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    I had an incredibly bad night’s sleep last night. Really weird, f-ed up nightmares and things. Woke up several times to find myself curled into a ball. Also the three year old got me up a couple of times between 5am and 6am. When I got to work this morning, I jammed my thumb in the toilet flush button.

    I tell you, that’s the last time I eat an entire cheesecake just before bed.

    TL;DR: Morning all.

      You and me both mate - but mine was more due to the heat.
      So much so that i actually got out of bed and slept on the floor for a while, using the shorts and tee shirt i'd been wearing that day as a pillow...
      It was so much cooler down there...

      My son was having nightmares last night too...

        Must be something in the air.

        Hope you all slept okay in the end!

          After 12, so I got around 4 hours straight sleep after all the false starts.

      Cheesecake before bed is supposed to be a good thing. Sorry to hear that, man. I slept for twelve hours. D:

        Maybe it would have been if I didn't eat the whole cake. I don't know for sure...

        Also, 12 hours?!


        I can't even sleep that much when I'm dying of the flu. How do you do it?

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          Last couple of days I've been getting home really late and waking up really early. That'll do it.

      I had an incredibly bad night’s sleep last night

      Me too. New neighbours across the road were fine for the first few weeks, but this past week, they start playing music at 11-1130 pm and don't stop until like atfter 1 am. Wtf?

      They did this last night, for like the 5th night in a row.

      And when i finally did fall asleep i too had bad dreams. I dreamt I was being raped by my boss. This is not a exaggerated comment for effect. i actually had a nightmare in which my boss raped me. Double WTF??

        If you woke up bleeding, you should see the police and a doctor.
        Otherwise, there's probably a metaphorical meaning in that...

          I have actually been putting off making a call about a job oppotunity elsewhere. Now I will nto put the call off any longer.

        You can call the cops after 10pm.

          Yeah i did on the Saturday ngiht when it was really loud. The kids saw the police coming though and quickly turned the music off! At least it was quiet after that.

          Re the othe rngihts, I've felt a bit unsure whether it was bad enough to call the police. Thing is the music isn't loud really, you can't really here the song exactly, but the bass is thumping - it sounds like someone is hammering outside my window.

          I guess I'll have to go tlak to their mum tongiht and hope she helps out. I did call the local police this morning for advice and they said this has been an ongoing issue wiht this fmaily even at their previous residence and that to call him and help out. Sounds helpful but I hate conflict - why can't people just be more reasonable?

            If it's kids, they just don't get it and won't until it happens to them when they get older.

              Bwaaaaaaa :'(

              And it was such a quiet place too :'(

              although the mum is a shift worker so maybe I should start mowing my front lawn at 8 on the dot... When she complains I can say 'well lets do a deal'.

    Morning all!


      Beavwa! Hope you're well, man!

        Been sick the last few days, dragged my fat ass through a corporate 'triathlon' yesterday... Should get better from here.
        Got a 3DS XL on Friday and spent most of the weekend playing Animal Crossing on Wii.
        About it for me. How's everything going for you?

        Edit: me no type so good.

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          :( Hope you're feeling better now. 3DS? Now you'll have to attend many a meat to get street passes and the like. (Or just go to PAX.)

          I'm good, man. Nothing new to talk about, but good. Haha!


      *boards the train*

      I hope it is still a while off though, I still don't have the PS3 I asked TAY I should buy

      Vita discount pleeeeeease!

      Looking forward to seeing the games! :D

      So Hype! I'll probably be buying from the US. Damn blu-ray regions!

        Yeah me too, I'll probably also end up using my US PSN account unless they dick us over somehow with that, since I suspect PS4 / PSV integration will be a thing.

      On board the Anticipation Bus, making the trip to the Hype Train station.

    Morning everyone.
    This hot weather is slowly killing me.

    In other news I got the my little pony game on my phone. Loving it so far but let's see how long that lasts

    Hey good morning everyone :)
    So yesterday in that Star Wars fighting game article a whole bunch of people expressed interest in playing Jedi Academy. Who wants to actually get a couple of games going? I still have the game installed (on 4 computers at home, actually...). It's pretty cheap on Steam ($10)

      Oh man, Jedi Academy was great. I've only done a couple of games of multi.

