Tell Us Dammit: Porridge Edition

When it comes to food and drink, I tend to go through some serious obsessions. For months I drank a ridiculous amount of Pepsi Max then, one day, I stopped. Just didn't feel like it anymore. Right now I'm in the midst of a serious Porridge obsession. I have eaten porridge every day for breakfast for that last two months. Seriously. Every single day. So my question to you is — what food or drink are you currently obsessed with?

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Things I'm currently obsessed with are...

Porridge Pea protein shakes Acai berries Salmon Coke Zero

That will change in a month, guaranteed.


    Things I am currently obssessed with?


    Apple Blackcurrant juice

    Apple Blackcurrant Rekorderlig Cider

    Beef and Black Bean Stir Fry

    Chicken *all shapes and sizes*


    The Poutine. When I was living in vancouver I'd have it every other day, but they don't have it in Sydney, South Park gave me the idea for the solution:

    Macca's Fries + KFC Gravy.

    Cut up a Bega Stringers stick into the gravy, heat that mix up, and pour it on the fries. Heart Attack, here I come.

      Jesus Christ Man! :P

    am currently on a seriously bad obsession of coke. the normal stuff... need to seriously get off it... it cant be too healthy when you are consuming it the way i am...

    I can totally imagine this ad being remade with @markserrels replacing the kid.

    The hotdogs at my local chip ago are my current thing. Last year it was Nandos hot peri peri sauce, I would put that stuff on everything I could.

    When I moved into my flat I was eating porridge on a daily basis, now I've converted to muesli with porridge as backup.
    Although I wouldn't say I'm obsessed with it.

    I once went through a big tortellini/ravioli phase, and a chicken madras phase... milk and cookies... cranberry juice...

    Not particularly obsessed with anything these days.

      But have you made porridge with the muesli?

      Seriously. It's amazing. The fruit plumps up, the oats and bran disappear into creamy porridge goo... it's so very good...

        I have!
        A somewhat accidental discovery which I'm glad I made.

      Oh man, your post made me so hungry. That is all the stuff that I love so much. Forever. Damn you, Flu!

    I alternate my breakfasts. One week it's cocoa pops, the next it's fruit loops. IF YOU BREAK THE CYCLE I WILL FLIP MY SHIT

    What. The. Fuck.

    I've had cornfalkes for breakfast most mornings for a good 5-8 years.

    I love Chocolate & Coke.

    Can't get enough Bacon & Cheese Zinger combos...until I do.

    Cheesecake is the ultimate cake. Not the expensive stuff the cheap stuff! OH YEEEH!

      I yeah, I did a good five year stint of Tuna & tomato flavoured pasta for dinner almost every day.
      Good times, I can still eat that.
      Tuna is the god of all fish!

    I am obsessed with Enchilada's at the moment... the pre-packaged ones at the supermarket, I dont even make it myself.

    Coffee & Beer.
    Morning = Coffee
    Night = Beer

      lunch time = caffeinated beer?

      Edit : silly me. Kahlua.

      Last edited 28/02/13 12:15 pm

    Cinnamon. Can't get enough of the stuff.

    Err, nothing really? I dunno! I mostly just drink water. Chicken is awesome though.

    My current obsession/ addictions are Mamee Monster Noodle Snacks and Cadbury Creme Eggs, you know... the healthy stuff.

    Where beverages are concerned i am addicted to Ouzo and Orange Mother, Most of my mates cant stand Ouzo but this stuff i buy is really smooth and doesnt have that ethanol taste and the liquorice isnt to overpowering like some cheaper booze has and the orange mother gives it a nice zing. Its really hard to explain.

    Things I am obsessed with ... Dr Pepper from my days as a youngling playing rugby and they would give us these tiny cans after each game.
    Whiskey - I'm trying to find a decent grog to drink to make people think I'm fancy. So far I've settled on Tullamore Dew
    Potatoes - Because you can live off of them, butter and milk. If needed, I can get all the nutrients from mashed potatoes.
    Those weird frozen weight watcher meals - I don't really get much time to cook properly and I'm trying to lose some weight, most of them taste like heated up cardboard.

      The only thing that tastes normal in a Microwave, I find, is Popcorn! You really can't beat a good oven - especially a wood-fired oven :)

        eeeh ... I'm not really a popcorn fan, it's a bit too salty for me and I hate having it stuck in my teeth. I miss my wood fire stove, that thing was awesome.

          Yeah, I haven't used one for years! I remember when a lot of older houses would still have old wood fire stoves in the kitchens - even though the homes had been upgraded to electric. Mostly country towns though... I suppose the older ones would of been classed as 'fire hazards' by todays' laws.

    After getting back into a Plum obsession, I bought Peaches one day on a whim and now I'm going through a Peach phase instead. I've also found myself getting back into wholegrain mustard. It's fantastic stuff.

      Mustard is hams' elixir ;)

      CKY Mustard Man Song :P

    Well, I'm always obsessed with Coffee, Tea and Tobacco. Also, large quantities of Arnott's biscuits and Smith's crinkle-cut variety packs. Also, fresh bakery breads make everything better!

    So I suppose;

    - Dairy Farmers Yoghurt - has that tang that other brands' don't.
    - Kellogs cereals - anytime snack and magically delicious.
    - Ham, cheese and Tomato toasted sandwiches - I can eat them forever, and do!
    - and Eucalyptus & Honey drops - taste just amazing which make me think I maybe have Koala genes somehow...

    Also, Mark, try some Cinnamon mixed in with your porridge - f*ckin great mate :P

    Last edited 28/02/13 11:58 am

    Ginger beer. Only the last month or so, though.
    BACON. Always.

    Edit: & Gippsland yoghurt.

    Last edited 28/02/13 11:57 am

      Ginger Beer is the bomb. Can't have a BBQ without it.

    Grape fanta! Got hooked on it when visiting Japan late last year and now it is at supermarkets here for the same price as orange fanta!

    Kellogg's Crunchy Nut.

    Up until 2 weeks ago it was Zinger burgers from KFC, but I don't even know where the closest KFC is from here.

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