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    3rd of March! One month! There will be Taybies at Dreamworld! Pack your shit! Beg borrow steal save or whatever you have to do to get the necessary funds! Interstaters! Book your holidays and flights! Why haven't you yet? Are you a square or something? Stop being lame! Get your ass to Dreamworld! Be the envy of all your peers! Be all that you can be? Have you organised it yet? No? Why not? I just told you to! Come on come on do it do it come on do it naow!


      The question now is what part am I saying no to?

      I'm not a square

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        So... a rectangle?

          You are so wise Nob

          Edit: I think I just accidentally reported your comment while trying to upvote it. I'm sorry frond!

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            Oh god! Whyyyyyyy?

            I've gotta flee the country before @markserrels catches me!

        Squares stay home and don't come to Dreamworld. So I can only assume that you shall be attending then.


      Probably too soon even if I was to get a job for me, but I'll still give it a red hot go!

    OHHAITHERE, I didn't see you. Here's a weekend repost for y'all!


    Ah, Sydney. A whole world apart from Canberra. Buildings that stretch taller and further than imagination itself. A city where every street contains a crowd, and every crowd contains a smoker... where the pretty people have almost no clothes, and the unpretty people have even less.

    The show last night was awesome. I don't expect this will be of interest to most folks, but so many goosebumpy moments. Probably the best two moments were:
    * when Barry started singing "I Started A Joke" (a song which the late Robin usually sang), and then halfway through the video screens kicked in and Robin was there and he finished out the song, took a bow and disappeared. Oh man, all the goosebumps. Especially spectral because I'd been in the same room just two years earlier to hear Robin sing that song, shortly before he died.
    * When he gave a stirring verbal tribute to all his dead brothers, and sang the last song they'd ever written together ("Immortality") which he said perfectly summarised their career. Amazing.
    Tremendous show. And my dad loved it too.

    Then today, I was toying with the idea of being the first at Kinokuniya, and even half-accidentally ended up making time for that, but instead hid out in McDonald's with a giant thickshake and wrote some words in a notebook. Also I spent a few minutes in Kinokuniya and noticed a book called "Shenanigans" on the sale table (@spaghett)

    Usual nervous blah blah irrelevance

    When I rocked up at 9:45, @masha2932, @powalen and @shiggy_ninty were already there. We decided to wait there for the others, because the only clue we had of their location was "in a cafe." We further decided we wouldn't storm the Kinokuniya doors at 10am, because we weren't desperate.

    Shortly thereafter, @rocketman, @blaghman, @alex_pants, @gorzilla, @cj rocked up, along with Rocket's friend, Dave (who has no @ that I'm aware of). Immediately, everyone whipped out their 3DSes for streetpass fun, leaving Rockets, Masha and myself standing there excluded from fun (jerks). Then someone noticed it was 10:02, and no one moved. Eventually Powalen lead the charge up the escalators and into the store.

    Not many people really seemed keen on buying things, though. So I broke the ice by giving out copies of The Lesser Evil to folks who didn't have them (bribes to make them like me). Toyed with leaving a couple of random copies around the store, but ended up giving them all away, so the idea kind of died.

    @lambomann007 - Spaghett has a Nokia, but his is too new. Mine could almost have been entered in that Gizmodo comp for old tech, so it naturally won. Thought you might like to know.

    Everyone told me that @dc said hi. Everyone agreed he is a fake hermit.

    @spaghett showed up with Sam, and proceeded to demand heroin of Rocket's mate Dave, loudly and persistently! Almost exactly how I pictured him, only louder.

    @doc_what arrived late.

    We left, and en route to Kings Comics (which half the folks had never been to), crowded into a 7/11 for slushies. I took advantage of the queue to say my goodbyes and didn't get a slushie.

    Thanks for coming out to meat with me, especially those of you who travelled distance/time (just about everyone I think). Much apprecited - you are awesome folks.

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      I got about halfway through before realising I actually read this on the weekend. It's still way too early.

    Anyone watch the Wasteland 2 gameplay footage? It looks awesome, has a Fallout 1 & 2 vibe to it.

