know if there is

    I finally found Once Upon a Time in the West on Bluray.

    At Coles of all places.

    I am pleased.

      Tron Uprising > Once Upon A Time. At least, better than the few episodes I watched :P

        Get out.

        Okay... perhaps, but Once Upon a Time in the West (and in America) are completely different things :P

        Henry Fondaaaaaa

          Oh, ohhhhh. I didn't realise the 'West' was a part of the title and assumed he was talking about the TV show xD



     I supposed to have heard of Once Upon A Time In The West before? :P

                It's a classic spaghetti Western. Well known amongst film buffs but probably not elsewhere. It's also old so I don't expect you to know it :P

    Dot points!
    - Welcome back @markserrels

    - Work. bleh.

    - Dishonoured. (yeah, thats right. I spell it with a 'U'. coz I talk proper). I like it. Finally getting into it over the weekend, but goddamn... the difficulty spikes up in the second mission. so much loading previous checkpoints was done. still, its pretty ok.

    - suddenly hyped for Ni No Kuni.

    - The Nintendo presentation from last week. I know ninty get a lot of flak for releasing games from the same 4 franchises possibly a bit too frequently, but seriously... remaking Wind Waker?! thats a bit too much.
    Sure, its apparently one of the best Zelda games (never played it myself), but why go to the trouble of building an entirely new game engine (if they're only using a re-skinned GC engine, this is not worth putting on the Wii U) if you're only gonna remake whats already been done?
    why not, I dunno, make a new Zelda game in this new engine? new story & stuff, but using a HD-er & prettier version of the Wind Waker art style?
    is nintendo really that lazy / scared of new things?
    I'm no hater. I like nintendo. but really, this is just taking the piss.
    Sure, other companies have done HD re-releases. but they've just re-skinned the existing game with new textures. the difference is, Nintendo are implying that they've rebuilt the whole engine just so they can make the same game again.

    - hope all the northerners are doing ok with all the water.

    - Again, I've run out of dots to point.

    Edit: spelling

    Last edited 29/01/13 9:33 am

      They had great success remaking Ocarina of Time on the 3DS, why not see if the magic works twice?

        Was the OoT 3D really a remake? or was it just the original game, ported to the DS with a 3D effect added?

        From the presentation, I got the impression that the WW remake is a total remake. Rebuilt the game engine from scratch, recreated all the models & textures & stuff.

        Point is, if they're gonna go to 90% of the trouble of making a new game, why not just make a new game, rather than remaking something?

          OoT was a total remake. They can use the assets for future Zelda games too (MM3D?)

            then its the same issue.
            its like cloning Jimi Hendrix & then telling him to just play nothing but All Along The Watchtower forever & not make any more new music.

              Because while that might not be the best use of resources, you can take that to the bank.

                then that just makes nintendo seem more like an un-imaginative, money-grubbing & lets-keep-making-the-same-game-over-and-over-coz-our-fans-are-dumb-enough-to-keep-buying-it sorta company.

                where the hell has the innovation nintendo has become known for gone?

                  Sometimes polish is more important than innovation.

          Because they knew the stealth section was an abomination and are going to remove it? #EternallyHopeful

          OoT was reskinned and they changed the control scheme to fit the 3DS (which somehow made the Water temple more tolerable according to people that got that far).

            It was a remake, not reskin. They even went as far as coding in some of the more famous glitches from the N64 version.

            Last edited 29/01/13 11:12 am

      @35! Hope you're well!

        Hi @DC!
        yeah, well enough for a monday Tuesday morning without coffee.
        how about yourself? survive the weekends weather in one piece?

        Last edited 29/01/13 9:55 am

          I'm okay. Some of the drains on the roof have snapped off, I expect that's going to be expensive to fix. A few trees are down, but otherwise everything's fine! :D

      Dishonored :D!

      I didn't find the second mission too bad but there was a lot of reloading for me too. I can't remember the name but that "See through Walls" power up makes a huge difference. I'm pretty sure the first assassination (second mission) took me like 8 hours because I was exploring everything and stealthily taking out everyone non-lethally so I could explore in peace.

        yeah, the see-through-walls power is super useful. the only thing i dont like about it is that it turns off after X seconds. seriously? I'm only gonna turn it on again straight away & the way the mana works, it doesnt cost anything, so yeah...

        Also, in the 2nd assassination mission -
        pretty much the same map as the first, but this time, BAM! theres a great big freaking omnipotent rocket turret in the main street & the guards are now teleporting, all-seeing freaks.

        I'm a bit concerned as to how they're gonna make the later missions even more difficult...

          I also had a habit of hoarding health and mana potions and waiting until my mana fully regenerated before using it again :P

          It kind of makes sense later on when you'd want to use the move and then Blink straight after (or use something else), but it would've been better if it just stayed on indefinitely. I'm just glad it's not a sort of "drains mana for each second you use it" kind of thing. I probably wouldn't have abused it as much if it was :P

      Very few people owned a Gamecube and not all of those people bought Zelda TWW (Due to outrage at the cartoony graphics at the time). It then went on to be critically successful, if not financially. Now all those people who missed out would like to play it.

