Tell Us Dammit: How About That New PlayStation?

Because I'll be liveblogging the PlayStation event, I'm writing this ahead of time and completely banking on the fact that we'll have some idea of what the new PlayStation will look like, cost, etc — thoughts?

I've been informed that, at some point we'll also have more local information about the console, so I'll update as soon as I hear what's what.

In the meantime — have at it!


    ps4 will be bigger than the next xbox

    ps4 to cost $300 - $500 AUD

    they will show more of the next Metal Gear... !... ? I hope so...

    The console will look very flash....

    my predictions lol

      No way it will sell at that price point. They would be making massive losses.

        They make massive losses on consoles anyway. All companies sold theirs at a loss. Software is where the real money is.

    I'll wait until closer to release to make up my mind. One press conference isn't enough.

    No inovation.
    Too much social media integration.
    Less focus on games more on making money.

      Well said, those are my thoughts exactly.

      To be fair the social media integration is the upcoming generations answer to the 'complete home entertainment system' selling point from the current gen. It's one of those things that they're going insist is important and future of consoles, and then a year after launch when they've got a stable library of games to sell the console on they'll give it a rest. It may seem like too much now but I'd bet heavily on it fizzling out and not taking any focus away from the actual purpose of the console.

      COMPLETELY agree with this.
      There isnt anything that REALLY screams out as something unique; at least the PS3 had blu-ray :S

      Yeah how dare a floated company make money..... Get a grip bozo.

        you can make money and still make something of quality, the PS3 (while i never owned one due to wanting a grand total of 2 games from its entire life cycle) had the online function/multiplayer which was free, PSN network was pretty cheap in comparrison to the Xbox live ripoff, this gave the PS3 more credibility than anything, and now with "premium" network subs, lack of backwards compatibility and also potentially no playing secondhand games (may be wrong, but havent read if this is still the case?), the PS4 is not looking bright IMO.

        But instead like most big business they will be fleacing users for every penny they can with DLC/addons and unimportant shit.

          Absolutely no information has been officially released about the online monetisation strategy of the SEN on PS4. So before you blow a gasket, just take a few deep breaths and wait for facts.

          Sure out would suck if Sony charged for the right to play online multiplayer (it's bullshit you need an XBL gold sub, and Xbox people that don't mind have Stockholm syndrome) but they have not said yet. I'm willing to give them benefit of the doubt until cold hard info is out. I think Sony did a great job with PSN other than a few small things like cross game chat and pre game party.

            And i agree for the most part that the current PSN is rather well implemented (minus the small issues).
            But Sony's track record isnt good, they always follow the trend of others, never innovate, always the safe bet, so im fairly confident that they will start with premium subs for online user.
            If microsoft can get away with it for so long Sony is going to want in on that. (if they take the high road and dont, i will be more than willing to admit i was wrong)

            im just saying that so far, it doesnt look good.

              I think you give too little credit to Sony's long history of innovation. But in these days of similarity, any difference could be what does or doesn't sell millions of consoles and free online would be massive. I'm optimistic, I would be disappointed if they charge for all online, but not surprised.

                Sony hasn't been innovative for over 10 years, blueray was the last thing that really changed anything.

                i'd love to see the PS4 be great, but i have very little hope given sony's track record, id love to be proven wrong though

      Less focus on know this based on two hours, of which more than half of it was showing off games and tech?

      I mean Sony never buy up companies and put out more "AAA" (hate that title but yeah) than their competitors.

      What an insightful bunch we have here.

        the more a company focus's on social media the worse off it is for gaming, sociel media leads to casual gaming which in turn leads to micro transaction. not being elitist, just pointing out a fact.

        i see a the PS4 as a portal for sony into the microtransaction world, whats the bet in 2-3 years there will be full facebook integration, where you can buy microtransation items for your facebook games directly from SOE? meaning SOE will start making pay to play games more predominent, making real gaming a secondary function of the console.

        Insightful enough for you?

          Cool, even if they do this, as long as it isn't mandatory, who cares?

          If people want to pay to do it, more power to them. I won't. I probably won't even sign my fb account up to my PS4 at all.

          Problem solved.

            The problem isnt the making me use FB (just wont happen), its the lack of focus on real games.

            im a PC gamer, have been for over 16 years and i've seen DEV's lose the love and move to consoles as they have a wider audience/deeper pockets, now the same trend is occuring with console devs, moving into the social gaming realm no longer are games made for the love of the game.

              What lack of focus. All you know about the PS4 is 2 hours long, of which more than half of that was about games.

              So in it's entire existance, more than half of it has been about games. That is focus.

                sooo the entire history of gaming goes out the window in your views because the PS4 has only 2 hours of info? who has no insight now? GG buddy GG

                  Lol what? How did you leap too such a ridiculous conclusion?

                  Your argument is a lack of focus on games. They spent more than half of the show talking about games. Again, I ask, where is the lack of focus?

    Those new control sticks = best part about the new controller (and/or system). It almost looks usable now!

    Last edited 21/02/13 11:37 am

      What about those concave R/L2? That's up there too.

        Couldn't see them in anything my friend was showing me before. But that's friggen good news too.