      Looks good, I probably won't play it myself but it really has that old school PC RPG vibe to it.
      I think this game is going to make a lot of classic gamers very happy.

        I played the hell out of Fallout 2 and have beaten Fallout 1 a couple of times. Both amazing games, I'm pretty psyched for this.

      yep. gonna play the hell outta that.

    The school I'm visiting today has a Wii set up in the library.

    I have no idea what it's here for, so I'll investigate and report back with how many children I beat in Wii Tennis.

      Now I'm imagining you hitting kids with the Wii-mote because they beat you at Wii tennis.

        Nah, I'd take the high road and tell the teacher he swore at me so he'd get disqualified.

    Okay i am back from extened hiatus from TAY, firstly hi
    secondly IM IN SYDNEY NOW
    It was a really long drive, we ( my friend david & I) made some fun games to pass the time which included renaming all the creeks between Ayr and Sydney and make them more awesome.

    When we got here i scrapped my car on gorzy garage cause as it turns out my car is big and i am a terrible driver. It wasn't to bad though.
    I met cool people on saturday and spagett scared david for life. Not really but he did use the phrase (what the shit is wrong with that guy?) Seriously dude lay off the drug talk he thought you were legit crazy. I have to admit i did too.

    So now we fast forward to today where i will start sending resume's out to people and hope that i don't spend my time here in sydney jobless and mooching of the kindness of Gorzy and Pyrean both who are rad. Seriously the kindest people you will ever meet. Who else would take a stranger from far away in.

      Serial killers.

        Im not really that scared i watch gorzy play battlefield 3, hes pretty terrible with anything that isn't a mortar.

          Is now a bad time to tell you they own a crate of mortars?

          Now the first thing I'm doing when I get home is stringing my bow.

      Oh man, sounds like Spaghett made quite the impression. Haha! Good to see you again, Rockets. Glad you made it to Sydney properly.

        Never has a TAYbie made quite so many loud noises. Except when lambo punched that fan :P

          Louder than DAN? I don't believe you.

            Dan's not really loud. Spaghett sounds terrifying. No. Meating. Spaghett.


        Don't worry about it, Spaghett. I suspect people think I'm weird too at meats. Never change! :D

      Didn't even stop by and say hi to Freeze & I if you took the pacific highway. Though I assume you took the inland New England or other highway.

    Early Morning TAY. How's things?

    Any requests for Radio Numbers today?

      ADIDAS - Korn

        I'm gonna have to say no, on the grounds that my station doesn't play metal during the workday.

        Sorry, Loops.

          More Bowie then! Can you play new stuff?

          Where Are We Now -- David Bowie!

          So Far Away -- Carole King!

          Hurt -- Johnny Cash/Trent Reznor!

            Those are some songs...

            Sure, I'll take a crack at getting those on air.

              Best damn radio person evah!

      Requests? How about a spotify playlist of radio numbers

        But effort...

        Also, I don't know how, isn't Spotify a paid service?

          It's free with ads and they have a premium service that removes
          There are some extras you get with premium as well but I haven't looked into it much (Things like having on your mobile)

          I guess that is a pretty fair raisin, just play some Dusty Springfield instead then

      What's the station (and format)?

        107.7 in a 40km radius around Whyalla, SA

        We play our music through a computer, but have facilities to play CDs and possibly cassettes (unsure, they're in the broadcast studio)

      Steel Panther, any song of theirs is good. The more sexual the better though.

    Dammit @shane.

    If I get hooked on graphic novels, it'll be your fault. I've never really read one before now... :P

      Hooked on phonics!

      Also, have you read Y: The Last Man, Shane? Recommend it?

        I'm not Shane, but yes. Highly recommend Y: The Last Man.

        I've always wanted to read that!

        Obviously never got around to it, but still :P

        Oh man, I can't recommend it highly enough. It is SO GOOD. Best comic ever. So incredibly readable and really damn funny. And the ending will make you cry like a little girl.

        Y The Last Man is great, one of the best sustained arcs in comics.

          Looking forward to Brian K. Vaughan's adaption of Under the Dome!

