The Fear Of Violent Video Games: 'You're Not A Bad Person If You Play A Shooter'

I appeared on this week's episode of Game Trailers TV with host Geoff Keighley and former Kotaku Editor-in-Chief and current Polygon news boss Brian Crecente.

You're not going to see any of us attacking violent video games, but I think you might enjoy seeing and hearing some level-headed discussion about the topic.

Take a look below:

And, yes, I quoted myself in the headline. A little gauche, I know. But it was a good line!

The Bonus Round: Video Game Violence Debate []


    I'd like to see someone do a mockup version of a "kid friendly version" of Call of Duty.
    Just thinking about it off the top of my head makes me think that it would have a 80/90's cartoon feel.

    But never the less that sure would shut a lot of people up
      "Your mom is a classy lady!"

      Last edited 27/02/13 9:57 pm

    This may come as a surprise. Are you ready? Get ready!

    There was violence before video games!

    I know right? It is like no one actually lived before "Dem darn fangled tv game machines!"

      Wait, are you serious? Wow... I know this gets said a lot, but mind = blown. O_O I guess that means all those caring "think of the children" type people may have been wrong...

      *"Dem darn fangled leisure computers"

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