      Hey buddy! Haven't seen you around TAY before! Welcome!

      I love the KotOR games, but the other Star Wars stuff hasn't really interested me.

        The Jedi Knight/Academy series contains, hands-down, the best lightsaber battles in the Star Wars gaming arena.

          Can you throw your green lightsabers and then they fly back to you, KotOR-style? Cause that totally won me over! :P I've got all those games, just never played them alas.

        Hey, thanks for the warm welcome =) I've previously avoided TAY because it seemed so daunting and difficult to follow conversations but with the new account system it seems to be more manageable =)
        I really need to get back into KotOR...I'm still at Dantooine in the first game! I don't think it's aged well...but as a Star Wars fan I owe it to myself to get through it.

          The best part about Dantooine is when you're crossing the fields and then the game hangs for a half minute, after which it then rockets you to the other side of the map.

            As much as I would love to see that happen, I'm just glad it hasn't happened to me =P

          I played it this gen and loved every minute! Such a good two games. Even my playthrough and a half of part II was mostly glitch free! :D


    The computer system we use to do everything is again, down

    For who knows how long

    I literally have nothing I can do, I have already done all I can do without the system


      ..I'm sure I've said that before.


        Doesn't matter got love?

        Can I fucking go home now?

    Hey fronds!

    Spent majority of my weekend playing Don't Starve. It's really a great game! How's everyone else going?

    Getting back into Dark Souls in a big way. Have cleared the Parish and cleaned out Valley of the Drakes. Now trying to decide whether to skip ahead to Blighttown, or to tackle the lower Burg and Depths. Or maybe clear out the forest of nasty butterflies and hydras. Or maybe go back and make Havel dead. Also there's a loose end Black Knight just past the Hellkite Dragon that I need to deal with. So many choices!

      Solution: Kill everything!

        Yeah, I know, but I've done all this before. I'm torn between your strategy, and just pushing ahead to where I stopped on my PS3 playthrough :)

      Re: Black Knight.

      Do what I did, lure him the the Mecha Boar area(after its cleaned out) and get one of the fire pits between you. As long as you keep stepping when he does to keep the fire dead centre, when he attacks he burns himself.

        I remember beating that guy in toe to toe combat on my first playthrough. Was awesome. Best moment. Want that again!

    So tired. Moving that involves 4 flights of stairs and awkward furniture movement is hard. Then I had car problems and I thought my battery was flat. Called battery world guy and he said it was fine now. He didn't charge me for looking at it either such a nice gentlemen.

    Also been feeling super homesick. I hope my job starts soon or I find a new one not so much to have a income (which would be nice) but because it's a distraction and a purpose.

      Thanks a lot for everything on the weekend. I was pretty exhausted by Saturday night and then there was all of Sunday to go. Fun times.

      Mainly it's my legs that are sore now. Damned stairs. Although I think I have some bruises or something on my forearms because they're sore whenever they come into contact with anything. Just nothing visible to show the abuse they've been through.

      Just so everyone knows, Sydney parking inspectors are jerks.

        Have you moved for good yet? Or still in the process. New job or anything?

          I haven't moved anything yet. We were getting things out of her old apartment. I'm still in Brisbane for another two months. Haven't even told work that I'm going yet.

        This is why I love TAY, we help each other like bros :)

      Rockets, you're awesome. You'll settle in soon enough. I hope the home sickness passes soon.

        I hope it does, im sure it will. I just need to take it one day at a time.

          Yep. A rough day is rough day regardless of what city you're in.

          Make sure you get out of the house and do stuff.

            I did lots of stuff last week.
            just not enough apparently

    Hey guys! Potaku is doing the World's Greatest Shave to raise money for a cure for Leukaemia! Help us reach our goal and donate here! every little bit helps and hopefully you guys and gals can donate!

      You need to TAY more

      That is all

      Spaghett's word is also law

      *note, Spaghett's laws not realised in most states, countires or realities*

        Give me money jerk.

          I just did, 20 bucks mang

            Youre a good man. I like you. Lets kiss.

