There Are 26 Famous Video Game Locations In This Terrific Video. See If You Can Name Them.

Last year, Dutch artist Tim Hijlkema created an amazing video called Video Game Planets. This year, he's gone one better, with a compilation of 26 famous video game locations. The idea is that you try and name them all, but even if you have no idea what Bullworth Academy looks like, you'll still be able to appreciate how pretty the whole thing looks.

Oh, and if you're wondering, the wonderful music is by Lars Erik Fjøsne.

As a nice touch, every location is also available as a desktop wallpaper, with the link (and answers to the "quiz") at the link below.

Video game locations [Tim Hijlkema]


    Red Dead Redemption, Bully, Half Life 2, Dishonored, Mafia 2? Goldeneye, TF2, not sure, Mass Effect , Assassins Creed, not sure, not sure, Mario 64, not sure, Zelda? Just Cause 2, not sure, Bioshock, Saints Row 3? Skyrim? Dead Space, GTA Vice City, Battlefield 1942, not sure, not sure, not sure.

    Well, I guess I did okay :/

      Second last one was Kingdom Hearts 2 and the last one MIGHT be World of Warcraft.

      The one after TF2 is Zelda: OoT.

      I think the last one is Morrowind.

      WoW might be the one before Mass Effect.
      Populous? Fallout, Mario, Mirrors Edge, Zelda, Pnau
      Good get on the Kingdom Hearts.
      Last one is def Morrowind.

      Last edited 26/02/13 9:45 pm

        Nah, the last one is Zangarmarsh in World of Warcraft:

      Mafia (not mafia 2), your first not sure is Ocarina of Time, your second not sure, no idea, 3rd however "might" be beyond good and evil, one after mario 64 might be persona 4, after that is Fable, after just cause 2 is probably guild wars 2, last 3 not sures are (no idea), Kingdom hearts 2 and World of Warcraft (Zangarmarsh) as per roachless

        apparently it is mafia 2, carry on (though the cars definitely remind me more of mafia 1)

        Dishonored, the boat, the music seal it for me.

      The first "not sure" is certainly Ocarina of Time, based on the placement of Mount Doom (Doom Mountain?) and Hyrule Castle. The one following Mario is probably Mirror's Edge, but I'm not convinced the following one is Zelda. Sure it has a chicken or cucco if you will, but that's not enough for me.

      The one after Just Cause 2 makes me think Twilight Princess. It's been a few years since I've played it though.

      I think the one near the end with the floating island is Xen from Half Life 1.

    The last one is Zangarmash zone in Outlands From WoW.

    OoT, TF2 (well), Wake Island from Bf2, Donkey Kong Country, Vice City, Pokemon*?, Goldeneye, Mario, Mirrors Edge

    Those were the ones that I noticed (out of order)

    Awesome backgrounds, got the assassin creed one at the moment.

    The one after Assassin's Creed is Chrono Trigger (12000BC) and the last one is definitely WoW, look up Zangarmarsh.

    Well I scored 18. Not too shabby. Only a couple I didn't get that I really should have.

      Anyone else think the mall was Heavy Rain?

        thats not a bad thought actually,

        probably still leaning towards mirrors edge though due to the colour scheme

        Listen to the music... it's Mirrors edge FFS.

          Chill out dude. I'm just saying what I thought it was, I know I was wrong, the answers are listed in the description on the Youtube page.

    I won't post it here but check out the cheat sheet with all the answers on the youtube page in the description. Apparently the third last was Xen.

      That's one that I didn't get that I should have.

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