The New Ghost In The Shell Series Gets Its First Trailer

Bandai Visual held a launch event in Tokyo overnight for Ghost in the Shell: Arise, the new Ghost in the Shell anime series announced earlier this year. The event was full of interviews with the various creators of the new series and had several interesting announcements — like the fact that it is a prequel to the other works in the Ghost in the Shell franchise, focusing on a young Motoko Kusanagi.

Arise will be released as four 50-minute episodes in theatres across Japan. The first of these, border 1: Ghost Pain, will be released in theatres on June 22 this year. A special edition of the Blu-ray will be for sale at the theatres with a general release of the Blu-ray and DVD coming July 26.

But the crown jewel of this little show was the debut of the anime's first trailer (see above) and the opening credits animation.


    Where's the erotica? This is like removing those penis inpired xenomorphs from Alien!

    (no, looks good)

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    I preferred the art style of the stand alone complex to be honest.

    I loved the stand alone complex series. Very curious to see what they come up with for this.

    I love Ghost in the Shell. I like the moves, I like SAC, I balled my eyes out when the Tachikoma sacrificed themselves to save the Major at the end of 2nd GIG.

      I love the manga and the movies so much. Tried to watch GitS SAC a few times mow and just don't get the attraction :(

        It is pretty different to the movies so yeah I can see why one might appeal and the other might not. I think because it was so long between the movies and SAC for me that I was happy to view them quite seperatly.

          The length of the series was an issue with me. What is it? 50 episodes? There were so many filler episodes before they got on with the main plotline, I just don't have the time anymore.

            Well you could just watch the abridged movie versions of the two series. I gather they contain only the main plot, cutting a lot of the 'filler' content. Although I'm not interested in that, it might work for you.
            They're called 'GITS S.A.C. The Laughing Man' and 'GITS S.A.C. 2nd Gig Individual Eleven'. Then you can see 'GITS S.A.C. Solid State Society', which is one of my favourite Animes ever.

              That is good news. I will check it out, thank you. :)

    Just realis, I'm a little dissapointed that they've decided to move backward in time with a prequel as opposed to moving forward in time and seeing the "new" Major like in the manga.

    Just a little.

    I really don't like the changes made to Saito and especially Paz, who looks like a character from Lupin now. Borma looks a bit unusual as well being the tallest in the group.

      wow, you're right. I don't like the new Saito and Aramaki. They are supposed to be younger though...

    I want them to stop focusing on Motoko. Explore a new character in the same universe. maybe a from a new AI or something.

      Then you'd have people complaining that they weren't following Motoko.

      In any case, they did a movie where it didn't focus on Motoko; Ghost in the Shell 2. That was following Batou instead of a new character, but honestly if you asked the fanbase which of the two they liked more; the setting or the characters, the overwhelming majority of answers would be the latter.

    I hope the music's still by yoko kanno!

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