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    Morning TAY

    Our system we use to do everything is down

    For the next 6 HOURS!!!

    Why the fuck couldn't someone have let me know before I woke up at 5 am

    Now I am at work and can't fucking work

      It's awesome, isn't it?

        It sucks

        I am just sitting here, doing nothing

        But, all the same rules in my head still apply

        So I feel anxious because I am not working and I am hence worrying I will get into trouble

        But I CAN'T WORK AT ALL!

    Morning all. Hope your weekends were good!

    This move to Bathurst is a stressful thing. We're still up in the air about it all. Honestly, I don't know what to hope for. Our near-three year old is saying, "I don't want to go to another house. I want to stay here in Dunlop" which is all kinds of heart-rending. Dumb kids.

    Plenty of hurdles ahead. We'll see what happens.

    I used to have a fear of hurdles. But I got over it.

      Aw sweetie. I know you like it here but Daddy wants to go and as long as Daddy is the head of the household you'll do as you're goddamned told or else you can get the [email protected]&* out of my house and make your own way in life. Love you kiddo.

        At least the other day she said about the Bathurst place: "the house with the fuzzy stairs made me happy" ... so I guess she'll adjust. And it's within walking distance of a good school for her. Something we'd never be able to afford here in Canberra.

          It'll be an adventure, Shane! Hope you're well, man!

            Guess I'd better pack my rubber chicken with pulley then. Never know when it might come in handy.

              Someone's paid a visit to the Voodoo Lady!

                *nods sagely*

                Reference successfully communicated.

                Last edited 04/02/13 9:13 am

      Kids adjust! Better to move now than when they're in high school or something :P

        Totally. It's now or never, I know that much :)

      That's usually where a decent father would drunkenly lay into the kid.

      On a more serious note - how shit is moving? I don't see how Bee enjoys it so damn much :|

        It's not the greetest. But we haven't started yet. Selling our house is going to be shit. Hoping this other house doesn't get sold in the meantime :\

    So quite a while ago I decided to write an article in relation to things that have been annoying me about games lately. A few of the teamspeak people might remember me talking about it.

    I sent it to mark for let off some steam but I think it was a bit much steam. So now I'm finally getting around to sticking it on the internet for anyone interested to have a look.

    The topics are DLC, DRM and piracy.

    Warning: Wall of text!

    Part 1:

    Last edited 04/02/13 8:42 am

      Hoollllyy moley!

        Yeah, I got a little carried away. Worst part is there is still soooooooooo much I just skimmed over.

      I forgot to say, thanks to Blaghs for proofreading for me!

    Morning all. Finally got around to seeing Les Miserables on the weekend. It was good.

      Did you hear the people sing, DireWolf?

    Spaghett's Last Song Played Game

    Hate Everyone by Say Anything

    My train was late, there was too many people on it, and then the station seemed full and they all wanted to be everywhere I was

    It made me anxious

    And angry

    And now, our system is down

    I truly hate everyone, I also hate everything

      36 Crazyfists - can't remember which song, but it was off Bitterness the Star. It's been years.

      Sitra Ahra by Therion. It's now stuck in my head. This is a good thing. :D


    -- I met Sughly in the city at 2:45pm, the plan was to meet at South Bank. I was waiting at South Brisbane. This started an ill-fated adventure of missing turns, not knowing where we were going and talking about adventure games and David Bowie. (And David Bowie in adventure games.) Sughly's so damn awesome. I appreciate the ride more than you know, friend!

    -- We were supposed to meat Nova at TimeZone below his hotel at 3pm. We arrived well after 5:30pm. :S Atleast the entire group arrived at once, though. Mrs. Freeze, Freeze, Sughly and I car pooled into Surfer's Paradise. (I didn't even get randomly king hit there, so it's not quite as bad as you would think it'd be.)

    -- We all did the awkward introductions with user names and then mosey'd on over to the Hard Rock Cafe. Crazy attentive waitresses. Tasty food. Choking incidents. Pepsi girl. The Hard Rock Cafe had it all, my friends. The Hard Rock Cafe had it all. I had some shredded pork sandwich dealy. It was good eating!

    -- We went to Time Zone afterwards and bought a three hour pass that gave us almost unlimited access to the place. Lots of shenanigans went down here. Mrs. Freeze beating me at strength tester, everyone beating me at laser tag, getting violated by a massage chair. Good times!

