The Creator Of The Original SimCity Talks About Playing The New One

The new SimCity comes out on Tuesday, and to celebrate the occasion, publisher EA has just released a very cool video of Will Wright — creator of the original SimCity (and The Sims, and Spore) — talking about how he prefers to play.

Above, you can hear Wright chat with current SimCity designer Stone Librande. Also, as EA notes, last week Wright spoke to SimCity creative director Ocean Quigley. Yes, a game about building cities has two lead designers named Stone and Ocean.

I've spent around 30 minutes with SimCity, which comes out on Tuesday for PC/Mac, and I think it's really cool. I could do without the whole online-only thing, but what I've played feels really fun and smooth and genuine. It's a video game's video game: it gives you a set of tools and lets you do whatever you'd like, just like the old SimCitys. It's also somehow both more streamlined and more complex than the old ones. It has a lot of modern comforts — no need to stick power lines or pipes on every square, for example — without discarding much of the ridiculous complexity that makes SimCity so SimCityish.

For more impressions on the game, check out Kirk's big preview.


    Don't care. It has always on DRM and EA banned people on their forums who complained about the lack of servers. This game is going to have an *incredibly* rocky launch, and nobody will be happy. I expect a lot of kotaku articles about it lol.

      what is everyone stupid problem with being always online. is your shitty mobile broadband really that bad.

        I'm 100% fine with it. But clearly you never played Diablo III during launch. The limiting factor isn't our speed, it's their servers.

        Always on for a game that doesn't need it is chewing up my bandwidth for no good reason.

        I'm happily using my PC and my ISP goes down, that new game I was loving is now off my play list, if everybody starts doing online only my play list is greatly diminished. Heck somebody could be doing the vacuming and accidently unplug the router.

        There's a million other reasons why this is bad for the consumer, and good for the company. Look at it this way, if THQ games where online only they'd no longer be working.

        Just for the record I believe that companies have a 100% right to protect their IP, I think the games not worth paying for is a crap excuse for piracy. If I can't bring myself to pay for the game why should I even bother playing it. I got a pile of Shame to work through.

    Was very keen til I heard about always online DRM. I learned my lesson with Diablo 3. Shame too because I would have gladly given money.

    So have they micro-transactioned it up the wazoo like they did Dead Space 3 (and have said they're going to do to ALL their games going forward)?

      There are micro-transactions in the new SimCity? Where did you get that info from? I can cope with always-on DRM but if it's going to be constantly begging me for more money then I'm going to have to pass on this. Which is a real pity as I've been looking forward to this for at least a year now.

        I don't know if they've got microtransactions in Sim City, but there's a story over on Eurogamer where EA guy says they're putting microtransactions into all their new PC and console games. I don't know if that includes games currently in development or just games they start work on from now on.

        Yep, think like The Sims, you will be able to purchase building themes, the collectors edition comes with a London pack and something else, there is rumoured to be a lot of "neighbourhood'themes removed to be sold as DLC

    Would have bought it, but EAs moves and motives have convinced me otherwise. Steering clear unless they release a version free of BS.

    What is it with people complaining about always on DRM? What people sit at a computer that isn't connected to the internet? Heck, if my internet is down there's no reason to sit at my computer, i can't stream youtube music, alt tab out of games to chat with friends... so what am i missing here? I think people need to get with the 21st century, it's a pretty pety reason to discard a game.

      What if your internet is fine... along with everyone elses... and because of this you're all hammering the EA servers to oblivion?

      Pretty sure the internet was working for all the people who couldn't play Diablo 3 when it launched.

        It's not a problem with peoples internet, it's a problem with EA servers.

          And before anyone even says it, if you have played BF3 you know that EAs servers are just as bad if not worse than Blizzards.

          If the company that made World of Warcraft cant get a server stable that can host a truckload of people I don't think that EA will do any better.

      if your like me your on the go alot so u play games on a train on your laptop without internet

      Let not forget that EA doesn't exactly leave servers running forever on games that have "dwindling numbers of people playing"
      As soon as EA decides to pull the plug, I can no longer use the product that purchased, hence, should have to right to play whenever I want, for as long as I want

      "..alt tab out of games to chat with friends.."
      You don't play games to play games?

      I finished Borderlands 1 playing only by myself and have done most of Borderlands 2. If they were always online (since they were designed with multiplayer in mind) I wouldn't have been able to as sometimes my net has problems and sometimes I'm playing somewhere I don't have internet.

      Last edited 28/02/13 4:05 pm

    meh how dose EA make money doing shit like this? oh well too busy playing MOO 2 anyways :)

      I was just thinking most gamers must care more about graphics than any other factor of a game. The new simcity looks great, but it looks exactly the same, if not more cut down and broken by in-app purchasing then many other great, if not better, city building games and other strategy games out there. They even come in different themes and flavors. Caesar 3, Zeus + Poseidon and Pharaoh + Cleopatra on come to mind.

        I wish they would make another Pharoah/Zeus. Those games were grand.

        My mum still plays Caesar III epic game :). i still play Master of orion 2 and fallout 2 could care less about graphics. the old games are still the best games IMO

    While I'm not exactly ecstatic about always-on DRM I can't help but check this out. From everything I've been seeing about the actual game it looks like it's gonna be pretty awesome, so I'm gonna pick up a copy next week!

    I don't care about the always on DRM or if there are annoying micro-transactions in it (nobody's forcing you to buy them), I'm still buying this game and disappearing from the world for a few months while I lose myself in it. It just looks frikkin' awesome. SimCity and SimCity 3000 were/are 2 of my all-time favourite games.

      "SimCity and SimCity 3000 were/are 2 of my all-time favourite games." that you can revisit at any time

      Lets see if the servers at EA are still running to let you play 14years after this release!
      All Hail Always-On DRM!
      (Sim City 3000 released 1999)

    When my internet goes does I WANT to go play a single player game. Always on DRM kills that option for me.
    Also my connection can be flaky and can periodically drop out for a couple of minutes here and there.
    Depending on how they've implemented their DRM that can be a killer if it boots you out of the game you're playing.

    I've also had numerous games that just so happened to have their 'scheduled maintenance' in the same Thursday evening slot every week. Not being able to play on Thursdays is a problem for me.

    Sim City is a single player experience. It always has been. You didn't hear Will Wright talking about other players in his game or anything, the only reason for the always on DRM is to annoy people, and we shouldn't say "oh well everyone's doing it these days" and simply be ok with it.

    To those complaining about the "DRM" restriction, it's not just about making sure you have a licence to play, the online interactivity of Simcity is breathtaking. The closed beta only provided a small insight into what's coming, and believe me, if you're a true fan of the game, it's worth it.

      That is such BS though, all they need to do is add a single player button and a multi player button such as games have had for the last 20 years.

    Guess I won't be playing this on my numerous 10+hr flights I have every month. And if I can't do that......pass.

    I think people are more pissed at not having an option.

    Sim City 4 chugs on any PC I've installed it to so I'll be waiting till I have a more capable machine before setting off on this adventure.

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