The Most Hilarious Sports Game Glitches, Now In Motion

The constant progression of annual sport titles has another advantage besides the games getting more and more realistic every year. It creates moments where the players go nuts — suddenly, our ordinary game turns itself into Dragon Ball Z or Super Smash TV. We selected below a few of these from the last few years' FIFA, NHL and NBA titles.

It might take a few seconds for the images to load.

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    In regards to that first NHL glitch, EA actually poked fun at it with this mocap footage.

    What do you mean #5 (one with the goal) is a glitch? :P

    This is funny? Its glitches. We've seen glitches before.
    This article is exactly why its been so hard to achieve an R18 catagory in Australia. The average mature gamer apparently finds this shit hilarious. Grow up.

      I think you should lighten up, it must suck being serious 24/7.

      We're not allowed to have a quick snicker at something stupid to cheer us up after a terrible day at work? okay.jpg

      Oh sod off you big spoil-sport. This has nothing to do with the R18 which we now have.

      What's stuck up your ass?

      "I'm an Adult"

    Sports glitch are the most funniest glitches in gaming :D

    Lol awesome I really should start playing sports games for the bugs alone.

    Woh too many .gifs for my shitty setup!

    When it comes to the subject of Skynet. I don't think taking over the world will be an issue. The actual problem may be sexual assault from horny robots :P

    "Will you play a game?"
    "What game do you have in mind?"

    Last edited 28/02/13 10:24 am

    Didn't get the Wargames reference - poor bubby :/

    Made my day, cheers Kotaku

    hahaha, oh this is hilarious. My favourites are the goalie kicking the scorer and the last gif of the NBA player sliding into his seat

    what no Crucifix glitch from NBA live sorry Elite 11 that is one of the best.

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