The New PlayStation And Xbox Loom In The Horizon. Not Everyone Is Excited.

Following the PS4 announcement tease, the Internet seemed to explode in excitement. After spending the last few years with the 360 and the PS3, these reactions are understandable: it's like a collective "FINALLY!" But not everyone is excited, not exactly. Kotaku readers explained why in an informal poll over in Talk Amongst Yourselves.

Here's a reader's digest version of the responses I got.

Platform wars suck

"Always look forward to new hardware, but not looking forward to what community is going to become for months after launch," said BoxSauce.

Looking at at how popular this particular GIF was no matter where I looked, it's difficult to disagree with Boxsauce!

You'd think we'd grow out of this stuff. Apparently not. You can" look forward" to platform fanboys for the months to come.

Maybe you're happy with current-gen?

"I got my Wii U and my PC, so I'm happy," remarked Dyram.

Many people turned out to be late adopters or have an immense backlog to go through — and adding to that pile of shame isn't exactly a priority.

It doesn't pay to be an early adopter

"Eh. I'm definitely not an early adopter, mostly because a console's first year of games is usually pretty awful. I'll treat any new console with a shoebox of scepticism," explained HerpDerpDerp.

When you consider how often new systems inevitably become updated with sexier, cheaper models, or how unlikely it is that first-wave games take full advantage of the tech, having a system day-one isn't always appealing.

And if you're satisfied with current-gen offerings, being an early adopter becomes even less appealing.

The PC master race don't need no new consoles

"I think I'm more inclined to invest into a more powerful PC," said rtanger.

For many, whatever the PS4 or new Xbox come up with would merely be catching up with where PC has been all along. Or, the idea of purchasing a gaming PC seems more appealing in an age where platform exclusives aren't what they used to be.

It's too early to be excited

"I'll be far more excited when I start seeing some launch game line-ups," stated WonderlandsMadHero.

So far, we don't know too many details. There's some vague hardware stuff, along with general aims (like say, wanting consoles to be more social.)

But for many, until we start talkin' games? There just isn't anything to get worked up about yet.

What about you, are you excited, hesitant or apathetic? Let us know in the comments.


    "The PC master race don’t need no new consoles"

    So the PC master race needs new consoles? No they don't. Stop being silly!

      We do, when we get new consoles that run x86 AMD chips and support features from Direct X 11 we should start seeing some much better PC versions of games.

      Also with the big ram bump hopefully we will get more seamless worlds and less load screens.

      If Skyrim was PC exclusive I am sure the towns and houses would all have been accessible without any load screens.

    People are too negative, and need to step away from the 'community' for a bit. On an individual level, why would I not want a new console? Exciting new games to play, better graphics and game play. I for one am looking forward to it... Since when did a new console release become a bad thing? I get to be a kid again and count down the days till' my midnight launch!

      In fact, why don't they just down-size to a Xbox1 or PS2.

    You Copy/pasted peoples comments from the previous PS4 article and turned in into a new article that then asked for opinions on those is this news? couldn't people have just kept commenting in the previous article if they really wanted? Please stop cluttering the front page with pointless non-articles.

      I have to call this article out too. Its like watching a snake eat itself.

        Maybe Patricia can do an article where she brings together all the comments about how shitty she is at her job?

          This seemingly inexhaustible disdain for Patricia is getting really old, really fast. This is not an easy job, and I don't see anything wrong with directing user opinion to a specific topic. Comment strings tend to get overcrowded, and I don't understand what is so damn sacrilegious about this article. Kotaku is trying to keep up a communication line with their readers.

          If you don't like it, run back to old media. I'm sure Hyper or Playstation Magazine would love your custom.

            Old media? Hyper>> is as current as it ever was. Hyper>> transcends commercialist trash. Always has and always will. Hyper>> has been part of the game industry, before their was an game industry. You only show your ignorance with an attitude like that!

              They still make Hyper? I may have to check out a newsagent for nostalgia's sake.

                Yep! Issue 233 - and counting. Issue 1 was launched in December 1993.

              "Old Media" is an industry term and was not intended as a slight. Most of what I read is "Old Media".

                Do not like the term... personally I find hardcopy media more advanced, as it does not require power to function. + no ads buzzing around my field of vision, like flys! :)

            This is a fallacious argument. My complaint is that Patricia is phoning it in. The difficulty of the job overall is irrelevant, because she isn't even trying.

              All I'm saying is I rarely see as much disdain for Kotaku and its editors as I do for Patricia. These guys are trying to drive conversation, but I'll concede it's not exactly award-winning journalism. The mediocrity of day-to-day online journalism seems to result in this kind of "here's what you said" article.

              At the end of the day it's not really a big deal, and I see your point.

        If people are wondering why I am so shitty about this, its because I feel I was almost tricked into putting effort into making a thoughtful comment on complete non-news.

      Just wait for the next article copy/pasting these comments. This can keep going!

