The Derpface In This Politician’s Anti-Video Game Speech Says It All

The Derpface In This Politician’s Anti-Video Game Speech Says It All

Here’s MP Frank Wolf of Virginia, who has served in the US House of Representatives since 1978. He chairs the House subcommittee that funds the National Science Foundation. Yesterday he took the floor to complain that the Obama administration was ignoring its friends in the entertainment industry while demonizing the National Rifle Association, which is baloney.

President Obama may not have mentioned violent video games in his State of the Union speech, but he’s damn for certain called for federally funded studies into violent media — specifically naming video games in a statement about the proposal — and his vice president convened a meeting with video game makers to ask them to clean up their image.

What’s hilarious to me about this boilerplate hackery comes at 2:36, when Wolf stares up and directly into the camera for a good two seconds. He seems to realise he’s answered his question about what’s really the problem here. See for yourself.


  • Well, science community is still in debate on whether video games contributing to reducing violence, or not. The studies on if it contributes to violence has been done to death, and honestly the US government and the idiots supporting it are just waiting for one to prove them right so they can rally their mindless brainwashed populace who vote, to get them though the next election, so they can keep living easy lives as representatives who aren’t accountable for there mistakes or damage they can cause.

  • So, defend the second amendment (right to bear arms), but happily attack the first (free speech, which video games are protected by)?

  • I get genuinely angry at how dumb these people are. Are they that ignorant? DO they care about the lives of those endangered by assault rifles and the lives lost? Or are they really that stupid?

    • Sadly, they are kept in office so long as their opinion lines up with the majority, a majority which unfortunately views video games as the devil that turns our impressionable young people into school based, bullet dispensing scum of the earth.
      We who play the games are educated in what it means to play them, as Stephen Totilo has stated, watching games and playing games offer 2 very different perspectives if you have no context.
      RTS games are pretty much the epitome of this problem (in my opinion). If you understand the rules, then watching RTS games can be quite entertaining, but if you have no knowledge about what is going on in an RTS then it doesn’t matter how long you watch or how good the caster is, it is going to make zero sense and you will have no idea what the “game” aspect is or why people are drawn to them.

      e.g. As a player of SC2 you might go into a game thinking “I am going to open 3 gate robo with some early pressure, if I see him going air then I might change it up to starport, if I early expand I will need to defend so and so but I will have x additional income at the y minute mark and I need to watch out for unit z because it has stealth so I must have a spare 200 minerals for some cannons
      As a non-player of SC2 you will watch a game and go “hey look, those little guys are shooting at the black crab looking things and stuff is exploding

    • Yeah dude, they really are that dumb (in congress). The evidence (so far) that suggests games encourage violence is minimal at best. It’s such a contemporary American trait: Pick a stance, cherry pick your evidence (or look for a scapegoat), dig in and yell down your opponents when your evidence is debunked. It’s just like the climate ‘debate’, or almost any other argument over there…

  • Eh Hemm!! How does the third contributing factor, Violent Media all of a sudden become Violent Video Games? I believe media is a broad term which also incorporates other influential streams such as TV, Movies, Radio, Magazines, etc… Looks like no more action movies either.

    I could be wrong but my common sense tells me that if a person has a) access to fire arms, and b) mental health issues, they pretty much meet all prerequisites for doing something stupid. If anything, a video game will allow them to release the urge to undertake such criminal act by releasing their desire in a virtual form. If that is the case, violent video games are in fact PREVENTENTING shootings and SAVING lives. At least until the virtual satisfaction is sufficient for the perpetrator. In which case they turn off their console, grab their guns, and go do it in real life. Police investigate, find violent video games at the person’s residence, and then lack of understanding leads them to believe that that was the cause. Case closed lets eat some doughnuts.

  • Let the terroists win, clearly they know something is wrong with americans on a fundamental level……

    But on a serious not, yes indeed they are that damn stupid and it angers me to no end as well. These people are in positions of power and are either horribly corrupt in the back pocket of the NRA or are so outrageously incompetent and stupid that they should be immediately removed from such positions.

    This isn’t an opinion where people can be divided, this is 100% on the guns and the fact that so many mentally ill can access them (especially the automatics) at will. Video games have be proven, to death, that they do not make people violent and seem to have a correlation with the exact opposite. I actually resent these people’s existence and their horrible abuse of power.

  • LMAO when he mentioned part of the problem being “access to guns” You can just tell by the look on his face that he knows his NRA buddies are going to give him a lot of flack for that.

  • “There seems to be a pattern with all these shootings done by young people that they play violent video games.”






  • The ultimate end to this stupid debate on the gaming side is just stricter laws regarding age to video game use and accountability on the user’s behalf.
    Eg. a 12 year old playing a game that’s rated 18+

    You can’t use events that only happen rarely and only in the US to attack and force game developers to change.

    He even said the real problem first off.
    It’s the damn gun laws that allow any nutball to own a god damn rifle.

    There needs to be more focus on the parents who allow their child access to guns and who also buy anything without thinking.

  • it is like saying that people that race cars on the street do so because they have played car racing games or watched the car racing on tv!!

  • He does have a point, three things contribute to these massacres. Guns (Massive Pause), Mental Heatlh and Violent Media.

    If you remove one of the first two, the problem ceases to exist. Without guns they can’t kill lots and lots of victims easily. Without a Mental Health Problem they would never want to in the first place. Without Violent Media they may do it anyway.

    Now if to eliminate the Mental Health problem is just too hard, everybody would need to be diagnosed every year or so. But people who are about to flip out aren’t going to be telling anybody, especially not their counseller. If they where talking about it we could stop them. It’s like Suicide, the people who actually go through with it don’t tell anybody before hand, the ones who talk about it are the ones who don’t go through with it because people attempt to help them.

    Now we can take away the high capacity guns and have a major effect on this problem, it’s a lot simpler and easier than mental Health and it will have more of an impact than taking away Violent Media. Every western country on Earth has mentally ill people and Violent Media, but none have the amount of access to firearms, especially those with a high capacity as America.

    If it was only Violent Media, Young Men all over the world would be tearing Society apart.

  • we have been violent way before media existed, we have been killing each other as soon as one could breath. We have invested more resources into finding ways to kill each other more than anything else from when one man put a rock onto a stick. And that trend isn’t going to stop, we are bound to destroy ourselves, violent media is just our show in the love affair with violence.

    Now only recently have we reach the point that one man can murder many very fast, in the past maybe a few, take that away, and yes that same man will murder a few, but not alot. So take away the fire arms.

  • Not once has the concept of “98% of people elected to congress become dicks with ludicrously idiotic judgement” been brought up within congress or by the mass media over there. Co-incidence or conspiracy?

  • None of these issues are governments business anyway whether it’s playing videogames or owning a gun.

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