The Craziest Mad Scientists In Video Games

The Craziest Mad Scientists In Video Games

Mad scientists and evil masterminds are classic villain archetypes, and defeating them is always nerve-wracking. Instead of facing you, they would rather hide in the shadows and rely on their minions. And when it does come to combat, they usually love to show off their deadliest creations.

We gathered some well-known crazies; a moustache or a white coat seems to be a must-have.

Dr Eggman (Sonic The Hedgehog series)

Source: Sonic Generations

Dr. Wallace Breen (Half-Life 2)

Source: Half-Life Wiki

Professor Hojo (Final Fantasy VII)

Source: AshleyCope’s fan art on Deviantart

Dr. FunFrock (Little Big Adventure 1-2 / Relentless)

Source: The LBA Relentless Movie Project

Dr. Wily (Mega Man series)

Source: Dr. Wily Boss Fight In Mega Man 6, splash image by Hitoshi Ariga

Don Paolo (Professor Layton series)

Source: Professor Layton And The Curious Village

The Elite Of Rapture Society (BioShock)

Source: BioShock Wiki

Albert Wesker (Resident Evil series)

Source: Resident Evil Wiki

Professor Monkey-For-A-Head (Earthworm Jim)

Source: tuwoa’s LP

Tell us in the comments below about the craziest evil scientists you know.


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