These Dragon Age Characters Aren't Real, But They Damn Well Should Be

I showed you the Mass Effect entries in CGHub's big BioWare competition last week, so today, it's only fair that Dragon Age gets its turn.

Perhaps because of its less iconic visual design, perhaps because people got all cold on the series after 2, but there aren't as many entries as there were for Mass Effect. Those that are there, though, are tremendous,

To recap: CGHub is a site where (mostly) professional artists in the entertainment industry hang out. This competition was for members to design their own, new Dragon Age characters, from either existing races or, if their imaginations took flight, from an entirely new race.

You can check out all the entries in the competition (in massive, hi-res versions, to boot) here.

By Bikash Das

By Jan Harcarik

By Jonathan Brandao

By Kelvin Luo

By Niko Nikizar

By Pavel Vol'Pin

By Ted Edin


    Jeff Bridges is looking very medieval at the top there.

      the dude wrecking your shiznit

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