The Other Side Of That Supposed Assassin’s Creed IV Poster Is A Map

The Other Side Of That Supposed Assassin’s Creed IV Poster Is A Map

A poster that’s turned up online today, seemingly showing the title and main character of the next Assassin’s Creed game, appears to have two sides.

You’ve seen the front, of course, but here’s what a tipster says is the back.

As you could probably guess from the piratical theme, the image would suggest the game is set in the Caribbean, though interestingly this map shows only the Western half, incorporating what’s today known as Cuba, the southern tip of Florida and Jamaica.

Ubisoft hasn’t formally spoken about the next Assassin’s Creed just yet, aside from the fact that it will star a new character and feature a new setting, and also that it will be out next fiscal year.

You can see a larger version of the image below.



  • conflicted – not very excited about the idea, hope i’m terribly wrong. i *want* to be able to lose it over an AC game again 🙁

  • Same… whilst it doesn’t say much for ACIII, but the missions on the water were the highlight of the game, I just don’t think those missions hold enough weight to have a full game built around them.

    Sure there will be on land missions also, but yeah… ultimately, need to know far more about what this game means to the trilogy before it and how it ties in.

    • I don’t think it will tie-in at all. Pretty sure ACIII is supposed to be ‘the end’ of one story, with this game being completely seperate, just using the Assassin’s Creed Title/themes (and probably the same engine as ACIII, with some updates)

  • I say cool. How many other top tier pirate games have we got? We’ve got WW2 shooters, medieval rpgs and zombie style games up the yin yang, bring on the seven seas I say.

  • Makes sense for it to be pirate themed, considering how well received and fun AC3s ship mechanics were! It makes sense to expand on that!

  • As great as the Naval missions in AC3 were, I don’t want them to overtake the things that made AC games great in the first place; free-running/climbing, stealth, taking on 15 enemies by yourself!

    By all means, pursue the Naval side of the game, but I don’t want it to detract from what makes the series so enjoyable and different for me…

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