    -- The group went Bowling. D.C. decided his only chance not to lose at that too was to not play at all. The strategy paid off. I totally didn't lose here. NovaCascade's got skills to pay the bills, though. Strike after freakin' strike. :S He won!

    -- Wandered around Surfers for a while, talked randomly on the street. D.C. made repetitive jokes and awkward small talk. Then Nova went back to his hotel and the rest of us went back to the Freeze homestead!

    -- Freeze and D.C. had a live action version of TAY until 2:30 am, talking about all kinds of random stuff. Sughly fell asleep on the couch sometime earlier. The guy sure likes his snoring! :P

    -- In the morning Freeze's daughter decided to teach me how to play the My Little Pony iPad game. I've got no idea how to talk to kids and was on high alert the entire time. Cool kid, though.

    -- We saw Django Unchained. Then parted ways with Mrs. Freeze and Freeze. Thanks for the hospitality you guys, so damn kind.

    -- Sughly drove me back to Brisbane and I'm really, really worried that I talked too much about adventure games. :'(

    -- D.C.'s post meat crazy starts to kick in and begins to wonder how badly he screwed up. :S

    The end!

    Last edited 04/02/13 8:55 am

      Dude, it sounds like you did amazing

      Freeze stayed up with you till 2:30, he didn't snatch his daughter away from you and tell her not to go near the crazy jibbering man

      And you were at their house

      Sounds good

      Sounds good, no worries at all brother, come to NSW and meet me

        What are you talking about? They clearly all hat him and feel uncomfortable sleeping with him around.

      3 things:
      -Talk to kids just the same way you talk to anyone else.
      - I thought you were adamant you were not going to see Django Unchained?
      - I'm pretty sure there's no such thing as too much adventure game talk, especially with Sughly. :P

        Sughly and Freeze conspired behind my back and made the Django plans. It was horrible. Except for getting to hang out with them and seeing an awesome movie. Otherwise? HORRIBLE. :P

        Also, I tend to swear a little and talk about 'adult themes' that's not appropriate for kids. :D

          I don't think I've ever heard you swear, so yeah talk to kids the way you'd talk to me then. :P

        We didn't give him a choice.

        And he loved the movie.

          Nice work!

          And of course he did. He should know by now that we know what's best for him...(Dark Souls).... :D

      Now someone else should totally write up some thoughts so I can read between every line with worry. :P


        DC was a jerk, but everyone was too polite to say anything. Some people pretended to sleep, but everyone was keeping an eye on him.

          Like always, I'm actually really worried that people don't like me. :S

            Although in complete seriousness, if I said any thing that offended any one or came across as jerky it wasn't intentionally at all and most likely a nervous attempt to be funny. So if I wronged you somehow, I'm sorry. :'(

            Last edited 04/02/13 7:53 pm

              Also tell me if I did something wrong, it's the only way I'll learn!

      For the last ones: SHUT UP!
      For all the other dot points: AWESOME!

    Hi Taybies.

    Hope your weekends were good. I saw QT's "Django Unchained" over the weekend, and I swear I've never seen as much use of a particular word in a movie.

      I also saw Django Unchained on the weekend. Yes, they certainly do use that word a lot.

        Should've seen it with us, Nobs. :'(

          My friend i made from school whom I hadn't talked to for a year randomly invited me to see the movie. Thought I should probably do the right thing.

    I had a good weekend, made beer and played table tennis, was good.

    In other news after seeing how reasonably priced the Nexus 4 is I am thinking of maybe possibly jumping off the iPhone4 wagon for one. Anybody have any experience with the new Nexus, I'm hearing good things but I would appreciate second opinions.

    Also in videogames I killed the Hellkite Dragon, my sprinting across the bridge in a panic days are over. Now all that is left is small issue of Kalameet 0_0

      Hope you're well, Puppylicks!

        I'm good D.C, thanks man.
        How's everything on your end?

          Good! Post-meat worries and blues, but good! :D

      Nexus 4 is an awesome piece of kit by the looks of things.

      Couple of issues with it that I've noticed, being no expandable storage, and the second being they're stoopid-difficult to get your hands on. Harvey Norman has unbranded stock from LG direct, though I think they're *very* close to being sold out, whereas you can buy it on the Google Play store for $100 cheaper or so... if you find they're in stock (they're not).

