The Game Tank Is An Isolation Chamber For Video Games

In a bid to remove any and all distractions from your gaming, these budding engineers have come up with the Game Tank, a (relatively) small pod that cuts you off from the outside world and leaves you with nothing to focus on but the screen and controls.

Right now they have built a single prototype unit, but are looking for more funding to build a further four. The kind of features they're looking at installing include a rumbling seat, 5.1 surround sound and, somehow, an "emergency escape hatch". Presumably in case of fire. Or spilled coffee.

It's probably not the most practical solution around, especially if you live somewhere that's not a mansion, but as the father of a screaming young human, I can at leasy sympathise with the principle.

Game Tank [Kickstarter]


    Would be good for all the SC2 competitions, their already using sound proof boxes covered in stickers why not a fancy tank with a GoPro camera inside.

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