The PS4 Can Render Amazing Old Man Heads

Quantic Dream's David Cage has taken the stage to reveal a new engine his studio has come up with for the PlayStation 4, claiming that a stunning model of an old man's head — as detailed as those found in CGI films — was running in real-time on Sony's new console.

Take that with as many grains of salt as required, especially since it had an empty background and wasn't really a game, but still. It looked gorgeous. More pics and video to come.


    I have to say, that does take the uncanny valley and kick it squa' in the nuts.

    moment i saw this i was like, what is this black magic the hair looks real.

    Yeah but lets see the head on a character, in an environment with lots of things going on.


        Look at the character models in some of the screens. They don't look anything beyond what we have today. In fact i'd argue games like BF3 and Crysis 2-3 are better. Some look like Call of Duty with better lighting and nicer rendering.

          I'm yet to be wow'd by what I've seen so far too. I'm guessing a few years in, with a bit more developer confidence and coding optimization know-how, we can expect to see ps4 graphics improvements. By then there will also be an established library of games and a price drop and/or enticing bundle or two. Think I'll wait a while before jumping on the ps4 bandwagon - there's still a few holes in the business side of things.. used game playability? online multiplayer fees? eshop pricing, online drm, etc.. Gaming is not what it used to be.

    Yep. That obviously looks pretty amazing.

    Same old tech demo crap with the floating head. Saw it with Dreamcast, Saw it with PS2. Not sure about PS3.

    Anyway, they talk about how the world has changed, yet here we are with the same type of stupid tech demo from years ago.

      That's because faces and heads require a lot of detail to look that real. When they have a giant crab with MASSIVE DAMAGE on screen then you can talk about tech demo repeats.

    Yes, the old man looks stunning... But I want to see a young adult rendered just as well. In my mind at least, THAT is the proof. Adding many faults and blemishes etc to a face will always lend realism... The real hard part is making someone look just as "real" with limited use of those things... I want to see a rendered young adult and him/her not be so obviously digital.

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