The Newest Dance Dance Revolution Is All Past Editions In One

The Newest Dance Dance Revolution Is All Past Editions In One

This past weekend at the JAEPO arcade game expo in Tokyo, Konami showed off Dance Dance Revolution, the latest arcade iteration in the Dance Dance Revolution franchise. The return to the core name makes sense because Dance Dance Revolution will have nearly every song from all 13 major arcade releases in one machine.

In addition to the old songs, the machine at JAEPO had 18 new songs available for play — some of which are songs from J-Pop and popular anime while others are new Konami originals. But even this is not the full song list, however, as the game will continue to get new songs via internet updates after the game’s release.

To see how Dance Dance Revolution looks in action, check out the video above.

Dance Dance Revolution will be released in Japan sometime after March of this year. Konami representatives at the show stated there are no plans currently for an international release.


  • I miss this game =O

    I lost track after Supanova 2. And the local arcade replaced Supanova 2 with a dodgy rom/emu of Stepmania which means you *can* play most of the songs but its basically bland looking arrows on a boring as hell black background… which really ruins it =(

    • A second hand “original” DDR machine (ie the old CRT 4:3 version and not the new LCD 16:9 version) will set you back around $3000-$5000 AUD with a bootlegged version of DDR Extreme in it (sorry, but pretty much any version of DDR in australia after 4th Mix is a bootleg – used to work for a very big arcade chain in Australia – and I can tell you all the DDR games after that version were bootlegs)

      With Supernova (as these arent bootlegged) you’d be looking at around $8000 but still in a second hand original cabinet

      The X series, while it can be run in the original cabinet, looks better in the LCD version (check out Wreck It Ralph, seriously – thats almost what a proper X2 cabinet looks like), and as far as I know, it not available via Australian distributors – so you’d have to import an ex-Japan or ex-HK model – might be looking at up $15000-$18000 plus shipping

      This one? I’d have to see the video to see what kind of cabinet it is (all kotaku videos are blocked where I am atm) but I wouldnt expect anything less than $20,000 AUD

      • Jesus. That is ludicrously expensive. I’d do better to buy a cheap PC, a pad, a TV, some framing materials, and have it run stepmania with all the mods…

        Thanks for the input, though! Super helpful ^_^

  • My feet are too big for these games. my feet always hit both sides of the metal around the button thing. So it doesnt get pressed down.

  • that sounds really cool!!!! hopefully they put one in an arcade and i can try it out! I have big feet too, i don’t stomp i just sort of go on my toes!

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