    Much like the Wii U, it'll be the platform exclusives that'll eventually drive me to want to get a new PS3 or 360. The Wii U really doesn't offer a lot that'd make me want one right now, but as soon as the Zelda and Mario calibre games start making their way out i'm sure i'll be interested, as well as any interesting and new IP's that make the hardware really stand out as something unique and a must-have for that console alone.

    Same goes for the PS4, it really needs to have games that make it shine before I even think about forking over large wads of cash, things that I can ONLY experience on PlayStation 4.

    Given the fact that these new consoles are most likely a year away from gracing these shores. I think it pays to sit back and enjoy a nice warm cup of calm the fuck down! I'll jump in when the exclusives are worth it.

    Since going back to PC last year, my interest started to wane in new consoles. I've since added a glorified steam box to my home theater (Alienware x51) on top of the tower gaming rig in the home office.

    Aside from the inherent jump in quality in PC gaming over consoles, the service and pricing leaves them for dead. After being console exclusive for a good six years, I am now painfully aware just how much Sony and MS jam their customers in the date with their little closed playgrounds compared to PC.

    Overall it's going to take some shit hot exclusives to make me want to throw down my coin on one of these new toys...

    Nintendo kicked off the eighth generation of consoles with the WiiU. I can't wait for the new Xbox and PS to be annouced. Microsoft have been quiet in terms of specs and from the leaks Sony have learnt from some of their mistakes of the PS3 and go more towards PC friendly parts which will make it eaiser to develop games for

    I'm a PC guy but I have both 360 and PS3 mainly due to wanting to play console exlusive games and playing local mulitplayer (as in friends come over and play).

    PC will always have the edge because technology moves so fast now that the latest and greatest parts will be available whereas the consoles are stuck with whatever tech they have gone with.

    I will very likely be waiting 2 years until I get a PS4/360. By then both should be out, priced more reasonably and it should be a little clearer what direction both are going. I am not going to pay for online gaming, I am not going to pay for Kinect/Move. If both want to force this, I’m just not going to get a console, my pc serves me decently enough for now.

    As far as the PC goes, new console generations are still important to it. For most games that release cross platform the PC version is often not much better. Few things like AA and AF, sometimes enhanced lighting. But a new console generation raises the standards. Even if someone is strictly a PC gamer, they will still notice the effect console generations have on the industry because of the serious graphics bump. And that's why i'm excited.

    All about the exclusive games for me. 1080p would be nice... but I'm happy playing games as they are now. If I did want just an upgrade in graphics then I'd just upgrade my PC.

    I think though, even if a new console launched with a new MGS or something else I'm really interested in, I'll still be waiting a long time for a good price drop.

      Also, If Xbox 720 needs a paid subscription to go online, that's a no buy from me, no matter what exclusives it has. Even if it means missing out on Kinectanimals 2. My 360 has been boxed for over a year now.

    I'd love to stick with PC but a lot of its games come from console ports and if the consoles are getting too old then PC games will also look old but in higher resolution.

      There is a difference between a multi-port game and an actual game that was ported from a console to a PC.

      In this generation, there were a few console ports but 99% of them were multi-platform and as a result performance went down the drain because most developers could not be bothered making platform specific builds for each port.

      As for me, I did my homework and always went with the version that had the less issues. For example, I went Mass Effect (the whole trilogy) for the 360 as it started there and faired the best, and I went with Arkham Asylym on the PS3 because it was more action based and better suited to the Cell B.E.

      As for PC, I gave up as DRM has made it a train wreak in slow motion.

        I think you might be in for a nasty surprise about next gen DRM, I hope not, but at this stage I think I might be done with consoles post PS3

          I am already aware of plans to stop second hand game usages on consoles. Especially with the PS4.

          The reality is still up in the air though. If it becomes the nor, then gaming platform wide will die out and the only viable means will be to pirate because, as always raised but publishers don't want to get it, DRM does not work what so ever.

          The only DRM I should be subjected to is the validity of my credit card.

    I'm an old man. I don't care about console wars, or when the new consoles come out. I will buy a console I like when I can afford it and when there are sufficient games available on it to justify the purchase price. I will probably buy the new Xbox at Launch. I will probably buy the next Playstion never. That could reverse completely depending on when the consoles actually launch and what launch titles are available.

    I don't really care about raw power, but I have no interest in the Wii U because there's no games for it that are selling me the console and I really, really don't like the tablet controller that's going to be forcefed to me until Nintendo stop forcing their third party developers to incorporate it.

      Isn't that how it's suppose to be though? A console is suppose to launch with exclusives from day one?

      Or has this line of thinking become obsolete now?

        Sure, a console launches with exclusives on day one. Just not good exclusives any more.

          They are not even technically exclusives anymore. A few months later they often go multi-platform.

          It makes me so frustrated how crap games are these days, I'm becoming an industrial grade version of James Rolfe!

        Considering some of the piss-poor launch titles the 360 had (Chromehounds, anyone?), the only reason it's done well this gen was that it came out first and there was a promise of future Halo. That and that the PS3 was ridonkulously expense when it finally arrived.

