The Room, Apple's iPad Game Of The Year, Is Getting A Sequel

Today, the developers behind The Room announced that they were working on a sequel to The Room.

Slated for a late 2013 release, The Room sequel will take players to "an altogether more spectacular place".

The first title was hit last September, and went on to sell 1.75 million copies via iTunes. A free update will hit within the next few months and pick up where The Room left off and set the stage for the upcoming sequel. The game is also headed to Android by the end of the year.


    You're tearing me apart Lisa!!!!!

      oh hai mark, hows your sex life

    Just hope this time it isn't so short.. I was expecting updates and additional DLC for the first one because it was so short.. I'll be waiting to get an idea of the game length before spending any money on the sequel.. Though if the sequel is priced in the range of what might be considered to be the price of DLC, then that would be ok.

    I liked the first one but it was so dark I couldn't see some things.

    Never played it, doesn't work on my 1st gen iPad :(

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