Terrible 19 Year-Old Threatens Suicide To Get Money For In-Game Equipment

Previously we've translated a report about a young woman in China threatening suicide after receiving a fake iPhone — well now, there's a young Chinese man in Hangzhou, Zhejiang province, threatening to commit suicide over video game equipment.

Late last month, 19 year-old Zhou (same surname as me!) wanted to buy a set of equipment for an online game he was playing worth 6000 yuan ($960), but because he didn't have the money, he asked his father for it. His father, a public sanitation worker who only makes about $US320 a month, was unable to meet Zhou's demands.

According to People's Daily, after his father had turned him down, young Zhou threatened to commit suicide. He climbed onto a second story platform above his family's home and threatened to jump, saying he wouldn't come down until 6000 yuan was presented to him. After some ruckus, neighbours and the police both arrived on the scene to attempt to calm Zhou down. He was reported to have shouted "You don't give me money, I'm not coming down from here today!"

According to the public security bureau of Hangzhou, Zhou's mother left him and his father when he was very young. Zhou Senior worked long hours to raise his son. Zhou junior supposedly spent most of his time playing video games and online games. People's Daily reports that he borrowed money from friends, family, and strangers to play online games and to buy in-game equipment.

Scared that his son would do something stupid, the elder Zhou managed to grab about 2000 yuan and presented it to his son. Looking at the money, Zhou junior said it wasn't enough for him — he said he wanted 6000. Looking out for the safety of the young man, public security, firefighters and neighbours gathered an additional 4000 yuan and gave it to his father. Upon seeing the 6000 yuan that he had "asked" for, Zhou finally agreed to climb down.

Once on the ground, Zhou junior took the cash from his father and attempted to leave the scene. The police and locals were reportedly flabbergasted by Zhou's indifference to his father's plight and the severity of his actions.

It is unreported what happened to Zhou after he attempted to leave with the money, but I hope someone slapped some sense into him. His father makes 2000 yuan a month... 2000 a month!

90后少年为买游戏装备 竟对环卫工老父以死相逼 [People's Daily]

(Top photo: | gdcct.gov.cn)
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    sounds like a sad mix of a repressed society mixed with exploitative games

    There's an easier way for a 19 year old to make money.... get a job. If my 19 year old tried to pull the same thing on me, I'd confiscate his console/ PC until he can raise the money himself.

    Walk away. Just let him do it.

      Do a flip!

        I dunno, if I were the father and if I could get away with it citing it as "correcting a mistake", I woulda pushed the bastard. Or, I would tell him to wait a bit up there, take his PC and all his crap, sell it, then give him the 6000 yuan.

        When will the world learn that we already have too many people, if someone wants to kill themselves over something like this, just let them do it. Or make it legal to help them do it.

    Let him jump.... call his bluff and if he goes through with it good riddens Waste of space and oxygen.

    To those saying "Let him jump," what the fuck? That's his kid!


      Im a father, my initial thought was 'he's just seeking attention' but then I thought what if it were my child? I'd want him down. I'd do what he asked to get him down. Then I'd try to get him some severe mental help. The kid is obviously very addicted to the game and very disturbed...

      I’m sick of the political correct BS, the world is going down the drain faster each year, if that kid was disciplined like i was as a child, i can tell you right now he wouldn’t be threatening to kill himself for money, he'd have a job to make money and not be a waste of space, contribute to society or GTFO imo.

        Because all people raised in a good nurturing environment have never turned out bad...........

          Not sure on your point...
          It sounds to me like he had a good honest family, and a loving father, but needs a good kick up the backside.

            Yep, that's all anyone with a mental health issue needs, a kick up the backside.

            Grow up.

              being a dick isnt a mental health issue.

              It's rather ironic telling me to grow up but supporting the tantrums of a spoilt, greedy and unappreciative 19year old, GG buddy, GG.

              Last edited 13/02/13 9:21 am

              The kid was on the second story. I still think he should've let the little shit jump, breaking his leg might've made him learn his lesson, or he would have just sat up there like a petulant child and not actually jumped. Giving him the money has obviously just made him feel entitled and think he can do this kind of thing again. He wanted 3 MONTHS of his fathers wage, (the guy who has paid for him for life and raised him), just to buy useless shit.

              There are almost 7 billion people in the world, the world is already having a hard time maintaining that number. Let Mother Nature do her work.

    Is it any wonder why video game consoles have been banned in China.. they need to start thinking strongly about their education system and the possible temporary ban or curfew (like in Korea) of video games and online games.

    Trying to relate to these kinds of issues from over here, outside China, using western reasoning is naive.

    I'd be deactivating his accounts and deleting the shit out of his computer and then sending his ass off to the People's Liberation Army camp for selfish attention seeking shitdicks... or the Chinese equivalent of Dr. Drew, either way, he'll get help. I'm so sick of ungrateful brats who think they can get whatever they want through anger, sooking and bluster. I mean c'mon!! He wanted three months of his Dad's hard earned $$$, no remorse, to hell with the consequences!

    Methinks that he should have given him that fist-full-of-cash without opening his fist, and at an unexpected speed, and aimed somewhere around his chin, coupled with the words "grow up you little shit" (in Mandarin of course)

    My Dad: "If you tried this, I'd come up with your computer and say: Either you get your stupid ass down, Or I will chuck your computer off the edge."

    Looks like China has a spreading problem of Manchild Syndrome.

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