              Let the kissing commence!

              Edit* It's alright, I have $140 dollars to live on until next Wednesday and nothing I need to buy, also my brother owes me 80 bucks*

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    This morning I woke up feeling super-alive and excited for the day. This is awesome.

      I didn't.

      Don't let that kill your buzz though. Enjoy your day of excellence.

    I have a request:
    If anyone sees me playing Civ 5 multiplayer on a Sunday ever again, I want you to yell at me to quit. Dear god, I think I lost like 7 hours of the day with @cakesmith and @blaghman.

    Fun, though.

      Ok, I saw it, and continued playing Skyrim

      I have a request

      Never yell at me to quit playing Skyrim

      It's so easy to do that in multiplayer. Bunny and I fell into that trap a few times and I kept going to bed way later than planned for work the next day :P
      While Bunny was going for the boring science victory, I was conquering other city states and nations :P

        And remind me, who won by launching a rocket before some other nation on another continent did?

          Hahaha! Yes on the very VERY last turn before you won by SCIENCE that you nuked a beachhead city of our most threatening enemy :P

    Spaghett reviews stuff!

    Watched: The Matrix for the millionth time this weekend - Review score, 10 billion out of 10

    Played: The Elder Scrolls Skyrim: Dragonborn - Review score 9 billion out of 10


    Lotus Feet by Steve Vai

    Because you can never have enough Vai

      Ducks Don't Need Satellites - Kate Miller-Heidke

      Southroads - As Tide Breaks

      Great Canberra band we played with on Saturday night.

        Im not sure why i wasn't expecting this. My headphones were also up loudly. Im now awake for the entire day.

        Im not sure why but it grows on you and im not a massive fan of this sort of music.

          You know what my band plays, we obviously didn't play with an indie rock band.

          We actually did, like 3 weeks ago. The crowd wasn't super pleased.

        By the way, it's not Metal. It is safe to click, people.

        Anything these dudes do i mean anything
        I cant stop listening to them. one of the best bands in recent history.
        Funeral is my favourite album of all time.

          Yeah, I'm hooked on that album. The others are great too, but I keep going back to Funeral. Neon Bible's so damn cool too!

      Man Steve Vai is awesome.

      Soldierhead - Newstead

      i'm hoping for a full album from Jason, this EP is awesome, but it's just not enough damn it. Easily his best work since he was with Metallica. His last studio release with Metallica was close to 16 years ago now too :S

        So it's good? I shall have to listen to it

        And yeah man, Vai is amazing

        Him and Satriani are among my favourites

          Yeah man! Totally worth it. Especially if you like Jason's gravelly vocals.

          I hope he is able to tour, but I won't hold my breathe since he's had 2 shoulder reconstructions from years of abuse of his playing with Metallica. But he'd be a good fit for Soundwave I reckon!

            He would be a great soundwave fit

            And I love gravelly

              I would've loved to have seen him & his band there this year, and seen him join Metallica for a song or two. A lad can dream.

              Also here's the single from the EP!

              Edit: I must say it always looks like he has internal bed hair these days.

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    After today I've started my final playthrough of Mass Effect 1 with the Soldier. Sadly I can't play LoL this week as I'm on recall again and I have horrible luck, seems I get recalled way more than the rest of the guys combined to help with fault fixing :(.

    Edit: Also good morning everyone! :)

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    Judas Priest's "Breaking the law" is the best song for making up your own repetitive words to make everyday tasks that much more fun. Like this morning, for example, whilst i was shaving a certain spot while having my shower.
    I like saying whilst.
    And whom.

    Also, Bee and I had our engagement party on saturday! No boring details, but it was a great night, as tiring as it always is playing host. We did a wishing well rather than gifts and it worked wonderfully, which will make paying for the wedding that little bit easier.

    PLUS, last night Bee and I made lasagna from scratch, including a home made bechamel sauce. Damn it was good.

    How is everyone?!

      Too bad I missed that engagement party, cuz I'm really happy for the two of you :)
      Lasagna?! WHY WASN'T I INVITED!? :( lol
      Oh well I wouldn't have been able to go anyway, damn work recall

      Your wishing well worked? my sister did that at her engagement party and wedding and she was still trolled with gifts.