      Honoured to be your first. There are much more worthy choices, though :P loops.. it's too easy... leave the comment be... you're better than that man.... right?

        ... right???

          We all know the answer man. I left it open for you.

          Temptation... :P

            .... HNGH..... Oh god.... can't... hold... out.... o_0

      AND BEAR!!
      AND CROSSED (Man that one is seriously messed up, though)

    So this Colonial Marines thing is pretty good so far, got in a few hours yesterday and fairly impressed. Was very wary, given I grew up with Aliens, and is tied with Akira for my favorite movie of all time. It's clear that Gearbox have a lot of love for it, and you can see it in the details. Things like the names of the achievements being lines from the films, stuff like the iconic motion tracker and my personal favorite, the pulse rifle. There's some rough edges here and there, with stuff like textures, models, etc but not enough to ruin it.

    Seriously though, we need new hardware, and right now. Every single new AAA title I see on my PS3 is just showing me how dated current gen is getting. Also, bear in mind I'm not saying this as a master racer either - I do the bulk of my gaming on consoles. They're just..... really struggling these days.

      So the gameplay is good though?
      I was hyped ages ago but lately I have been cautious about how the game may turn out.

        Gameplay is solid man, feels pretty tight, handles well, no complaints. Movement feels fluid, aiming feels just about right.

      Yeah, this generation has gone on for far too long. Time to kick it up a notch. BAM!

      I didn't even realise it was anywhere near release yet, let alone actually released.
      There was all this hype around the announcement and stuff, and then it just seemed to die off... strange

        I actually never really noticed that much hype, tbh. Being Aliens, it's fairly self-powered on the hype front. Most people who are interested will be so without the help of advertising. It;s supposed to release on Tuesday, the girl at EB told me it broke on Saturday.

      My only real problems are that the motion tracker has a HUD icon to tell you when enemies can be seen on it, and that the xenomorphs so far seem a little bit cannon-foddery.
      Other than that, not bad so far.

    Morning all, hope your weekends went well.

    Gaming talk: Finished the campaign of Anarchy Reigns, is simple and very good fun. True to form for most Platinum games the story did not make a lick of sense, but really the campaign is just one big training exercise anyways.
    Dived into a bit of multiplayer and when I could get a match it was really fun, although the small playerbase means that it's hard to find games and when you finally do it is against level 50 players :/
    But still, good fun, not an amazing game but it is a solid batshit crazy brawler, and Big Bull is by far my favourite character in the game. I just want to keep playing so I can smash skulls with Big Bull all day :)

    Also I am probably about halfway through SpecOps: The Line. To avoid obvious spoilers my thoughts are below:
    It's a solid shooter, nothing amazing gameplay wise but nothing bad either, but unfortunately I had the big moment of the game spoiled by hearing people carry on about 'white phosphorous oh god what have I done?' and then from hearing other comments I put two and two together. So when the big moment happened I saw it coming a mile away. It was still confronting, but I can imagine that it would have been a giant kick in the guts to anyone who did not see it coming.
    Although right now it appears that Walker is starting to trip balls a little bit, so I suspect this game still as some tricks up its sleeve for me, so I'll keep pressing on to get dat radioman.

    Abridged version:
    - Anarchy Reigns is good and Big Bull is awesome
    - SpecOps so far would have been better if it had not been spoiled

    p.s. If there is a Anarchy Reigns playdate sometime for 360 lemme know.

      Sorry to hear about SpecOps man, that game should not be spoiled for anyone. I always make sure I spoilerise anything to do with it, so I hope it wasn't me. That sucks dude. =(

      Yeah man - seriously should have black screened anything from that game! lol
      I just finished it on the weekend and it doesn't really get any happier, that's for damn sure. Plus a big ending twist - just make sure you keep reloading your saves once you finish and play through all the endings :)

      Yeah your spoiler experience is part of why I like people to just not say (or spoilertagif it's on here) things even if they think they're being vague. Most of us here are far from stupid and it becomes really easy to join the dots and fill in the blanks even without trying to.
      That said, I know especially on Twitter I've also been guilty of dropping the vague hints on things I'm going through in game. :S
      I'm interested in Anarchy Reigns. I'm definitely going to grab it one day.

