There’s Nothing Quite Like Browsing Through Hundreds Of Old Sega Boxes

There’s Nothing Quite Like Browsing Through Hundreds Of Old Sega Boxes

You may have noticed, but I’ve got a bit of a thing for the Sega Master System, and in particular its unique brand of documentation and branding. They lay somewhere between Tron and a tablecloth.

So it made my day/week/month when reader Jim let me know about his personal project to scan and upload as many old Sega manuals and inserts as he could get his hands on.

Beginning at the Master system, his collection spans the Sega CD, 32X, Saturn and Dreamcast as well. It’s exhausitve clicking, and heaven for box art fetishists like myself.

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  • Ahhhhh, the classic Sega Master System….. What a machine…. the hours of my childhood I have spent on it; Fantasy Zone 1 and 2…. R-Type… Afterburner…. Space Harrier… Rastan Saga…. My Hero… Ghost House… Teddy Boy…. Wonder Boy… Choplifter… sniffle sniffle… Why SEGA why did you stuff up your hardware business?? 🙁

    • Me too, but that was the Sega Master System 2 I think, so the original one didn’t have it built in and required the standalone cartridge…

      • You should go back in time and kill Billy the Kid before he became popular all in the name of preventing misconceptions.

        • Great idea yeah, except if i go back in time on a kill mission and it turns out he’s a distant relative then that’s gonna cause a whole chain of clusterfucks that i cant really afford to deal with right now, i’m already too busy trying to correct everybody in the present.

          • Very few people survive the first and second trips through time let alone the third “Let’s kill Hitler” trip. Although I suppose the Time Patrol will go easier on you since they don’t have to save Hitler.

          • I honestly didn’t know it was a book. But I always figured Time Travel works like this.
            1st Trip: I invented Time Travel whoo.
            2nd Trip: Let’s go somewhere cool, the future or dinosaurs. You either get eaten or arrested.
            3rd Trip: Let’s kill Hitler, because preventing or altering WW2 can’t have massive unforseen consequences. That bit’s based on my love of C&C Red Alert.

          • 11/22/63 by steven king, it’s actually JFK related (had it a bit mixed up with another book i read) but a good book anyway.

    • Nostalgia at its best. My first console was a Master System II, so I played the hell out of that game, being built-in and all. Could never beat it though until I played it on an emulator many years later lol, being able to go back to where I was when I died etc.

      My favourite game (of anything, not just Master System) hands down though, is Wonderboy III: The Dragon’s Trap.

  • No contact information on his page!

    I have some SMS games he doesnt have scans for – I would like to contribute

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