These Are All Of The Online Gamer Types Transposed Into Real Life

No-one was as surprised as me when this little video turned out to be well-made, accurate and kinda hilarious. It takes a look at all the different types on online gamers, chucks them into a real life scenario and has it all play out. You have 'The Noob', 'The Pro', 'The Hacker' and suchlike. I know what you're thinking — this sounds pretty corny. But there are some genuine laugh out loud moments, particularly with the exploits of 'The Hacker'.

Not sure what's going on there at the end, but asides from that it's pretty good.


    Wait, why is "the girl" seperate to all the other classifications? I'm fairly certain girls can be pro / hackers / noobs / etc...

      Little bit silly isn't it man

      She got the drop on the sniper

      Makes her skilled enough to know the level,giving her the ability to kill the sniper

      She seems pretty pro

        No man! According to the video girls can't be pros! They are in some weird limbo where their skills don't matter!

          Oh, she had boobs so she got the kill then? :P

          Well if we're talking about common tropes in gaming culture, the "girl" is always seperate and distant from other types of "real" gamers. Clearly in this enlightened age we don't (or shouldn't) draw such distinctions, but, I'm assuming the game is poking fun at this mentality rather than perpetuating an outdated myth. I'm at work so I can't watch it myself right now.

            Possibly, it is done really lazy if that is the case.

              Not sure how it's "done really lazy".
              It's blatantly obvious what the message is!

      I think that may be the point.

      The "Girl Gamer" is a class that some gamers lump all girls into regardless of their skill level.

        Maybe I am taking it too seriously. Seems like a really lazy attempt at Internet game player stereotypes.

          Maybe I am taking it too seriously.

          I think you might be right.

          Completely disagree with the lazy attempt bit. If anything, they put a lot of work into illustrating the various online gamer stereotypes.

            Each to their own I guess, found the video very boring, like a mash-up of all the jokes I have heard many years ago about FPS stereotypes.

          yeah... welcome to the internet... nothing you find here should be taken seriously... most of it is either lies or half truths designed to get you worked up.

            Looks like even those that have had years of training can slip up if they drop their guard =P

            Last edited 12/02/13 11:17 am

              I raise you. 'INFINITE DETAIL' Cannot be beaten. Sorry :P

      LOL coz they are ALL in ONE ;)

    I know its about players, but where is the video showing the types of AI in RL? The AI in some games are pretty funny...

    what a wank...

    I'm surprised there wasn't the 'Attention whore' stereotype, Seeing as that makes up 80% of them

    exept why is the Sniper using an AR15 (mostlikely an 5.56mm nato) with an large silincer and bipod

    Yeah sure, because a 'girl' is a type of player... This is what's wrong with gaming.

    I love how worked up everyone is in the comments! I for one found it pretty amusing Mark, and a very accurate mix of Battle field and Call of Duty.

    Showing this to my Mrs. She's "the girl" and "the ninja". Her favourite game is BC2, and she has around 4000 tags lol. She averages about 10-15 tags per round. If you play Google Clan's Atacama 500 tickets server, she probably had several of your tags already. Bitch lol.

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