    MORNING ALL! I worked on Sunday so it feels like Tuesday now. When Friday comes I will be grumpy because SIX DAY WORK WEEK!?

      Nothing that can't be solved with a shiv, though - right?

      Have a FUN FACT OF THE DAY to keep you going!

      Did you know that Bleach is the first series in Jump history to have the front cover and colour pages for two issues in a row?

        I didn't know that.

        How about Kenpachi Unhora.... I didn't see that coming.

          ARGH! SPOILERS!

            Oh sorry, I just figured Alex was following the Manga and no one else would read/ care.


              I haven't read this weeks.

              (And by that, I mean last weeks, obviously)

              Last edited 11/02/13 12:16 pm

    Morning everyone!!!
    Bee was away for most of the weekend, so got a lot of my sort of stuff done!

    Firstly, thanks to @techknight and @tigerion for the game of Space Marine Exterminatus mode on saturday night. Was absolutely awesome fun. Probably none more so than when we all went as assault marines and were just a swirling maelstrom of doom in the middle of ork hordes. So much win. Techy, you missed out big time as you don't have any of the DLC, there is another exterminatus mode with the chaos expansion that lets you play AS choas against imperial guardsmen and orks at once. Was pretty bloody great for a change up.
    Everyone else - we needed a fourth, so anyone else who wants to join we should really set up a play date :)

    Wow... just wow. First let me say that a lot of people slug the game for it's gameplay, but seeing as I don't play many "modern Warfare" type games (as they mostly all seem the same to me) i found it to be quite solid for the most part, aside from the occasion gripe with the cover and vault system. The gunplay felt good and pistols were actually a legitimate option compared to other games where they are basically pea shooters. Plus you are ALWAYS cautious with your ammo usage - there were several times where i ran out completely and had to make suicide runs just to find some ammo or a new gun - which gets me to the next point. Getting shot in SO:tL is no laughing matter. One minute you're up and standing and next "BOOM" game over, mannnn!! There's a lot of times where, thanks to games like gears of war and even CoD, where you think "oh man, the bloody screen damage doesn't look that bad - i have plenty left to pop up and take out that rpg/sniper/baby with a rattle" to which you promptly get cut down. This is made all the more strenuous when you take into account that the enemy AI actually works well together and isn't affraid of flanking you/outright running at you with a shot gun. I played on normal mode and really struggled with some sections and very rarely did i ever actually feel safe. So yeah, the gameplay, to me, was pretty damn good.
    Man... it just kept getting darker, and darker and darker before that one big WTF ending. After i finished, i kept reloading the checkpoint just so i could see all the alternate endings. There is some seriously deep stuff there. I can't help but wonder why the other 2 members of the squad never gave up on walker though, i mean during the flashback scenes where it turns out walker is just making things up in his own mind it's pretty damn obvious the guy has a screw loose, yet they keep following him??? But yeah, mannn did that game ever make me feel totally horrible. The review over at zero punctuation is very much spot on (for a change)- I knew, from what people said, that it would be pretty deep, but i didn't really quite get how much so.
    But yeah, brilliant game - if you haven't got it or haven't played it, i really, really recommend that you do.

    Also, put HEAPS of stuff up on ebay to clear some space/give me some money to be able to buy some stuff with so *fingers crossed*

    How is everyone else? :)

      Been playing SpecOps over the weekend too.
      Out of curiosity I'm up to the chapter where we're heading to the radio tower to go after the radioman, how far through the campaign would you say I am exactly?

        I think it has.... 13 chapters? You're near the end, I'm pretty sure. Not super close, but definitely on the tail end.

        You're getting pretty close to the end now - not too far at all. You're in for a treat, though, as things get a little cray-cray.
        Welcome to the horrible person club, buddy.

      I got to the final set of firefights but goddamned Adams keeps getting cut down in the open where I can't safely revive him. I threw myself against that wall for almost 7 hours before giving up in disgust. I really need to just drop the difficulty from Suicide Mission (in fact I promised @dc) but something just makes me feel like a failure for doing so. Mostly because its the AI dying not me.

