The PS4 Will Stream PS1, PS2 And PS3 Games

The PS4 Will Stream PS1, PS2 And PS3 Games

The PS4 will not feature backwards compatibility with older PlayStation titles, according to today’s PlayStation 4 conference. Instead, Sony will use cloud gaming to allow the system to access older PlayStation back catalogue.

No details as of yet in regards to whether or not we’ll be able to play games we already own.

As we reported earlier, the system will use Gaikai’s cloud tech for the streaming feature, and eventually Sony is looking into putting older PlayStation games on any device via streaming.

We will update you as we learn more.


  • and good luck to any aussies thinking that this service will be available and/or usable in australia 😛 maybe in 3-5 years? lol

      • it could be if we had the bandwidth available… i have no doubt the technology could be there… but i know that one of my links that struggles to hit 5000kbps down won’t handle this stuff lol

          • Considering I live in WA and can download a PS1 iso in 2 minutes or a PS2 iso in 10 onto my mobile phone to be played with the emulator while on a train nonetheless I think ya’ll need to reassess the situation.

  • Do not want. At all.

    Surely it wouldn’t be hard to put a PS1 emulator in the thing at least. If the Vita can handle PS1 games, this thing should be able to.

  • Ughh, just imagining buffer time for this. I hope it won’t be as long as the update duration on my PS3! (read: an hour for 100mb!!!)

    • Not sure why you have so much trouble, even the massive update for GT5 after not playing it for 6 months only took me 30 minutes.

      • I find the PSN to be insanely slow with downloads myself. And then there is the fact I don’t think we have the infrastructure in Sydney for this to work. I know I can’t stream video in the evening and I’m with a great provided in metropolitan area.

      • It’s not so much a matter of speed but ping. If we’re streaming off US servers theere’s no way it would work. An Oceanic server may do the trick but it still wouldn’t be all that reliable.

      • It might be fixed by the solution below, or it might be my ps3’s wireless connection is shit house. If I plug a LAN cable it downloads pretty fast, but the router is in another room 🙁

    • I used to have the same issue (in fact, anything online-related on my PS3 was terrible), but then I discovered that if you have media streaming turned on, this somehow makes everything slow to a crawl when using the PlayStation 3’s online capabilities. Hopefully this happens to be the same issue that you’re currently dealing with, as it’s a extremely easy fix (disable media streaming).

        • I just had a look, and the setting you need to disable is under Settings->Network Settings->Media Server Connection. I hope it fixes the problem for you. 🙂

  • Actually he said that “Sony PLANS to do this”, that they’re investing resources in trying to make it happen. The inference was that this is not by any means a done deal, and there’s still a ways to go before it’s possible. Not sure why we have to do the journalism thing here.

    • Wooh, I thought I was going to have to be the one pointing out that everyone is reporting this wrong.

      My feeling though is that this will never eventuate and if it does it will be for a subset of games where control lag is not so much of an issue. Because there is no way they are going to solve this problem.

      Generally between 3 and 5 frames and control input starts to feel laggy with respect to the response on the screen. Now even if they could get this down to a reasonable ping that works most of the time, they still have to deal with the problem that the network ping is going to vary which will make the lag variable as well.

      Can you imagine trying to play God of War where one second you can time a quick time event correctly and then next you cant because it took and extra 3 milliseconds on the round trip. I wont even begin on the combat. Lets face it if Gaiki couldnt get this working over the last five years what makes them think they will be able to in the next few years.

      IMHO this is an empty promise wrapped up in fancy words to get people excited. Backwards compatibility is not in Sony’s best interests. The cost of old games is so low ( when sold at retail, lets not start on used game sales ) thats Sony’s cut wouldn’t be worth the investment in the technology to support it ( not to mention the extra cost of the console to the consumer which would hurt their install base ). Sony wants you to buy the PS4 & PS4 games because that’s where they will make their money.

  • although i have cable interent, it is capped at 500gb and there is no way im going to stream games, ill just keep my ps3 and ps2 and ps1 for the time being

  • Deal breaker really.. even if you had a decent quota and decent streaming ability.. the latency even on single player games is going to bite. They’ll clearly need to have localised server farms for this to have any chance of working satisfactorily… even then, for some people, latency is going to be an issue. And this is all ignoring the quotas and speeds in Australia (let alone other countries).

    What they really needed to do was something like the PS3, where they supported the old games for the first year or so and then dropped the compatibility hardware in future models of the console to save on manufacturing costs. There’s still a lot of PS3 games in production and developers in the PS3 mode of operation… not to mention the amount of PS3 games people have already… just a bad move.. a move that shows how out of touch Sony is and is increasingly becoming over the years ahead.

    EDIT: Additionally, I’d just like to say that this is a good Patricia Hernandez story. Concise and to the point.

      • Why indeed.. the PS4 is not really truly revolutionary at all and as some commentators have said, the 2 hour announcement today really didn’t tell us why this is a “must have” console. We heard, when the PS3 was released, how good the specs were inside.. and yet it was so woefully hard to develop for all we really ended up with, barring a few exceptions, were games ported from XBox and/or PC. I can’t help but believe that history will repeat itself despite what was said.

  • So like I’ve been saying since day one.
    IF they wanted to, they could have a PS1 emulator, but it’s far more likely they’d make you buy the game from the psn.
    IF they wanted to, they could probably mannage PS2, but again it’s far more likely they’d make you buy the game from the psn.
    Even if they wanted to I would seriously doubt they could allow for any form of BC for the PS3 without a streaming service, the architecture is just too different.

    The plus side is that the PS4 is so standard that the games will probably be hacked to play on a good PC, so here’s hoping we can just skip the PS4 entirely (since it is basically a PC, only less usefull).

  • Why let you use a disc you already own or a disc that can be purchased for $15 at EB when they can sell you a digital games for triple the price huh?

  • heres hoping ps1/ps2 streaming gets effectively canned and Sony makes games available over PSN through software emulation… i for one would be buying a motherload of games as ive had nothing to play on my ps4 for about 6 months…

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