The Rarest PSP Game Ever Might Be This Hilton Hotel Employee Trainer

It's real, and it's ... boring. Back in 2009, we reported that some 500 Hilton hotels created a training video game, and it wasn't some PC game played on an HR computer. It was a PSP game with its own UMD disc. Well, now someone has gotten a look at its contents.

The video above is loaded with astounding facts. The developing studio became a licensed PSP developer just so it could get the game certified and fabricated as a UMD. The game does not run unless it's on a PSP with a MemoryStick carrying the proper files to activate it. Amazingly, the video's maker, RerezTV, just went to its closest Hilton Garden Hotel, asked if they had a PSP, and blam, found a compatible unit and played the game, which you may see above.

"It's probably the rarest PSP game, at 500 copies, and may be the rarest Sony-licensed game ever made," says the narrator. If it's not, I'd like to know what is. Feast your eyes upon Hilton Ultimate Team Play for the PSP.

YouTube video uploaded by RerezTV


    There's just somethings even pirates won't touch. (probably)

      it would be interesting for a pirate to obtain it, they could hack it, upload it

    Does it teach how to make a sex video for short lived fame?

      Jesus Christ that comment was lame.

      Last edited 18/02/13 11:37 pm

        Made me chuckle. There are far worse comments out there...

        One of the corners of my mouth moved about 3mm, not the worst comment on the internet.

    It's a minigame you play when someone orders hot coffee.

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