        Just drop it for that one section, man. Trust me, you need to see this game through - damn your morals. I mean, lets face it, if you're still playing the game then your probably already dead inside anyway.
        There is nothing to be ashamed of in adjusting difficulty, especially if it means throwing a game aside rather than seeing it through.

    Oh man, this is going to make D.C. seem like a monster, but is any one else sick of seeing naked babies on While You Were Sleeping. Put some clothes on, damn it! :P

      I vote to replace the use of naked baby photos with photos of angry otters instead.

        All Colobus Monkeys, all the time.
        that guy

      Non-parents don't get it. It's okay.

        I'm no parent, I don't even have dogs!
        I wish I had dogs, but one bedroom apartment... y'know

      Who the hell is D.C.?

      Rize has no idea.

        He made Batman

          Still waiting for that royalty cheque. :P

            I got you address now so I'll forward it on to Batman.

            Although I'm sure Batman already knows where you live because Batman

              Maybe my hermit cave IS the Bat Cave! :O

      1: Pretty sure the baby can't hear you, and even if it could I doubt it would be able to put some clothes on by itself.
      and 2: It's kind of disturbing that you find naked babies disturbing.


      There is something about that pic, I always think the babby's head it too big at first glance

    Wooo, I actually have a day to spend on TAY!
    First time in weeks, this is awesome, I'm a gonna talk all day.

      I started a new character on SKYRIM! on the weekend! Incidentally I spent most of my weekend playing SKYRIM!

    It was a pleasure to meet Shane on the weekend, hang out with Rockets again, yadda yadda all that stuff about friends, but I forgot one very important thing - I didn't get Shane to sign my Lesser Evil books! So I moped around for the rest of the day after he left because I forgot. Nah not really, but they were sitting in my bag all day and I can't believe I forgot about it. D:

    Mr. Smither of Cakes bought me DmC on PC so I decided it was finally time to pick up a game controller for my PC gaming. The keyboard controls for DmC weren't too bad, but having that controller helps out soooooo much.

    So that's my weekend.

      Oh man. And I wasn't planning to visit Sydney again. Ever.

        Shane Meat 2: The Road to Signatures

      When are you two finally going to make it official, i can see the tears in his eye when you wont hold his hand walking down the street.

    Morning, sounds like Spags made a bad impression on Dave and Rockets

    Ground Control to Major Tom your circuits dead, there's something wrong!

    Can you hear me Major Tom?


      Last edited 11/02/13 9:36 am

      We know Major Tom's a junkie. Strung out on Heaven's High, and hitting an all. Time. Low.

    Xenoblade update:

    51 hours in. On the fallen arm, have just gathered the whole party together again and then lost Carna and Fiora again because I have to go get some circuit or something. Really liking the look of this zone, it's impressive. However something I've noticed since Eryth Sea is that there is hardly any quest content any more. I really liked Eryth because it was a pretty, easy to navigate area which had lots and lots of quests, like Bionis Leg or Colony 9. Want more of that, otherwise I'm just going to straight-line everything after I grind out the ingredients for the next level of Colony 6 upgrades

      That was my favourite area!

        What was? Eryth Sea or Fallen Arm? Does Fallen Arm get some quests eventually?

          Oh whoops.

          I meant Fallen Arm. I just liked how cool it was. Can't remember if it gets many major quests though.

            It is a very cool location, one of the only ones that really makes you realize you're on a big giant dude.

      Ineed to get back to it so I can start reading your spoilers again!

      And so Greenius doesn't murder me, I guess. :P

    Has anyone else seen this before? It's an Adidas promo merged with the Star Wars cantina scene!!
    It's brilliant! :D

      Yeah. A few years ago actually. Pretty sure I posted it on TAY back then too. Keep up with the times Loops :P
      It is pretty brilliant. I wonder how hard it was to make?