        We had a wishing well at our wedding, but knew that a lot of our family didn't want to give money (in terms of olden-day-type-tradition, asking for money is apparently actually rude), so we set up a registry as well. We got a mix of presents and money.

          The problem is that we already have everything we need. I mean, we've already been living together for something like 3-4 years. So more than anything we need help with actually paying for the blasted wedding. lol
          But yeah, there is the certain stigma that cash=rude... but really it's so much more practical.

            Might be because some people can't afford to spend as much as others and don't want to feel cheap. You can work around that with physical presents. I understand why you guys would want money instead, though. Weddings are crazy expensive! D:

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              Oh man, they sure are.

              To build upon your argument, it might be that some people see engagement parties as cash grabs, and want to get out of them cheaply without appearing cheap, saving up the big kahoonahs for the wedding gift :P

        Dude.. not only did it work, but we didn't receive a single gift!!
        We didn't even stress the wishing well thing, but everyone that gave a card did it.

        I suppose it is much easier for people just to do that than to find a gift, though

    Bought Max Payne 3 on the pc. Pure awesomeness. Excellent story and gunplay can't wait to get home and play it. Good call shiggy.


    "We are incredibly low on staff today and over the next week or so. I am expecting everyone to knuckle down and monitor some decent numbers today – everyone who is solely monitoring today should be monitoring over 50 ads at a bare minimum.

    I don’t want to see huge gaps in people’s monitoring records today without a valid reason."


    In other news, I went back to Final Fantasy XIII at the weekend. It's definitely growing on me more this time around. Where I'm at (minor spoilers?)
    Just kicked the Pirmarch's ass and learned what our focus is (end of chapter9?)
    When does the game open up? I think I heard around Ch 11.

    Made a major breakthrough in the battle mechanics while fighting the boss. Before I was using a Com/Rav/Rev or Com/Rav/Med team to stagger (which took ages) but now I'm alternating between Com/Syn/Syn to get the buffs (Esp Haste) then staggering with a Rav/Rav/Rav team and following up with a Com/Com/Rav team once staggered to do the most damage.

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      Running with an all Rav team can be risky cuz with a Com the stagger meter depletes much slower and and all Rav team the stagger meter can go back to zero before you can attack again, which is annoying at times.

        Not if you use Haste :D

        Stagger bar is only half depleted before my Ravagers go at it again (on the rare occurrence that they don't get the job done on the first try)

          Yeah I don't use Syn until bosses, hence why I never noticed before. Good to know, it might actually get me past where I'm stuck in the most stupid situation.

        Yeah, so you have an extra set which is Rav/Rav/Com so you can stabilize the stagger meter. When you're in stagger-building mode you open with Rav/Rav/Rav then immediately switch to Rav/Rav/Com and get the quick-switch bonus and fire everything off and the Com will stabilize everything.

        Then have two identical sets of Com/Com/Rav to do the same when you've staggered. You swap from one to the other to leverage that quick switch time boost as well.

        Then have your healing set and your buffing set. That's how I was doing it at least and it worked really nicely.

          I think I have a Com/Rav/Rav Paradigm but never needed to use it. Keeping it set up anyway.

            I guess it depends how quickly you're filling the stagger meter. You could probably use your Com/Com/Rav set to stabilize it too if you needed.

              Rav/Rav/Rav + Haste fills it pretty quick. I had a Com/Com/Rav team too, but I only needed them for damage after staggering. I did use a Com/Syn/Syn team to start the battles so the Com's first few turns would slow the bar a little. i had other Paradigm's to slow the stagger meter, but never needed to use them. In saying that, I only just started working with other set ups. Up till now I was really only using Com/Rav/Rav to stagger and a Com/Com/Rav team for damage. No buffs. Incredibly slow. Haste has made a massive difference to how I'm playing.

      Synergists are fantastic. Wait till buffs and debuffs abound, then unload!

      From memory I think you are very close to where you get a bit more freedom. I thought it was Chapter 10 but I could be wrong.

