That Terrific Mortal Kombat Series Is Back For Season 2

Mortal Kombat Legacy, the web series that was way more professional than it had any right to be, is back for a second season.

And it's looking even slicker. Some of the cast involved have appeared in projects like Glee and Hawaii Five-O, and they've even got the original Shang Tsung, but all eyes - well, both of mine at least - will be on Casper Van Dien's turn as Johnny Cage.


    Pardon me while I...


    That was EXCELLENT!!!!!! Omfg.

    I find it amazing that this trailer is more spectacular then the original series. I can't wait!

    OH MY! I ... I jizzed!

    I have the weirdest boner right now.. Lol @ Johnny Rico though

    These guys just really need to make a feature length movie and be done with it.

      it's still coming....stay tuned.

        Indeed it is eventually. I believe they're actually waiting to see how season 2 pans out.

    Can't wait. the effects look even better than before. perhaps they got a bigger budget this time?

    Looks as ridiculously lame as the first series is. I'll stick with the Paul Andersons 1995 movie, thanks

    The first series was pretty disappointing. The fights were pretty bad, despite the incredible cast. The new cast members (Mark Dacascos, Carey Hiroyuki-Tagawa and indie action legend Eric Jacobus) are amazing, so I'm really hoping this season is much better.

    Original Shang Tsung. Say no more.

      I know!!! Can't wait to hear him say: Your soulll... Is MINE!!! again.

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