The WarZ Back On Steam After Forced Leave Of Absence

Let's be kind and say The WarZ had a rough launch. A very rough launch. And that's being very kind.

Things got so bad for the zombie survival game that it had to removed from Steam, essentially because the game that was being promised was not the game people were actually paying for.

Well, after a couple of months in the wilderness licking its wounds and hoping none of them were bite marks, the game is back on Steam, patched and ready for sale. Unless it's been patched with an entirely new game I still wouldn't recommend it, but if you feel the need to try it for yourself on the PC gaming platform of choice, now you can.


    Waiting for DayZ game... From the streams I watch this game is still filled with hackers

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      Unfortunately this and Day Z are inundated with hackers. Day Z is probably worse though. Your best bet is to get onto a server with 50 players or less and don't visit a 'safe haven'. I'm sure it's safe once inside, but you'll face a hailstorm of bullets trying to make it in. Your best bet with this and Day Z especially, is to just play with people you know. Both games have overemphasised the 'douchebag dudebro bandit' role and have suffered enormously because of it.

      ...well not War Z. You gotta be good at some point to then be able to suffer from something. :p

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        Yeah im just hoping when WarZ the game comes out they find out some way to stop the hacking...

        I know they both are very bad atm cuz of this but hopefully as time progress's and the games are fully released this will not be an issue :)

    It's still our fault, because we didn't check the details first before purchasing...ahem.

    Terrible game filled with douche monsters, but still not as big a rip off as buying MW 2 or 3 or any CoD DLC.

    I'm pretty sure I speak for basically every gamer on the planet when I say that this game and its developers can go f*** themselves.

    Big Rigs fo lyfe, yo.

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      *Checks wiki*...Oh wow, they really made Big Rigs didn't they :/

    After all the negative press this game has, would anybody still buy it?

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