These Video Game Towns And Villages Were Doomed From The Start

These Video Game Towns And Villages Were Doomed From The Start
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Oh those lovely hometowns, starting villages… Their peaceful and harmonious atmosphere ensures that there’s nothing to worry about; our journey is yet to begin. And then suddenly, it’s all gone, leaving behind nothing but dust. And sometimes a bit of fire.

The settlements listed below are not necessarily just starting areas, but they have one thing in common: they are all doomed to meet their destiny, sooner or later, and there is nothing we can do to save them.

Mild spoilers ahead!

Raccoon City (Resident Evil series but mostly Resident Evil 2)

source: Two Best Friends Play RE2

Midgar (Final Fantasy VII)

source: FF Wiki

Lahan Village (Xenogears)

source: Xenosaga Wiki

Kvatch (The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion)

source: UESP

Silent Hill (Silent Hill series)

source: Silent Hill Wiki

West Harbor (Neverwinter Nights 2)

source: biglos9d’s LP

Tristram (Diablo series)

source: own screenshot

Chicago (Deus Ex: Invisible War)

source: Deus Ex: Invisible War Intro

Drogen (Breath Of Fire)

source: DavetheUsher’s LP

Oakvale (Fable series)

source: Fable Wiki

Do you know any towns with a fate worse than the ones we collected? You should submit them below with visual support.


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