      Haste is pretty amazing in that game, IIRC.
      And yeah, the battle system is good like that. I don't really think you gain much from grinding in the game if you're stuck, it's more that you aren't adapting yourself to the enemies. I understand that the class mechanic in RPGs is a sort of standard and gives characters a role, but I certainly think that the freedom in tactics is very nice to have.

      Chapter 11 is where you get to Gran Pulse, where the game supposedly opens up. but still not in a super pseudo-open world the previous FFs had. It's more of a really big space you can wander around in. It's not game-changing.

        It's when you can start farming items to upgrade weapons though. :D

        But you can choose where to go and what to do. And you finally get sidequests.

          I suppose it depends on how you feel about the linearity.
          I never had a problem with it. And when I hit Gran Pulse, I sampled 2 sidequests, and just got bored and headed pretty much past all the open space to go back and confine myself to linearity.

          I don't want freedom! I don't want choice!
          HAMBURGER HELPER etc etc

            Funnily enough this conversation has made me want to replay FF XIII. I went to get it but then I remembered I lent it to my mother. :(

              I have a copy you can borrow! HK version! English text with Japanese voices! (I lost my HK save when my PS3 borked, but still had the PAL one, so I went back to it)

                Japanese voices? Is Vanille less irksome in Japanese?

                  Very much so!

                  Video proof:

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            Oh, and the first thing I did on Gran Pulse was get lost. :P
            I didn't have a problem with the linearity, it worked for the story they were telling.

              My only problem was that it wasn't Final Fantasy. I missed towns and shops and stuff!

              I'm replaying FFVII now on the Vita and that game is surprisingly linear at the start. The Midgar section especially. But it's the moments in towns where you talk to people and steal the savings of a sleeping kid etc, that make it all worth while. Also visiting the Honeybee Inn and dressing Cloud up as a woman.

            When it opened out my OCD set in and I wanted to do all the hunts and then couldn't do all the hunts because they were boring as fuck and made me feel like I was playing an MMO.

            So I stopped playing entirely. Too much choice :(

      I used com/rav/rav until the com made a hit than used rav/rav/rav until a stagger than com/com/com and would occasionally enter a turtle paradigm to heal.

      Seemed to destroy the game despite it's simplicity

        I do similar. Start with the Com/Syn/Syn team. While the Synergists and applying the buffs, the Com gets in a few hits and slows the stagger bar. Rav/Rav/Rav can usually stagger in one turn.

        I'm using Lightning/Sazh/Hope so no Com/Com/Com Paradigm available. Using a Com/Com/Rav instead, but it does the job.

        It's in interesting mechanic that I'm only just starting to get my head around.

      The game only sorta kinda opens up. Don't get your hopes to high.

      I used Fang, Lightnin' and Hope. These three make the best team imho.

        I DID use them, but swapped Fang out for Sazh because he can cast HASTE!

          He annoys me almost as much as Vanille. I was so keen on him before he opened his stereotypical mouth too.

          I'm sure someone else learns haste eventually.

            Hope is WAY more annoying. Second most annoying character in the game.

              I reckon Hope actually improves. He just starts annoying so that he can grow as a person. Is very mature come XIII-2

              I should hat Snow too, but he looks just like my IRL mate Michael.
              Everyone who knows him thought so straight away.

              So in conclusion:
              Fang>Lightning>Hope>Snow>Sazh>Vannille imho

                Fang is da kewlist! (cc @ash )


                  I didn't mind Hope in 13-2 though so now looking forward to what became of him come 13-2. hopefully Alyssa had his babies.

              The entire cast is varying degrees of annoying.

              Are you playing the JP dialogue Asia release or the US dub release? I feel this may have an impact on your perception of the characters.

                WESTERINO! (not by choice, because I didn't know I had a choice)

                  "Rest of Asia" version is Japanese language with English text. Dubtitles IIRC, but no Welsh accents. :P

                  @Doc_what Yeah I know that NOOOOW, but I aint buyin agian am I?

              After Ni No I maaaaay get back into WKCII!

      Waaa :'( I was working so missed the FF13 discussion D':

        I check back! Feel free to join in!

          Um I don't know what to say now?