      For that reason a rerelease of The Wind Waker makes more sense than any other Zelda game.

      Nintendo have said they are working on a brand new game. It was while they were working on that game that they ran the older games through different graphical filters and came to the conclusion that TWW looked fresh and new.

      Also, TWW was released with parts of the game removed due to time constraints. A remake means there is a chance some of the removed sections could be added back in.

      The game also used the GBA for some fun, but non-essential, features. A straight port would have to lose them completely.

        I understand what you mean, & if I had a Wii U, I'd be all over this.

        But Nintendo are getting a bit of a reputation as releasing installments of a franchise annually with only minor improvements / tweaks.

        A remake isnt exactly helping change this. If they wanted to remake WW, why not do it after whatever Zelda game they're currently working on?

          I think it'll work better before as it'll help build up hype and possibly introduce, or bring back people to the Zelda franchise. For most gamers it's inevitable that a new Zelda would be released on any Nintendo platform but not many people expected a Wind Waker HD remake (most people were counting on a GameCube Virtual console/straight up port).

          I'm not sure what most people think but the Wii U didn't really have too many games that would make people think "I want a Wii U", can't say that has changed too much but there's definitely more incentive for people to pick one up now.

          I agree with most of the things you said and you have a point. Wasn't sure where I'm going with this but I'm just bored :P

            Honestly, of all the things out or announced for the Wii U, a new Zelda game is the most likely thing to make me run out & get one.

            Remake of WW is about 30% making me want the console, but a new Zelda game... yeah, I'd have to stop writing this reply coz I'd be going to get one immediately.

            The thing is, Wind Waker was released in 2002 (I think?) so as a game, its limited to what was achievable 10 years ago, so a remake, if it stays true to the source material, is going to inherit those limitations in some way. If it doesnt stay true to the source material, why call it a remake at all?

              The source material is the story, not the thechnical limitations of the hardware.

              You say a new Zelda title would make you buy a new console but not this rerelease. But you ALSO said that you have never played TWW.

              This makes it sound more like you have something against the game itself. Surely a remake of arguable one of the greatest Zelda games ever made, that you have never played, should be one of the BEST reasons to buy a Wii U?


                I've got nothing against the game, like I said, I've never played it.
                What I dont like is the idea of a remake when all this effort has gone into making the tools needed to make an entirely new game.

                If it were just a HD port, then sure. theres minimal effort & resources gone into it, but to make an entirely new engine to just remake a game? seems a bit of a wast of time & money on Nintendo's part.

                  So they're bad cause they're lazy and rereleasing a game, but also bad because they're not lazy and putting in extra effort, not just upresing?

                  It's only a waste of money if they don't make a profit. Given the level of excitement around not only TWW, but an HD release, I'm sure no money will be wasted.

                  Using the previous games as a guide, I doubt we'll see the new game until 2015. We haven't seen a video, hell, from the Nintendo Direct it sounds like they're still trying to work out what kind of game it will be. Nintendo are giving people what they asked for. The Wind Waker, and they're not doing it half-assed.

                  I think it's pretty awesome of them and I'll keep being a "dumb-enough-to-keep-buying-it" fan :)

          Which is weird as they are one of the few people who don't do that.

          I mean, TWW was 2002, TP was 2006 and Skyward Sword came out in 2011.

          Even the New Super Mario Bros series has about 2 years between games (Excluding this years NSMB2 on 3DS and NSMU on WiiU). Granted we also got the SMGs and SM3DL.

          And Metroid? 2002 - Metroid Prime, 2004 - Metroid Prime 2: Echoes, 2007 - Metroid Prime 3: Corruption, 2010 Metroid: Other M.

          They all seem like perfectley respectable gaps between games to me.

          And Nintendo said that TWW HD is getting released because the new Zelda game isn't anywhere near ready. This is something to help pass the time/bridge the gap. Releasing it afterwards would kind of miss the point.

          There were a few Zelda rereleases of the past year or so. OOT3D as well as 4 Swords Anniversary Edition but these, and TWW HD included are part of the 25th Anniversary celebrations.

          Nintendo's reputation for releasing games in their series annually (Like Assassin's Creed or CoD) just isn't true. Neither is the monor tweaks thing. For ever person who complains that the games are the same, there is someone complaining that they are too different.

        I thought the GBA stuff was universally panned? There was a lot of experimentation with that sort of thing back around then (see also: the Dreamcast's VMU) and it's interesting how often ideas in the tech space are abandoned because the tech itself just isn't there yet, but end up coming back around later. But I think the GBA stuff from Wind Waker wouldn't be a loss if it disappeared during the port.

        What is a loss is the cel shading :(

          "I thought the GBA stuff was universally panned?"

          Nope. It was fun.

          I think it's pretty much guaranteed that the GBA stuff will still be in the port to some extent given that the Gamepad exists.

          The problem with the GBA stuff was that not everyone had a GBA so they couldn't make it a requirement to play, so it just serves as an interesting experiment. You didn't have to use it and were'nt penalised so there was really no downside.

