The PS4 Hype Train Destroys The Internet With Animated GIFs

The PS4 Hype Train Destroys The Internet With Animated GIFs

Last week, the internet went mental. Sony announced it would be holding an event later this month in New York City — an event to unveil the PlayStation 4, apparently.

The hype train pulled into the station, and every Sony diehard in sight hopped on. In the wake of “Oh shit, cannot wait” and the “Is this real life?” comments, members of online forum NeoGAF amused themselves by doing what anyone would: posting GIFs.

You might not know Kaz Hirai. He’s the president of Sony, and the former honcho of Sony Computer Entertainment, which is Sony’s PlayStation branch. For most folks, Hirai is a high paid dude in a suit. For PlayStation diehards, he’s a hero.

After the Ron Paul “It’s Happening!” GIFs and Ancient Aliens Guy pics got old, one NeoGAF user named Dawg chucked up a Kaz GIF, adding that it wasn’t “his best”. Eventually others joined in, and here are the results:

GANGSTERKILLER, Dawg_2, Farrow, Graphics Horse, iceatcs, , , plainr_, Dawg_3, Liamario_2, Mr. RHC, jett, SunhiLegend, jett_2, aganu, santi_yo, DecoyOctopus, Noisepurge, Noisepurge_2, Hydrogen Bluebird, plainr_, plainr_2 [NeoGAF]

Top picture: Graphics Horse/NeoGAF


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