          My main tema was Lightning b/c good COM, Sazh because good RAV and Vanille b/c good MED. I didn't find Vanille annoying at all.

          I like to stagger with COM/RAV/RAV so it doesn't take for ever but doesn't drop too quickly either.

          I liked the linear sections and the gran pulse sections.

          I'm so excited for Lightning Returns that I could piss my pants!

          Last edited 18/02/13 12:05 pm

            I will buy Lightning Returns in an expensive collectors edition because of FF love.
            I didn't finish 13 because I lost my save ON THE LAST GODDAM LEVEL. and Im at the end of 13-2 but Ni No Kuni.

            I fully intend to finish them all. But before I do I will prolly rebeat 7,8&9 because Vita.

              I will also buy the most expensive version of LR:FF13. I have even puts aside the JB vouche ri got for my bday in october to start my LR fund. i will also buy DLC outfits for Lightning, just like I played dress ups with Noel and Serah in 13-2. I"M A GROWN MAN PLAYING DRESSUPS WITH ELECTRONIC DOLLS - GET OVER IT!

                I loved dress-ups in X-2 but I refuse to pay for that sort of DLC in any game.

                You don't order games from

                  I was hoping they'd go on sale :P No luck.

                  I will also be buying the set because GOD DAMN! FINAL FANTASY!

                  Yes I order most things from ozgameshop. Um confession i got FF13 for $20 from ogs 6 mths after release, likewise FF13-2 for $40 from ogs about 3 mths after release? Point is my fav games this gen I got on the cheap. Time to spend big! I figured JB so i could just walk in and get on day 1. I've not had an experience pre-ordering from OGS so feel free to convert me.

                  @ash I payed $130 for the collector's edition of FF13 from EB because I didn't know about ozgame yet...

                Have you played Resonance of Fate!? SO MUCH DRESS UPS! Also, GREAT GAME! But, y'know, THE DRESS UPS! the first thing I did each chapter was check out the clothes store to see if there was any new outfits :P

                @Strange will back me up here :)

                  I wasted all my cash ion dressups and got stuck because I spent nothing on guns. Only borrowed.

                  Yeah RoF is one of the games on my 'next buy' consideration list.

                  basically I have promised myself not to buy anothe rgame until I have finsihed 5 that i have already got. Since that promise I have finsihed Kirby's Adventure on the Wii, and gotten ending A on nier whihc is close enough to completed for these pruposes (doesn't mean I won't play through for ending b, whihc i have infact started).

                  I am now working on Eternal Sonata (about third fo the way through I think), and playing through Rayman Origins with Mrs.

                  I may need Tay's help to decide what the 5th game I finsih is. Also deff need your guys help to decide what to buy next. Considertaion list is as follows:
                  Xenoblade (@greenius)
                  RoF (@strange)
                  Dark Souls (@freezespreston)

                  FYI LR:FF13 is an exception in that if I haven't finsihed 5 games by her release I will buy regardless.

                  @ash I will most certainly back him up!

                  I also think your shortlist of games you can't really go wrong with(I love all three), but you should get Resonance of Fate first because the other two will take way more time to finish. Dark Souls you never really finish with anyway because when you finish you immediately want to start again. :D

            I thought 13-2 really improved the battle system. Little tweaks made significant differences imho.
            But I would still love the return of the traditional ATB. FFX-2 had an awesome ATB system! :D

              I miss ATB.

              Playing the old FF games on the Vita. Less strategy, but that's good. I prefer less thinking :P

                Less strategy than what?

              Yeah battle system and overall game were much better, platinumed them both, even though doing that in FFXIII means fighting 1 billion Admantoises, at least XIII-2 didn't make u grind for 1000 hours on the same damn enemy.