          Last edited 29/01/13 10:59 am

    So quiet here at work

    No daily Trust work yet allocated to me as the Manager of our little sector is off and her second in command isn't quick to do that stuff

    I guess I just file some distributed trusts and bluuuuuuuudge

      You work on Statutory Trust Accounts? If you have to audit them I don't envy you, however Tax Returns and General Ledger is easy enough.

        Yeah, we just distribute them when the child is of age and pay any claims made by the parents before the child is of age

        The ledger is fine, the Tax returns are handled by the Tax Branch, it is no problem

        I just have to bundle the entire file together with binders, file it on the system and send a final letter with a Statement of Account

    Well that was definitely a different way to spend a three day weekend.

    Shame the office was open this morning, would have been nice to sleep in. Turns out that I grew accustomed to the sound of the wind lashing at the window, so I struggled to get to sleep last night.

      Maybe you need an exceptionally large and flatulant man to sleep next to now then?

    Hi fronds!

    I still have no power at home! I got almost no sleep last night because it was hot / humid. Atleast the trains are down to emergency services which is reason enough for me to get a day off.

      :( Hope the power comes back for you and @strange. (And everyone else soon!)

        Apparently there's a number you can call to get an estimation on when power is restored to your area. They reckon about 3:30pm.

    I AM MOVED!!!!!

    We moved house over the weekend to a much much much better place in Lovely Banks (it's a new suburb in Geelong). So now we have a 3 bedroom townhouse with lots of space! So much awesome.
    It took us the entire bloody weekend to do it, though. I got to drive a truck. It wasn't as fun as some people make it out to be.
    I'm still incredibly sore from the whole ordeal, though. But thanks to Bee's increadible ability to be a site foreman (ie. preventing me from sitting down at all and telling me what to do even when i'm already doing something else) we are not only moved in, but we are COMPLETELY unpacked and set up.
    The down side is that we still need to clean and landscape the old place.
    Also i won't have the net at home for at least a couple of weeks.
    Le sigh.

    ALSO - I SAW THE HOBBIT!!! (Spoiler free)
    I wasn't even going to bother, really, as i've only seen the LotR movies once each as they are just long and tedious for me (aside from the kick-arse battle scenes), but i am so glad i went and saw it. It was actually a rather brilliant little movie, aside from being super kid-friendly now. I found Gandalf to be much more likable in this movie as well, and Bilbo is much cooler than Frodo. Dude actually has a pair of balls unlike Frodo who just looks like he is about to poop himself while he waits for Sam to come and save his butt.
    I did notice, however, that when there was a scene with quick panning or really intense fighting, that everything seemed to look really blurry, which was about the only real grip i had with the movie.
    When i left the cienema all i could think of "Mannn i really want to paint up some Warhammer dwarfs now", then smarter side of my brain said "dude, you don't even play fantasy , let alone have the funds to paint up a bunch of those neat little dudes"
    but then again....

    So yeah, lots of great stuff!

      Congrats with the move, man. Sounds like you've got an insanely good setup! :)

        Cheers man! It is pretty sweet!

      Dude... Space Dwarfs.
      Think about it.

        You can get them from - although i don't particularly like the look of them.
        I like dwarfs to be the more traditional fantasy thing, i guess.


        We that's the plan. I'm slowly inching my way towards you, then before you know it BAM! You've been chuloopa'd.

          This means closer proximity for the HAMMERING of WARS.

            ALL THE HAMMERS OF WAR!!!!

            Should have my Termie squad finished shortly. I hope.
            Have you started on any of your minis yet?

              I have not. And to be honest, I am currently more interested in making a Necromunda gang! Or two, if I can be bothered ordering parts from Forge World

                Necromunda you say???

                  Yeah, I just prefer to do the whole conversion gang thing, since Necromunda is such a personal thing. Also those stock models are preeeeetty ugly.

                Also - not sure if this would interest you or not:

                Yeah man - they certainly are ugly as sin. lol
                Conversions are where it's at :)

    Howdy Tayberinos

    @markserrels! Congrats on Babby!

    I had an interesting long weekend- the Australia Day party I was at was disrupted by us having to call an ambulance (All good in the end).

    I also went and saw Django Unchained. Which was... Quite something if you want to have a look at what I thought.

    I also played a fair bit of Far Cry 3, which I'm enjoying quite a bit, especially now I have a silenced sniper rifle.

    A Monday Morning Question: What video game adaptation should Quentin Tarantino direct? I want to see Quentin Tarantino's Grand Theft Auto.

      Holy damn, ambulance thing doesn't sound good. :S

      'sup @redartifice!

        sup @dc!

        It was OK in the end- girl dislocated her shoulder in the pool, so she couldn't get out easily. We submerged a chair in the pool for her to sit on and waited for the ambos, who gave her painkillers which helped her get out of the water. Ambos then popped her off to the hospital for x-rays, and she was back within 90 min.

          Phew, glad it all worked out, man. Hope you're well otherwise!

      I think he'd be great for an adaptation of Reservoir Dogs.

      I loved Django Unchained so damn much.

      So. Damn. Much.

      As for the question, Saint's Row perhaps. Or Sleeping Dogs, that could be cool.

      Left for dead
      It could be like dust til dawn but with Zombies instead of vamps

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