The PS4 Hype Train Destroys The Internet With Animated GIFs

Last week, the internet went mental. Sony announced it would be holding an event later this month in New York City — an event to unveil the PlayStation 4, apparently.

The hype train pulled into the station, and every Sony diehard in sight hopped on. In the wake of "Oh shit, cannot wait" and the "Is this real life?" comments, members of online forum NeoGAF amused themselves by doing what anyone would: posting GIFs.

You might not know Kaz Hirai. He's the president of Sony, and the former honcho of Sony Computer Entertainment, which is Sony's PlayStation branch. For most folks, Hirai is a high paid dude in a suit. For PlayStation diehards, he's a hero.

After the Ron Paul "It's Happening!" GIFs and Ancient Aliens Guy pics got old, one NeoGAF user named Dawg chucked up a Kaz GIF, adding that it wasn't "his best". Eventually others joined in, and here are the results:

GANGSTERKILLER, Dawg_2, Farrow, Graphics Horse, iceatcs, , , plainr_, Dawg_3, Liamario_2, Mr. RHC, jett, SunhiLegend, jett_2, aganu, santi_yo, DecoyOctopus, Noisepurge, Noisepurge_2, Hydrogen Bluebird, plainr_, plainr_2 [NeoGAF]

Top picture: Graphics Horse/NeoGAF


    People are *so* gonna shit bricks if its not actually the PS4 they're announcing... ;)

      Which wouldn't surprise me since I distinctly remember Sony saying something about them letting Microsoft make the first move for new consoles. Then again, Sony says lots of things.

        *Flash back to "We won't have rumble, it messes with the sixaxis and is sooo last gen."*

        *Also flashes back to "We're not about gimmicks"*

          "We're not about gimmicks..."

          "THE PS MOVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

          Uh... right Sony...

          Not to say the Kinect is much better, but at least it gives half arsed voice activation for five minutes of fun before you unplug it and never used it again lol.

      Or instead of PS4, they announce Last Guardian as a Vita exclusive.

        roflmao... oh god the trolling opportunities...

        "Sony is here to announce............................. THE PLAYBOX720!!!!! TROLLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL!"

    If there's no attacking weak points for massive damage, I'll be disappointed.

    I'm tipping a collective groan from the internet when it's revealed to be some interim media box for the lounge that will allow game streaming using that ass streaming service Gaikei, which Sony bought last year. Watch this space...

    Last edited 08/02/13 11:45 pm

      *crosses fingers* PLEASE BE TRUE!

      Seriously I do hope for the ps4 but Im just eager to see the internet explode in fury hahaha

    What happened to the PS3 being a 10 year lifespan console?

      Considering that the PS2 only recently went out of production, at this point 10 years is looking conservative if anything. Nobody said there wouldn't be crossover.

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