      Put simply, if you can find one, buy it.

      I can't personally tell you my experiences with the Nexus 4, but have a look around see what people say about it and what critics have to say about it as well. I personally think it's a great phone and is probably one of the best android phones out there currently, it's bang for your buck too. I don't have it, so I can't recommend you get it. But if I did, I'd say "BUY THAT PHONE NOW!"

    Ello my good Butties!

    I did nothing but eat, sleep and play Ni no Kuni all weekend and now I'm 25hrs in and oh god.

    Need to focus on some more important things this week!

      You mean ... Nope, don't know what could be more important then sleep, eat and video games. Maybe drinking?

      Haven't played the game since Friday. :S Withdrawals, man!

    I think I've been playing too much Ni No Kuni since that's usually apparent when I show up to work on the Monday feeling way too groggy.

    I found an awesome grinding spot anyways.

    Merit reward spoilers & lvl 40-50ish area
    Once you have both exp merit rewards you should grind the monster called tokotoko they spawn at the pathway that leads up to Perdida and give 9500 exp for each one you kill however they run away after like 5 seconds in battle so you will need a fast way to deal 350 or so damage., also if you see it on the world map don't approach it straightaway always use Veil.

    Last edited 04/02/13 9:05 am

    Walked into a school this morning for the first time this year. You know you day is going well when the first words you hear are "Oh thank god you're here!"

      At least they're happy to see you. Silver lining...

        Even better when I can shift the blame elsewhere. Unless I'm mistaken, all our school have no Internet access due to someone in head office...

    I was really excited about going on holidays. It's been pretty much the only thing I've been looking forward to for the last half of last year. But things didn't quite go to plan.

    We ended up getting stuck in Maryborough in the worst floods in a hundred years. My Aunty owns a shop in the Maryborough CBD, and she was stuck across the bridge. We ended up breaking in and emptying the shop of stock, just in case the shop went underwater. It's lucky we decided to do it when we did, because the night after, there was about a metre of water going through it. Here's the best picture I could find of it. See the sign with the cut off love heart on the right side of the screen? That's her shop, Kassidy's. She's under water.

    We were literally trapped there for 4 days, living with my grandparents. Each day my wife, my best mate and I would jump onto the RACQ website to check what roads were opens and what roads weren't. People were constantly saying things like "Oh yeah I got from Bundy to Maryborough no problem!" or "You can totally get through Tiaro!" but when we went to actually test the roads, they were metres underwater.

    We rented a beach house at Rainbow Beach for 7 nights, but three of those nights were spent sleeping at my Grandparent's place. Of course, no refunds. On the Wednesday, which should have been our fourth day at our beach house, we finally got through. What should have been about an hour long trip over the Granville bridge, down the Maryborough-Cooloola Coast Road, we had to leave Maryborough by Tinana (which is the complete opposite direction), drive an hour south to Gympie (all the while hoping that we wouldn't come across another flooded road), then taking the Tin Can Bay road for an hour and a half back up to the junction that met with the Maryborough-Cooloola Coast road.

    So after an almost three-hour trip to do what should have taken us around about an hour, we finally got to the house. We picked up the keys, unpacked our bags (dispatching a giant huntsman spider in the process), and relaxed in the pool for a couple of hours.

    When we wandered down to the beach itself, we were greeted with what looked like a warzone. There was black silt and cyclone debris scattered all across the beach, topped with a heady layer of foam. The beach was closed. On our beach holiday, we wouldn't even be able to use the gorram beach. Excellent.

    On the Thursday, I wasn't really in a good headspace. Without thinking, I jumped into the gorram pool, with my gorram Samsung Galaxy S2 in my pocket, completely destroying it. The rest of the holiday was spent either floating in the pool, watching Adventure Time and Regular Show marathons on cartoon network, watching Discovery Science and playing Pokemon.

    Helliday 2013. Next time we're going somewhere that doesn't flood.

      I hear the best kind of holiday is the kind that makes you appreciate your everyday life. Sounds like you had one of those \o/

      I was feeling so bad for you, I know how much you were looking forward to that holiday.
      And I'm sure you tried it, but just in case: I hear putting a water-immersed phone in a container of rice can sometimes help.

      *supermegaginormous hugasaurus rex*

        Haha yeah already tried that one. I pretty much leapt out of the pool and shouted at my best mate, "WE NEED TO GO TO THE SHOPS FOR A LARGE BAG OF WHITE RICE RIGHT F*CKING NOW"

        I'm sure in a Judd Apatow comedy it would have been funny.

