The Wonderful And Charming World Of PaperChildren

Somewhere between comics, cartoons and real life, PaperChildren exist. These are 2D drawings, thrown into 3D space. And they're often adorable.

Paper children have been around for a while now. They first appeared in South Korea way back in 2004 when an illustrator uploaded images of the first "PaperChild" online. The motif spread from there, and sometime in 2011, PaperChildren became a thing in the West.

There's a long, proud history of paper dolls in Asia as well as around the world. The PaperChild taps into that in a novel and often very humorous way.

This week, Japanese site Naver recently posted a collection of PaperChild art, many of which were by DeviantArt member MlleLowra.

And earlier this month, MlleLowra began taking PaperChild commissions on her page from those who want to own one of her creations. I like that her PaperChildren aren't just cute, but that they have a bit of an edge to them. Have a look below.

MlleLowra [DeviantArt] フランスのマンガ好き女子が作った紙人形が面白すぎる!! [Naver]


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