The Most Badass Classic Ninja Games

There's no doubt that ninja are among the coolest video game characters. They do everything with style; running, jumping, fighting, even breathing. These games — mostly platformers — were able to capture this no matter how limited the hardware capacity was; ninja always look awesome.

Ninja Gaiden (NES)

Source: HardcoreGaming101

The Last Ninja series (C64)

Source: Atari Age Forums

Shadow Of The Ninja (NES)

Source: KamilDowonna's LP

Bushido Blade (Playstation)

Source: Classic Game Room's LP

Zool (Sega Genesis)

Source: bleedingangl2's LP

Shinobi (NES)

Source: Shinobi Wiki

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (Arcade)

Source: thecoopmode's LP

Saboteur (C64)

Source: Reinhard Klinksiek's LP

Tenchu: Stealth Assassins (Playstation)

Source: EpicRickyC's LP

Kid Niki: Radical Ninja (Arcade)

Source: carlitoshacker's LP

Do you know any other classic games featuring even cooler characters? Tell us about your picks in the comments below.


    The Legend of Mystical Ninja!

    There's so much goodness on this list, though.

      That was spun off from the Ganbare Goemon series wasn't it? Also one of the great co-op titles for the SNES!

    damn media and their corrupted portrayal of ninjas!!! jokes dunno studied bunjinkan kinda modern day ninja

    Guwange is the best at ninjas.

    I was playing the original nes ninja gaiden the other day, after I played ninja gaiden 3 I needed to get the bad taste out of my mouth. Then i found RYGAR! I cant belive you didnt include RYGAR! its way harder than ninja gaiden
    edit: maybe rygar wasnt a ninja...

    Last edited 07/02/13 10:24 pm

    Shadow Warriors was pretty cool.

    Also, there was an arcade game that had a triple screen, but the game wasn't the best... The Ninja Warriors.

      Shadow Warriors is actually the western name/title used for Ninja Gaiden, at the time :)

      Last edited 08/02/13 12:52 pm

      These 2 would be on my list. They both sucked a few coins out of me when I was growing up.

    Shinobi on Megadrive, especially on Game Gear, shat upon the NES with such a mighty force, the gods themselves trembled in fear. That's how much the NES version sucked in comparison.

    No Shadow Warrior or Samurai Showdown?!

      You/We should be used to no respect, or love, for Sega on the internet... yeah GG Shinobi 1 & 2 are excellent games - had a nice megaman style choose your own level structure too.

      Great Sega sites;

    Console versions of Shinobi were garbage. Arcade version was the best. The first person stages where you throw a handful of ninja stars would make a great mobile game!

      Megadrive version of shinobi was badass, I'd even go as far as saying better than the original.

      *Edit and egg on face* Im thinking of Shadow Dancer... DAAAAH!!!!!!

      Last edited 08/02/13 12:03 am

        Shinobi 3 is epic

      Agree...Seriously lacking from this list.
      I'd also add the arcade game Strider, although technically he was Russian.

    All others pale in comparison to Ninja Spirit. That game was so fucking hard!

    The karateka in me wants to scream and rant that Bushido Blade is not about Ninja... that they're two entirely different things, but I feel the historical accuracy in Bushido Blade is akin to that of Super Mario Bros...

    No Bad Dudes Vs Dragon Ninja? For shame!

      I was thinking the same thing!!! Why the heck does Bushido Blade get in but not that one? Or Ninja Gaiden Arcade which was a *completely* different game, moreso enough to warrant mentioning on its own...

        + one for Ninga Gaiden Arcade...Awesome game. Pole kick FTW


    HAD to have Shadow Warrior on here and speaking of that there was a cool arcade game called Shadow Warriors as well that was awesome.

    Pretty cool list overall though.

    Although I loved some of the games mentioned, the lack of the Arcade version of Shinobi makes this list invalid.

      Absolutely agreed. Shinobi and The Last Ninja are the ultimate ninja games of the 80s

    How could you not include The Revenge of Shinobi for MegaDrive (I bought a MD solely on the basis of screenshots in a ye olde gaming magazine c.1990), the less impressive Shinobi 3, Shadow Dancer (ninja dog!), Bad Dudes vs Dragon Ninja and Strider (not in order). It was the golden age for ninja games not to mention movies (ok except American Ninja and its sequels). The first Tenchu for PS1 was great but it lost its way thereafter.

    The Ninja for the Master System is a classic too

    Ninja Combat in the Arcade :)

    Finally! Someone acknowledges Tenchu's existence. Maybe it's just so stealthy that no one ever notices it when talking about stealth games.

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