These Toys Give Us The Best Look At Man Of Steel's Villain Yet

With Zack Snyder's Man of Steel movie arriving on June 14th, more details of his take on Superman's world are hitting the internet. Yesterday, among the trading cards, maquettes, and plushes at Toy Fair, we spotted your boy Kal-El and three other characters from the film in these gorgeous new toys from DC Collectibles.

They give the clearest looks yet at several characters, including the baddies Zod (Michael Shannon) and Faora (Antje Traue), and especially their robotic looking armour. Time spent in the Phantom Zone has clearly left Zod with a bright and sunny demeanor. Can't wait to see him go blow for blow with Supes in that thing.

It appears Snyder hasn't held back on injecting his dark, slick aesthetic into Metropolis. Russel Crowe's Jor-El looks downright angelic (not to mention gun-toting) in his ivory getup, while his son is still regrettably without his signature red trunks. Clearly Jor-El did not store fashion advice in his crystal holograms. These 1:6 scale statues are due in spring of this year.


    this looks so good... then again so did Green lantern prior to release... please dont suck please dont suck please dont suck please dont suck...

      you saw Sucker Punch right?

        Yes, his visual style is magnificent. His script writing sucks. Suckerpunch can NOT be faulted at all visually. Storywise its a complete turd. I also saw Watchmen which was completely brilliant.

          the CG was good, but style? Who's style that he copied are we talking about?

          Watchmen was average at best.

            What are you talking about? There's no such thing as an original 'style' these days. Not a truly original one. Everyone borrows from everything. He had a steampunk/retro/asian/futuristic/noir/horror motif going on, it was a giant mishmash that worked gloriously. Again, if you mute the volume, put on some music, and have it playing in the background, Suckerpunch works as some good eyecandy lol. Thankfully with a script written by Goyer who was behind The Dark Knight with Chris Nolan producing and being very hands on with the production, Snyders probably one of the best choices. At least we know we'll GET an action bound Superman this time instead of the snorefest that was Superman Returns...

              While I admit anything is better than Superman Returns, I'm still not super hopeful over here.

                Indeed, it's got more going against it than it does for it. I'm just hoping it doesn't suck :\

                Their first step in the right direction, is the fact they have SUPER villains. I'm so sick of Lex Luthor and f***ing land grab plots... who cares about that crap!!!

    Goyer didn't make The Dark Knight good though, John Nolan did. Goyer makes a lot of crap.

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