The Deadliest Predator: The Joy Of Being A Hunter In Crysis 3

I'm perched atop a crashed aeroplane, weapon at the ready. My eyes dart across the map, searching for a target. No, no. Not just a target. My prey.

They are not my equals, you see. They are CELL operatives with nothing more than laughable guns. Me, I'm a hunter. A predator. I use a bow. It's a sophisticated weapon, difficult to wield. It requires absolute precision and the patience necessary to line up a shot.

Admittedly, my shots miss more than they should — but, no matter. Seeing the operatives freak out and shoot at shadows out of fear — seeing them scramble frantically, thinking that they can hide safely behind corners: this is just as rewarding as destroying them. And even if I miss, even if I fail this time, I know I'm coming back.

The operatives, meanwhile? One arrow: that's all it takes and they go down. Then they become one of us, then the hunt grows stronger. At that point even the converted compete fiercely for the last remaining operatives. None shall be spared.


If it wasn't obvious, I've been playing Crysis 3 lately, which features its own twist on "zombies" mode — only here, it's called Hunter Mode.

It feels different from other similar takes on the concept. In order to understand why, we have to look at the hunter's suit. The rest of Crysis spends a lot of time fetishising the suit and what it allows you to do.

You can, for instance:

  • Punch cars at people
  • Become invisible
  • Activate extra armor
  • Launch yourself into the air
  • ...which also means that you can climb up high
  • Navigate the map at top speeds

To name a few things. It's intoxicating, how powerful that feels — but all of that is gone when you're a CELL operative. Let me tell you, it the tension is crazy playing the mode as an operative. You feel weak. You feel paranoid.

Contrast with, say, Halo when playing on the Flood gametype — you're an effin' Spartan! I'd go up against the Flood like it was nothing, almost treating it like a challenge to go out and seek the Flood out. I basically thought, "I'm gonna show them why they should be afraid of ME, damnit."

I'm an utter coward in Crysis 3 though, spending as much time as possible hiding. And if you watched a replay, you'd probably laugh at all the people crowding up in the corners, shooting at absolutely nothing because they're scared. It's amazing.

The thing is, if you survive, it feels super gratifying.

I'm looking forward to unlocking my bow for the normal multiplayer modes after spending so much time in hunter mode. The compound bow feels natural to the franchise. I think this has to do with the suit, which, though technically the farthest thing from natural, you feel an innate power — as if you're relying on the potential of your own body to play.

With the bow, you're harking back to something more primal, the time of hunter-gatherer. It fits. Guns feel antithetical to all of that; there's something detached about pulling the digital trigger.

So, as much as I suck at the bow now, I'm gonna spend the beta trying to hone my skills there — that way, I'll be ready when Crysis 3 drops later this month.

You can try the Crysis 3 beta here.


    I had an amazing moment playing as a CELL operative in the dark swampy map yesterday...

    Immediately after spawning, I ran straight for a half toppled tree off in the distance. The roots are perfect camouflage. Along the way, I passed one of the metal slabs that you can pick up and use as a shield. I grabbed it and crouched down under the tree, boxing myself in as tightly as I could.

    I think three, maybe four, hunters ran passed me before one stopped and spotted me. They fired three arrows into the shield before they decided to move in for a melee attack. Just before they got with in range I threw the shield at them and killed them instantly. This was followed by me squealing in a way that grown men really shouldn't squeal before running as quickly as possible to try and find another hiding spot. I was dead within seconds...

    I find the meelee attack is the most usefull lol.

    My problem with the beta is that so many people seem to not understand pings and the region filter. There's lots of high ping people in the Australian servers which make the game infuriating.

    The aim seems weird, but I don't know if it's high ping people. Often it's impossible to aim or to hit people. Then often I get killed and I hadn't even seen the person yet.

    For example i have been killed by someone in front of me, firing into the front of me at close range. Yet they weren't there on my end. No one was. That's how bad the high ping players make it.

    Also plenty of kill cams, the people are killing me from really close. But yet on my end they were quite far away still and i'm trying to shoot them missing every shot.

    Imagine these kind of problems in normal game play. I was literally yelling at my computer and swearing it was so annoying.

    Also with hunter mode it needs some tweaking. Rounds should be longer for one thing.

    Played a bit of the beta on 360 yesterday and I'm liking it mostly. It is definitely more appealing from a multiplayer perspective even though I was only ever interested in single player campaign.

    Piking it up on PC.

    To get the bow RIGHT NOW? Reboot your nanosuit @ level 10. Enjoy unlocking all the arrows =D

    I did it today and with in an hour I had the second arrow.

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