                I wish I had time for that sort of thing. I still haven't beat the end boss /o\

            I dunno, I got FFXIII on launch and the crazy expensive CE of FFXIII-2 with the 4CD Soundtrack and stuff, but I might skip Lightning Returns at launch and just grab the Asia release when it comes out because it looks kind of eh and I still haven't finished FXIII or played XIII-2 and it's a fair way away from bubbling to the top of my pile (want to get through at least Xenoblade and The Witcher 2 before it, plus keep on top of new releases, plus when Tales of Xillia comes out I'm playing that immediately)

              I went the normal CE fo 13-2 for $60 from ozgame

                So i should seriosuly just pre order from ozgameshop? How close can they supply to release date (i'm seriously gonna book a day off work and ask mrs to take kids away soemwhere :) )

                Also that would mean i could use my JB voucher to buy Dark Souls Prepare to Die edition now (@freezespreston)....

                  A week to two weeks, sometimes they ship off preorders early since you won't get it til after anyway, soooometimes Aussie release is actually earlier so you luck out. Depends how patient you are really.

      Get some Saboteur(?) up in their face for the debuffs!

        no Sabs in my current party (Lightning, Sazh and Hope) although I might swap Sazh for Fang if Hope can learn all the buffs.

          I found Lightning, Fang and Hope were the only way to go. I couldn't build the paradigms I wanted any other way.

            They were my guys up until the Primarch boss fight. Needed the extra buffs. (I actually saved an extra time so, if swapping Sazh didn't work, I could reload the other save and not have to do all my Paradigms over :P)

    Wow... are you really surprised about this?

        And he erased his hard drive before the shooting - to hide what games he played and who he played them with?

        Oh dear.

        There's a good reason I switched to ABC News website some time ago. It's not perfect, but it's a damn sight better than fucking news dot com dot au.

          I've just stopped watching the news entirely! If something major happens Aidan or someone will mention it on Twitter and I'll look it up then. Don't care what any of our local media has to say about any thing.

            Pretty much what I do and have done for many years now. I read the Herald Sun newspaper cuz 1: my parents buy it and not me, 2: I use it to keep informed of anything major. The opinion pieces plainly just suck though, and the comments made by people on text talk or 50/50 just make me sick as well. So much complaining about nothing I feel like I'm reading a Seinfeld book.

            @aidan is best newsman

              I get my news from him and Aaron Sorkin's The Newsroom. There was an oil spill, huh? :P

          welcome to tabloid news in webpage form. The one place you go to, to lose any faith you had left in humanity


    I am grumpy and unwell today.
    But I still have to make my son's Birthday Cake. But the kitchen is a nightmare because the dishes haven't been done all weekend. So I have to do the dishes before I can make the cake. But I don't have anything to have for breakfast to give me the energy to do anything.
    Today is going to be interesting. :P

      :( Hope you feel better and less grumpy.

      I propose a visit to the Cheesecake Shop instead.

        Oh man, now I want a French Cheesecake from there. You monster! D:

          The Foodworks up the road from us used to sell mini Cheesecake shop cheesecakes. It was dangerous. :D

            I've got a proper Cheesecake Shop in walking distance! D:

              What are you waiting for,then?! Go go GO!

                Haha! You enabling my unhealthy diet? :P

                  Cheesecake has more nutrients than M and Ms. Probably. :P

        Strange seems like the kind of person who would never buy a pre-made cake.

          That's definitely the kind of person I'd love to be. But sometimes I'm too lazy to be that person. :P

      You could get a housemaid. I work for board :P
      It will get better mum, you can do it.

        I'll be doing that if I don't find a job by the end of the week. My lease runs out next Monday :\

        I have no space to board anyone at the moment. My sewing room/spareroom has been overrun with junk.
        We're having a guy from Sweden stay with us for a week in July so I should probably figure out a way to sort it all out sooner rather than later. This year is already going way too fast for my liking.

      Oh, so that's why you're arguing with me on twitter :P

        Nope. But it's why I'm getting cross with you. :P

        Seriously though, I love that you love PCs, I just think PCs have no place in a "What's the best console" discussion.

      In my house, my wife cooks so that means i have to clean up. Fair division of labour and all that.

      Point I'm trying to make/ Make Mr Strnage clean the kitchen.

        This is a rule I grew up with but Mr. Strange thinks that because I don't work I should do it all.
        I was sick this weekend and he washed a couple of things, but left all the big pots and pans and icky things for me. He also "washes" the dishes in lukewarm water and with the light off. Pretty sure he does it so I'll tell him not to bother doing it at all. :P

      Just lick the dirty dishes. That way you'll gain sustenance while cleaning.