        I'm really more of an Xbox fan at this point but I can't deny that I'm going to want to play whatever games Quantic Dream come out with, and it looks like they'll be Playstation exclusives for the time being. I'll dust off my PS3 for Beyond: Two Souls, and then there's that other thing that's been recently confirmed as a next-gen title which will probably get me to buy a PS4. Eventually.

        Last gen I thought the PS3 was the machine I wanted, but I bought a 360 in 2006 and they've had my loyalty since. Right now I'm saying I am leaning towards the next Xbox, but if the PS4 comes first and there's some juicy launch titles, and the asking price is right... well, who knows?

    I like the logic of disliking something before it is even officially announced. Also, the ignorance on what 'powerful' hardware actually is. Most people ain't even got a clue. In the slightest.

      It's as if people dislike change.
      This gen has gone on for far too long already, bring on Feb 20!

        I'm foaming at the mouth :P

      I like the logic of disliking something before it is even officially announced.

      It's called prejudice, and it's awesome.

    Maybe you’re happy with current-gen?

    “I got my Wii U and my PC, so I’m happy,”

    Wii U current gen confirmed :)

    Like a few of you guys have said; it will be the platform exclusives that determine what console I will buy (first, anyway). 360 has some great ones, but this generation Sony has hands down won the battle.

    I for one am looking forward to what new consoles have to offer in terms of graphical capability, im not so much interested in all the gimmicky motion-sensor crap that im sure Sony and Microsoft will play with.

    Y'know I was excited about a year or two ago but now I'm feeling a bit meh. It's been too long between increments. I'm more interested in building a house, progressing my career and having a life than games these days.... when the time comes though I'll get whatever has the best driving game and play content on a 4k TV, that's all I'd really use it for. I could even build an HTPC and run games/movies off that. Given how much of a disappointment GT5 was and how ludicrously long it took to come out, I'd probably go with xbox and Forza 5.

    Personally, I could not care less when the next console comes out. I play for the games.

    The last console generation could be summed up as follows:

    Sony/Microsoft/Nintendo (take your pick): "Look at our shiny new consoles and new capabilities!"

    Me: "What exclusives do you have?"

    Sony/Microsoft/Nintendo (again, take your pick): "Shoot! I knew we forgot something!"

    I swear there are more ports in this current generation that there are in a shipping yard. Hopefully that is something that will be fixed this generation and each console will have a exclusive that makes it stand out from the others.

    If Watch Dogs is a day one title, I am going to be an early adopter.

    So long as there's still support for the PS3 I'll be happy. I wouldn't get a hypothetical PS4 until a fair while after it was released anyway (years) because the price would be fairly ridiculous.

      If history repeats Sony will probably support the PS3 long after the PS4 is out, while Microsoft will drop the 360 immediately and bulldoze all the remaining units into landfill so people are more encouraged/forced to adopt the next gen.

        I dont think it will, M$ has cracked the familymarket this time around (when I bought a 360 in 2009 you could count the number of decent games suitable for kids on one hand, noaways I see people who bought a Wii during that craze, sporting a 360 as their family console.

        Those people aren't in a hurry to upgrade so thy still beed to be supported.

        It's well documented that M$ dropped the first xbox because they were losing money on each console sold due to the hard drive, no such problem for this time around.

        Finally if the Xbox is not fully B/C with my 30 or so XBLA games then I will consider Sony's machine instead (I dont mind if I cant play boxed 360 games, but I should be able to crry over my existing collection

    As long as some good titles continue to come out for PS3, I'm ok with PS4 coming out in the next 12 months and starting to build up a game library. It was much the same with the PS3 launch... I still got a few good games like Okami and Persona 4 on PS2, then jumped on board when they fiiiiinally dropped the PS3 price (and had games of the quality of Uncharted 2 as system-sellers).

    Whether I'll be excited to actually get a PS4 depends on the system specs and what it can do that the PS3 can't.

    Sorry, it just seems like there's plenty of life left in the PS3. Have any games really pushed it to it's limits?

    "Storms come and go, the big fish eat the little fish, and I keep on paddling" - PC

    Cant say that I'm really interested in any new consoles, They'll just be another set of vendor locked hardware that you'd get stuck with for 5 years.

    Lost in the void but I'll post anyway...

    I'm less excited for the next gen consoles as I was for the PS3/ 360. I've been playing on PC for about 3 years ( some PC gaming growing up) and most recently bought a gaming rig capable of any new title at high settings.

    I am much more PC orientated in my games now given the freedom of modding and custom features/ settings. The difference in quality of most multiplats is notable and the deciding factor now with the PS3 & 360 is which exclusive to try first?

    I'm pretty profoundly unexcited by where consoles have gone in the last two years. Everything Microsoft have done since Kinnect has alienated me as a gamer and made me feel like my Xbox is pursuing new career as a Tv-and-ads-box, leaving gaming far behind. And Sony have just been falling down a bafflingly large pile of fail since the PS3 launched, delivering awful user interfaces, hand-twistingly horrible handhelds, and a subpar shop for year after year.

    I have to hear something that convinces me that they're steering back towards ideas like "fun", "quality" and "games" before I'll start to get excited.

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