These PlayStation 3 Games Are Running Out Of Time

These PlayStation 3 Games Are Running Out Of Time
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From the sounds of it, Sony is unveiling the PlayStation 4 on February 20. Kotaku already ran a detailed look at what gamers can most likely expect.

A PlayStation 4 reveal will make the console all official like. Then, expect a hardware race to kick off between Sony and Microsoft, with anticipation building for the new machines and new games.

What about the old machine? And the games that haven’t come out yet? The clock’s ticking!

There are some PlayStation 3 games that have been officially canned, like Eight Days. Then, there are upcoming games that always seem to be waiting for new info reveals. Here are some of the most noticeable titles (exclusive and not) that have been MIA. If they are going to make this generation, they better hurry it up!



From Rockstar North, the folks behind the Grand Theft Auto games, Agent was to be an espionage game set in the late 1970s. Sony first announced that Rockstar was making a new PS3-exclusive franchise in 2007, but the game’s title wasn’t made public until 2009. Rockstar’s parent company, Take-Two, said Agent was still in development. A former Rockstar artist uploaded screenshots, giving gamers a first glimpse at what Agent could look like, if and when the game ever comes out.


Final Fantasy Versus XIII

Where to begin? Final Fantasy Versus XIII was announced back in 2006, along with a couple other games: Final Fantasy XIII and Final Fantasy Agito XIII. Those two titles were released (though, Agito was retitled Final Fantasy Type-0), but Versus is still missing. Kotaku ran a rumour that the game was either dead or being cannibalised for the next numeric Final Fantasy title. Square Enix’s honcho Yoichi Wada, however, said the rumour was “false”. Last fall, Versus designer Tetsuya Nomura asked fans to wait a “little longer” for the game. Versus doesn’t have a release date and there haven’t been new game images or footage released recently.


The Last Guardian

First officially shown at the E3 gaming expo in 2009, The Last Guardian had a 2011 release date that it didn’t make. The game’s designer, Fumito Ueda, quit Sony, but continues to work on the game as a freelancer. Sony says The Last Guardian still lives and is still a PS3 game. Western studios were brought in to work on the game, and Sony said last summer The Last Guardian will come out when it’s ready. Whenever that is!



This might be the oldest unreleased title slated for the PS3. First announced in 2004, the game was originally called Oni and is based on an unfinished Akira Kurosawa script that follows a half-Japanese blond-haired samurai. Then, in 2005, the game surfaced again, with a new title (Ni-Oh!) and penciled in as a PlayStation 3 exclusive. In 2010, the game was no longer being developed by Koei, but rather, by Team Ninja. Last summer, the game’s studio honcho said Ni-Oh! cleared alpha, adding that development “is continuing steadily”. Very, very, steadily.


Thief 4

Announced back in 2009 and largely AWOL since then, stealth title Thief 4‘s development doesn’t exactly seem like smooth sailing. There are rumours that the game, a multiplatform title, is heading to next gen. While it might be time to worry about the game, the stylised THI4F title could be cause for concern, er C0NC3RN.

There are a handful of games (exclusive and multiplatform) not included in this list, such as Brother in Arms: Furious 4 (now a new game), or Whore of the Orient (it was only announced last year). Other titles, like Beyond: Two Souls are expected for a 2013 release.

In the past, Sony has supported its last-gen consoles as it releases its latest hardware. And big PS2 titles did come out while the PS3 was out, such as God of War 2, which hit shelves four months after the release of the PS3. The next generation is likely to be no different. Some of these MIA. games could still be released on the PS3, even as the PS4 is coming out. That being said, the PS3 ship is starting to sail. The console’s days are numbered. These games better pick up the pace. And soon.


  • Yeah im still convinced versus has been turned into FFXV and is for the next gen consoles so I don’t think its dead.
    Switching engines mid way through development is like the only thing that would explain why its taking so long.

  • It’s not like the release of PS4 is some kind of deadline for the release of the last PS3 game. PS2 games kept coming out long after the PS3 launched. Likewise PS1 games after PS2 came out.

  • Just because the next system is announced doesn’t mean the end of games for the current one. PS2 had an incredibly long tail, it continued to get games for several years.

    • PS3 hasn’t seen anywhere near the level of success the ps2 has had, we wont see that level of success in a console again, guaranteed.

      • I dunno, I feel like at this point the install base on these systems is so large that it’ll be hard to ignore for most publishers for a few years at least. Probably won’t see PS2-level long tail, and I suspect the 360 won’t enjoy as much of a tail, but I’d expect at least a year after launch of both new platforms we’ll still be seeing releases for them – probably cut down ports of games also coming out on the new platforms mainly.

  • I’m wondering if maybe Versus XIII and Last Guardian have been headed for the PS4 for a while – they got delayed quite a bit, maybe someone at Sony said “hey, let’s just put these on pause for a while and then you can develop them for our new console instead”. It’d explain why they keep saying that they’re “in development” but can’t tell us anything about them – because they aren’t allowed to say anything about the PS4 until Sony do.

    I’m pretty sure Agent is dead, or at least sleeping, possibly until after GTA V. Don’t know enough about the others to make a reasonable guess.

  • I reckon Last Guardian and Final Fantasy Versus will most likely be PS4 launch titles, given the fact that they would have known about PS4 and subsequently development kits at least a year ago which probably put a spanner in a already long production. I think Agent have issues since this will essentially be Rockstar’s first MMO and will PS4 social sharing element, it’s added a lot more complexity (I also think this could be why GTA:V is delayed until September).

    Ni-Oh! and Thief 4 are more due to the developing studios having limited resource issues.

  • Why isnt watchdogs on the list?

    When i spotted that for the first time
    I thought to myself there is no way thats current gen even thougj it was announced for PS3 and Xbox 360.

    • Pretty sure Watchdogs hasn’t gotten any platform announcements outside of PC but from what has been said about it, I think its pretty clear its going to be for the PS4/Xbox720.

  • Dark Souls 2 could be on that list too if it doesn’t come out until 2014.

    I wonder how many of these games will be delayed even longer so that they can be shifted to the next gen consoles.

  • Given the fact that they have only recently stopped production of the PS2 and the huge user base of PS3 I can’t imagine how this is much of a concern. It’s not like they are turning off PSN for PS3 the day the PS4 gets released?

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