      Two Birds vs One Stone

    I live in a two bedroom apartment constructed of brick. This is great in the heat, unless you have 2 or more days of 30-35 degree plus days. Then the entire structure heats up and becomes an oven, from which you cannot escape.

    This is not normal for Melbourne. It's been 30+ for a good week now - which in itself is not a high temperature, but since I feel like a poorly made cake baking in my own place of residence, I am displeased.


      Give it time, Melbourne will go back to it's batshit random weather soon I'm sure of it

      The rain is here. Please come and get it. I don't want it anymore, everything's soggy.

        At least it's not hot! So sick of heat

          Yep, Im enjoying the rain.

        Sorry but with this temperature it'll just be hot and humid again here, no thanks :P. I'd never hear the end of it form my step dad lol

      my god - i seriosuly feel like i'm about to expire - i can't handle this much straight heat.. plus it's going to be 30+ for the entire week too...

    Howdy Tayberinos

    First off, obligatory heat/sleep comment.

    I had a quiet weekend- went out Friday to some friend's birthdays, went mini-golfing and bowling.


    Other than that got up to not much, played a fair chunk of Far Cry 3

    So a Monday Morning Question, apropos of little: Given that the big sony announcement is expected to be PS4, what else could Sony possibly announce?

    My bet is they've found the Loch Ness Monster.

      Vita hardware update, I think.
      That, or Sony is now North Korean, and they found another unicorn lair.

    I'm in a gaming rut. I could have put some serious hours into games on my pile of shame this weekend but all I do is play Binding of Isaac over and over until I get mad, rage quit, then go back half an hour later. I need to find a way to wean myself off this nonsense.

      What's a classic game/series you enjoy?

      Anytime I need to get out of a rut I will hit up Fallout 1, or 2

      And some Just Cause 2

        I don't even know anymore! I logged into my Xbox for the first time this month thinking I might play Alan Wake or Dishonored and all I did was play Pac Man. I think I'm turning into a dirty casual.


          Alan Wake on my PC is amazing, same with Dishonored

          Get back into it man

          You know your TAY brethern are here for you

          Same. I go to put a disc in the Xbox, then just end up playing Geometry Wars for hours! However, if you find playing Binding of Issac or pacman fun, don't get upset about it. Gaming should be fun, it doesn't matter what you play!

      Hows that a rut? I wish I was so obsessed with a game :D

        I'm obsessed in a sick kind of way that's preventing me playing other games!

        You are, with Platinum!

          PARADOX! How can Pokeemans ever be rut related?

          Oh wait, you mean I'm obsessed? Haven't been for a while. But for a while I was.
          Everyday I'd check in for swarms and the trophy garden and maybe to take on a random gym leader in the cafe. So good ^-^

      Yeah boiii!

      Get up to the next big boss yet (after Mom)? Keep us (me :P) updated! I love discussing it.

        No. I've beaten Mom a couple more times but I haven't made it to the next level after the first womb level.

        Every time I think I have a good setup to beat Mom I get screwed by the rooms before the boss room, usually swarms of stuff I can't kill fast enough.

    Sofa king bored

    Sitting here twiddling my thumbs until the system comes back online

    Least our work has been allocated to us

    Sam started her job today

    Pretty exciting

    In other news *see my review above*


    Totally revitalised my love for Skyrim

    Also helps I am playing it on my PC with my Batarang Xbox 360 controller

    Then I can jump back into the main quest and a lot of the side quests

    Wanted to be a higher level before I joined the Dark Brotherhood

    And this time I went with an Orc who spends a lot of his time swinging two war axes

    Oh Orcy, you are so much fun

    Holy crap i'm so tired... it's like my head and eyes have some horrible venereal disease... yuck..

      Every Sunday I get that feeling that my eyes are being constantly pulled, it's really painful to look around when that happens :(

      I suggest you wear a condom on your head henceforth. We don't want you passing it around now, do we?

        I was so close to bursting out laughing with my manager nearby. Thanks Aleph! :P

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