    As usual (except that one time I got a DS day one) I will wait for a big fat pile of games I like before I buy. All these new features seem exciting/frightening but I'm just a game fan.
    I make very little use of the extra features consoles offer.

    But one day, I will own one. :)

    It sounds exciting, but that's what these things are designed to do so I will wait and see what comes up over the year. To be honest, I'm not that excited by new consoles any more because they are becoming close enough to PCs that I can't justify having separate machines as much. As always, it will come down to the games and the platforms which require me to sign up for social network crap the least.

    86 8gig and no SSD???? ill stick with PC thanx

    And yet, we still don't know what the hardware looks like?

    The social media integration is extremely dissapointing for me too. I choose to have nothing to do with it, and do not want it appearing on my console. Hopefully can turn everything off easily.

    Obviously still working on the aesthetic look of it.

    Line-up title isn't wowing me, hopefully Naughty Dog announce a delicious PS4 Uncharted.

    Diablo 3 on Playstation... Everyone knew it was happening, I wonder what changes they'll make, perhaps it won't have the always online component (because you know, no-one's ever hacked a console before)

    More excited for the games than the consoles itself.

    They didn't show the hardware and they glossed over the tech specs and capability.
    I don't think anyone is surprised that the graphics look better. That's a given.

    I'm interested in what the whole thing can bring to the table over a PC or other consoles.
    The sharing thing is interesting but I don't know how much I'll really used that. I always suffer from the problem that half my friends play on Xbox and half on PS. Which instantly splits my "social" experience in half. Or actually in 3rds since my PC friends take up the largest chunk.

    Nothing really interesting on the Move front, no really new tech. They glossed over the controller completely - what is the little screen for?

    The hard drive seems very small considering we will be streaming, downloading and installing pretty much everything. (my steam folder is about 350 gig).

    That being said the background loading and instant demos is awesome. The background downloading for blizzard games atm works pretty well.

    Will the usb ports (if any) and games support mouse and keyboard?

    All this talk of using multiple devices, phones, tablets, the vita etc... seems very counter intuitive to not release the content on multiple platforms. I'd love to finally be able to play watchdogs or a racing game with PC friends from my PS4 or xbox or vice versa. Exclusives suck.

    No word on the single player side of things, no word on DRM or backwards compatibility.

    One good thing is that the hardware is getting closer to PCs so we might finally see games that are equally optimised for multiple platforms.

    EDIT: also price is going to be a massively important point. If its $900 like the PS3 at launch, they are dreaming.

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    I don't think it has a disc drive. I really didn't believe the rumour, but the other rumours associated with it were true. Also, no mention in the architecture, lots of mention of pre-loading.

      I think I'm going to buy one all the same. I think Sony has the best internal dev studios, so the third party support is nice, but not that important to me because I prefer PC.

    Great.. All we get is a controller. So unless the PS4 guts are IN THE CONTROLLER.. Then we had a PS4 announcement but no actual PS4.

      they had that "light bar" as well that tracks the controllers... so I guess if you fit the PS4 into that and 4 controllers then?

    ~Suspend/resume function is awesome, always love it on portables and consoles desperately need it

    ~Dedicated hardware to handling background downloads updates etc, PS3 is a total mess so anything will be better

    ~Diablo 3 lol they should've have bothered going on stage if they weren't going to announce Ghost...

    ~Destiny will be on PS3 anyway so who cares

    They started strong, but went totally eh by the end. Oh well.

    I'm actually disappointed. They didn't show The Last Guardian or the console itself, even if it's not the final design. They did have a few new IPs, but it was a bit disheartening to see another Killzone and Infamous game.

    There goes any hope I had for The Last Guardian seeing the light of day.

    No versus xiii. No last guardian. No metal gear. Same font and a number 4.

    Prior to this, I wasn't sold. But now.....make it a reasonable price and I may just camp out and get one, just for Killzone & Infamous.

    Remote Play on Vita = Sale

      Remote play is already on the PS3 for the Vita and only supports like a certain 10 or so PS3 games so I'm not expecting much.

    As a PC gamer I'm happy they're largely confining the experimentation to the software and the controller, and leaving the internal hardware nice and PC-like.

    I'm wanting the console, I'm wanting a few games for the console. However I'm reluctant to start throwing money at my local games retailer for something I haven't seen and don't know the price for.

    Question. Where was the PS4 at this PS4 reveal?

    F*n Jesus Christ...

      I'm guessing they haven't finalised how it will look, but they probably should have just said that.

        That is what they call 'Professional?' 2 hours of drivel about how amazing a console is, that is nowhere to be found!

        Here are some extended cuts of multi-platform games - all streamed in real-time from the PC out back!

        Does Sony realise that the PS4 will be leaked before E3 2013, defeating the purpose in holding back the reveal of the PS4?

    And I thought I was underwhelmed by last years WiiU announcement. Video sharing and the ability to watch other people play. Wow what innovation!, don't tell youtube.

    Sony Computer Entertainment is a pail imitation of it's original self. GTFO!

    Suckin F*cks and it F*ckin Sucks!

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      Mmmm, much anger I sense in you. Just like your father.

        If anyone knows where the PlayStation 4 is. It's you Yoda.

        We all better all put our gaming helmets on. The internet will soon be exploding with rage :P

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