The First Gameplay Footage For Wasteland 2 Is Here, And It Looks Great

Wasteland 2, the tremendously successful Kickstarter project that earned close to $US3 million when it was funded last year, is starting to shape up.

Here's your first look at gameplay footage from the post-apocalyptic role-playing game. Looks great, no? As the folks behind it say:

The first part of the video is a collection of some of the radio broadcasts from our favourite cults of the Wasteland. After that Development Director Chris Keenan will give you a tour of the Agricultural centre and show off some of the features of the game including the combat system, the HUD, the skill system, and the keyword dialog system.

Good stuff. Wasteland 2 will be out for PC, Mac, and Linux later this year, developer inXile has said.


    Seriously this was posted yesterday at 12:30pm by Logan.
    Gizmodo editors really need to read their ownn site


    This video does not exist.

    Vimeo's silly policies on video game videos has meant this video is taken offline. The developers have since moved it to Youtube:

    What fallout 3 should have been..... I want to throw piles of money at this game.

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