        Well aren't you just the bee's knees :P

          Please don't use that phrase, it freaks me out when you do

    Finally finished The Witcher the other day, so I started playing TW2 over the weekend.
    No Spoilers
    Still adjusting to the changes with the combat system...much more action-based. So far I think I like 1's more, but I imagine that will change over time.
    Also, I realised that if they had changed the voice actor for Geralt between 1 and 2 I would have dumped 2 immediately (side note: apparently he's the only voice actor to carry from 1...).

      Oh man that combat in Witcher 2. One of the quests I'm up to the monster one shots me and the difficulty is only on medium. What the hell!?

        Well, shit...maybe try keeping Quen up whenever you can? I have a tendency to forget it exists in fights like that :P

      I played the first game in Polish so I didn't notice the voice change, but the first game's voice acting was considered to be pretty bad (lots of non-native English speakers so things were a bit funky) so a change might be good.

        That was one of the big changes when they brought out the Enhanced Edition. They literally re-did most of the voice acting. It's still a bit funky in terms of writing, though :P

          I played for a little bit with the EE English when it first came out but couldn't hear any difference really (but I didn't really notice the stilted nature of the original which is apparently really obvious to some people). The Polish version sounded better.

    When a new TAY comes, what happens to the old TAY?

      Ever read Stephen King's The Langoliers?

      Last edited 11/02/13 9:43 am

        OM NOM NOM

        Actually they are all still there, sometimes people revisit old TAYs to have SECRET CONVERSATIONS or TIME TRAVEL

          Yeah what if I missed somehting important in the old one :O


      It gets sucked into an alternate dimension, along with the commenters, in order to make the new TAY.

        That's what i was afraid of :P


    It's too late to consider it. Some of us have already pooled our resources to acquire you a entry pass for Dreamworld so you're coming like it or not.

    No word of a lie super cereal.

    Is it rude ot just blurt out questions? Not if it gives you guys an oppotunity to show how knowledgable you are, right?

    What is potaku?

    I get the impression @doc_what should know.

      Kotaku community podcast, recently launched site where folks contribute articles and the like. AlexPants is editor!

        So what you are saying is, if TAY almost killed my productivity, potaku will finish it off?

          You can listen to the podcast WHILE you are productive!

      Kotaku community podcast and website for people with large rants to post and don't want them to get them lost in TAY.

      More opinion pieces than news so very different content to Kotaku.

      You should come on the podcast sometime! We're always looking for guests!

        Lol i couldn't do that - my voice sounds terrible.

        Also, i don't have interesting opinions.

        I will listen tot the podcast though. I don't mind that it is opinion pieces b/c it is form people who's opinions I value!

          Listen, my handsome boy voice speaks about stuff once or twice!

        We're always looking for guests!

        On Twitter :P

          And TAY. That's how we got @phlaiman :D

            I do want to join in on this, quite a bit, but I have no idea which podcasts that come up that I'd be able to add true value to :)

    Howdy Tayberinos

    Hope you all had a wonderful weekend!

    I went to a friend's birthday on Saturday- she had a pot luck dinner, so I brought an Aloo Gobi (veg curry). I'd planned to cook it and then realised I didn't have a pot big enough, so I tied my shoelaces and went on the long arduous trek (<10 minutes) to IKEA to buy a wok.

    Dangerous Proximity.

    On Sunday I went to a friend's house and games. We worked out we were semi-competitive at Uncharted 3 online, which was nice. I then Borderlanded, which is even more awesome when done in the same room.

    So a Monday Morning Question: What videogame store/shop/vendor would you like to buy from? O'aka the XXIII hanging around seems like he'd be a useful fellow (from FFX)

      "Got a selection of good things on sale, strangah!"

      RE4 merchant, if you don't recognize the quote.

      Which ever one is Shepard's favourite at the citadel

    Is it just me or are Kotaku articles and TAY taking forever to load for anyone else? Keeps hanging for me when it tries to talk to Gravatar.

      So I've done something to offend Gravatar then, and it no longer likes me? D:

      I was getting stacks of errors this morning. Seems to be okay now, though. Makes sense that QLD would be a bit behind :P

      Mine was quote slow and had trouble accessing a couple of hours ago from home. Now that I'm at work it is fine.
      New productivity feature being rolled out?

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