The Exceptional Beauty Of Dyad's Steam Announcement Trailer

Shawn McGrath, creator of psychedelic racing game Dyad, did not expect to announce today that his game is coming to Steam. But folks on the internet figured it out.

What's a man to do? Whine? Complain? Go radio silent?

Not Shawn McGrath.

He busted out the webcam and some Windex and crafted the most honest game announcement trailer you've ever seen. Watch it above. Dyad will be out on Steam in March.

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    It'll be nice to actually be able to buy this game now, since Sony didn't ever see fit to bring it to the EU/AUS store... that I've ever seen anyway. The new store layout is kind of a nightmare.

      Not a Sony problem, It's on the EU Store, it's just not on the AU store... Our good friend Shawn McGrath chose to not have the game submitted for classification in Australia and the rest is history!

        Oh! That makes... sense? Well, sense in the sense that it's not there. Not sure why he wouldn't have submitted it. Weird. In any case, thanks for clearing that up!

          i have been looking for this on the aus store for months, was probably my most wanted game for the last 12 months. i was sooo disapoint every time it wasnt there yet, and couldnt find any info saying where it was or if it was still coming or not. i hate this guy now and he can go shove it up his rear orriface.

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