        Dismantle the phone as much as possible first, before putting it in the rice.

      Sorry to hear that man, but at least you are okay.
      Upvoted for solidarity

    I've had my phone notifying me of Facebook things because that's how Mr. Strange and I were keeping in contact while he was away.
    At 1am this morning I was woken up by a FB notification. I checked and it was a friend request from Thobbe Englund, that guitarist from Sabaton. :D

      Watch out Mr Strange. You might be the one left behind next time :P

      Last edited 04/02/13 9:15 am

      Still a terrible name, though. :P

        I initially downvoted you, before I googled him and found his real name is Thorbjörn Englund. Why would he change that?!

          Apparently it's a common nickname for people named Thorbjörn. But I'm still with you on the whole why thing. It's an epic name.

            Thorbjörn conjures images of a glorious viking warrior.

            Thobbe kind of makes me think of a willy.

              Indeed. Although I'm happy with both connotations. ;)

      His first name needs an 'R' in it.

      But that is SO DAMN MUCH WIN!

    Your ol buddy Spaghett has tickets to Mindless Self Indulgence sidewave in sydney on the 28th of February

    I have to work the next day :(

      Just call in sick and say you have come down with a mild case of "death" but you should be in next week.

        I already tried to apply for the day off

        Now my supervisor knows.....

      Wow...sick on the first day of March, you say?

      I hear Gastro's going around a fair bit at the moment..

        What's the bet I'll get actually sick and need to get a sick note

    Just want to say I really appreciate @dc leaving out the detail of when there was a freaking enormous huntsman in my bedroom and I hid in the kitchen and made my wife kill it. Now no one need to know of my shame.

      We'll never speak of that incident. No one will know.

    Hi all!
    How was everyone's weekend?!

    Had a 21st on Saturday night which was at the Belgian Beer Cafe in the city. It was the first time I'd been there and my god.. the beer menu.
    8. Pages. Long.
    So much choice! It took a while for me to actually choose one. So long, in fact, that i had someone else choose for me. Then i consumed a marvelous plate of Pork Belly. Mmmm Mmmm.

    Bee's off with her friend tonight (who's 21st it was) staying in Ballarat for the night, meaning i have the night for myself - so now i'm stuck wondering what i should indulge myself in... hmmm..

      Dear god, that pork belly...

        It was freakin' heaven on a plate!

          We had pork belly for dinner last night. Amazing dish. Such a treat!

      Endless masturbation.

    On call this week, and the weekend was fucking terrible. So many goddamn calls. Not difficult jobs, but all time consuming. Anyhoo, on call runs till Friday, so here's hoping that's my punishment for the week.

    Apart from working, I managed to play a pile of WoW, watch a couple more episodes of The Pacific, which I recently picked up on BD. Been meaning to watch it for some time, especially being a massive fan of Band of Brothers. 4 episodes in, and it hasn't quite hit the same chord as BoB, but still a bit to go yet.

    Managed to get a few hours of Ni No Kuni in finally, and I have to say I'm enjoying it. The art style is undeniable, it's prettiness is a given. The gameplay is getting me, as they introduce more elements. I'm loving the familiar dynamic, equipping them, feeding them, etc. haven't got to capturing yet, but looking forward to it.

    It feels like a throwback to older JRPG's, which I'm really digging. A world map, roaming mobs, a nice simple yet pure approach to combat, equipment etc.

    I was wary of how the characters and the story would sit with me, but it turns out I'm OK with it. Ollie doesn't really amaze me, nor does he annoy me. I'm just fine with him. Mr Drippy is also completely not irritating, and it's nice the whole Welsh thing hasn't been overdone.

    I'm only about 3.5 hours in, and not yet ready to sing it's praise to the heavens, but I'm really enjoying it, and that makes me happy.

      Yeah, Pacific was just eh compared to Band of Brothers.

      Ni no Kuni is awesome though, WORLD MAP!!

    Morning guys!


      MY GOD IT WAS!
      Personally though, I was expecting Wind Waker to be the best, but Majora's Mask blew me away. Probably because I really didn't expect them to play it.
      Anyway, worth the $400 it cost me to watch it, and would definitely pay to see it again.

        Thankfully I didn't have to pay $400, but it would have been worth it!

    I'm assuming this probably won't get much love, but...

    How interested would people be if, at some point in the future, there was a community playdate for Battlefield 3 and/or Call of Duty MW2/Blops2/MW3 on PC?

      Don't have any of those on PC, so probably not much... lol

      I might play CS:GO. I haven't played it yet.

    Quick literary question. I'm not familiar with thrillers and horrors when it comes to literacy, so my question is, is it more tension building to read those genres from a first person perspective or third person? For example, is it more thrilling/scary to read something like:

    I held my breath, terrified of making a noise, as I watched in terror as a shadow appeared beneath the door.


    Alice held her breath, terrified of making a noise, as she watched in terror as a shadow appeared beneath the door.

      First person implies the character is alive to tell the story.


        Well, I guess it depends how you read it. I tend to read first person as happening right now, as opposed to a character retelling events at a later date.

          Than write it like I'm holding my breath, terrified of making a noise, as I watch in terror as a shadow appears beneath the door.

          Note: I'm joking.

          Last edited 04/02/13 9:38 am

          First-person present-tense is horrid. It's the only thing that will instantly turn me off of a book.

            Do you mean like Freeze's example of "I'm holding my breath"? Because my comment was more about how when I read something in first person, if it says "I did this", "I did that", I always imagine it as the character telling the audience right as it's happening, rather than at a later date. If I were to write in first person, it would be in the way that many people apparently interpret in a past tense, though I personally would be interpreting it in the present.

              Here's an example of the style:

      In the SciFi horror novel I'm writing at the moment, it's told from a third-person, past-tense perspective. I have a branching narrative with three individual stories going on at once, so third-person is the best way for me to make sure I'm telling the story with the same 'voice'.

      Whenever I write first-person, the person ends up having their own unique 'voice' that really couldn't go across multiple characters.

      If you have one single protagonist, there's nothing wrong with going for either first-person or third-person. Dean Koontz's Fear Nothing/Sieze the Night novels are amazing examples of first-person tension building.

      With third-person, you can convey a lot more of what's going on outside of a character. If you write in first-person,you're completely tied to that one singly character's perception of the world around them. And sometimes that can be a lot more terrifying.

        Thanks for the advice. I was only planning on having a single protagonist, so maybe first person would be best. It would certainly help maintaining some mystery, as the reader would only know what the protagonist knows, and the protagonist wouldn't know all the details about the situation at hand.

      Hard to say. It can work either way. Regardless, the focus needs to be as tightly focused on the character as possible, without any kind of narrator omnipotence (as that can ruin the suspense of the moment).

      In that sense, it's often easier to be in first-person, because there's almost no chance of slipping into an expository lapse.

      Also, I have a dislike of multiple "as" in a single sentence. Ruins the flow. Also multiple 'terror' and derivatives.

      I didn't dare move, terrified of making a noise. The light coming in under the door disappeared, blocked by a passing figure. I held my breath as the footsteps stopped...

      The above is easily adaptable to third-person.

      Last edited 04/02/13 9:58 am

    Dear @shane

    When selling a house, to avoid any heartache and stress it is usually advisable to just accept the first offer made and live with no regrets. Life will be much simpler.


    PS: I'll give you fifty bucks.

      Good advice. But we need to get a certain amount to make the move economically feasible.

      So bump it up to seventy-five. For me.

        I'll give you a sack of gold bullion and 2 sacks of heroin

        Or 2 hookers and an eightball *MSI Reference*

        Or, A diamond pony and some ketamine

        Or, love

        Or, the phillosphers stone

        Or, nothing

        Your choice

          Should I talk slower like you're a retard?

        I'll give you $50 and a copy of some book thing called The Lower Evil or something.
        I hear it's okay.

    So instead of the day after Mindless off, I will take next Monday, as this Friday it is two months for Sam and I :)

    Sitting here, watching the clock tick slowly

    Hungry and thinking about lunch

    So hungry

    I hat this situation

      Two months? This thing's getting entirely too serious. I forbid you from seeing this girl! :P

      (Or, you know, congrats! :D)

    Hi all.
    I start teaching today.
    I'll be fine.
    I think.

      Nothing for me today, I have a class to teach!

        *drives through red light*

        It's okay. I'm a teacher!

      Good luck! Although you won't need luck, you'll do great. :D

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